Java Internet Accelerato

Java Internet Jukebox beta1 

Java Internet Jukebox, a web application for browsing a music library and playing files on the host computer and optionally streaming it to a icecast server.. Freeware download of Java Internet Jukebox beta1, size 1.90 Mb.


Internet Printing Protocol for Java 1.0 Ipp4j 

An Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) package for Java

Internet Printing Protocol for Java 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Internet Printing Protocol for Java 1.0, size 0 b.

AnFX Step Ahead Software 

AnFX empowers both professionals and newbie web developers with a truly intuitive and efficient web authoring technology to create high impact menus, movies, presentations and export them as either Flash movies (.swf) or Java applets.It's so easy to use ... no coding or scripting requiredInstallation is quick and YOU can be creating world class. Free download of AnFX, size 3.39 Mb.

JExplorer 2.6 TeamDev Ltd. 

Java library, integrating Microsoft IE into Java apps as Java Swing UI component in headless mode, which allows to embed it into UI to manipulate programmatically without specific knowledge of COM or the Microsoft Internet Explorer API. The library provides API to work with DOM of the web pages e.g.: manage elements in a document, modify elements. Free download of JExplorer 2.6, size 8.30 Mb.

JavaCrawler 1 mental9Production 

JavaCrawler is a java tool for crawling the web. This tool can be used to search the internet without the use of search engines. You select your search term, the starting page, and the depth. JavaCrawler will crawle from one page to another searching for your term. Wherever it finds it, JavaCrawler returns that page. This program is sold for only. Free download of JavaCrawler 1, size 221.18 Kb.

NetCharts Pro 1.0 Visual Mining, Inc. 

NetCharts Pro is the solution for Java developers to deliver dynamic, interactive charts and graphs within applications, web-browsers, or internet enabled devices.

Now, with NetCharts Pro v7.0, Java developers can create HTML5 compliant web applications today. With support for SVG included in Pro v7.0, users can deploy rich-client,. Free download of NetCharts Pro 1.0, size 30.34 Mb.

ictk - Internet Chess ToolKit 1.0 

ictk - Internet Chess ToolKit is a java based set of libraries and widgets useful for performing common tasks such as reading PGN, FEN, and generating legal moves. The net libraries convert ICS (Internet Chess Server) output into java objects.. Freeware download of ictk - Internet Chess ToolKit 1.0, size 222.94 Kb.

Internet Protocol Address Calculator 0.19 

The Internet Protocol Address Calculator is an open-source java-based tool. This calculator will assist network administrators to perform calculations over both IPv4 and IPv6 address space. A handy whois search client is also integrated into this tool.. Freeware download of Internet Protocol Address Calculator 0.19, size 206.06 Kb.

JACo Proxy ( java proxy ) 0.1.3 

JACo Proxy is a handy, tiny component designed to help you work with the internet proxies in Java.. Freeware download of JACo Proxy ( java proxy ) 0.1.3, size 3.17 Kb.

Java ATC Simulation Data Framework 0.0.1 

A framework of Java components for building applications that operate on the popular Squawkbox/ProController protocols used for Internet real-time Air Traffic Control and flying simulation. The big networks are VATSIM ( and IVAO ( Freeware download of Java ATC Simulation Data Framework 0.0.1, size 1.95 Mb.

sapJ - Java Extensions for SAP rc 

jSap provides java extensions for the SAP ISA (Internet Sales Application) Portals/Shops including taglibs, content managment, upgrades to struts 1.2. With the usage of this extensions, you will be able to easily customize and extend the ISA Appl.. Freeware download of sapJ - Java Extensions for SAP rc, size 16.63 Kb.

The Java Telnet Application 25b 

The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured telnet/SSH program that allows users to connect and login to remote hosts via the Internet or anIntranet using only their WWW Browser. It includes not only telnet-compliant connection services, but also th. Freeware download of The Java Telnet Application 25b, size 258.96 Kb.

JENRE - Java Networked RPG Environment 1.0 Jenre 

The goal of Jenre is to provide a high-quality, flexible online role-playing game framework in Java that facilitates the playing of 'tabletop' roleplaying games across the internet.

JENRE - Java Networked RPG Environment 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JENRE - Java Networked RPG Environment 1.0, size 0 b.

Vanilla for Java 1.0 Vanilla-java 

Vanilla is the name I've given to a group of four Java classes that simplify common programming tasks in the areas of I/O, Database, Internet I/O, and general formatting of data. A simple Swing wizard code generator is part of the project.

Vanilla for Java 1.0 License - Sun Public License. Freeware download of Vanilla for Java 1.0, size 0 b.

KonaKart DS Data Systems UK Ltd 

KonaKart is a java-based enterprise eCommerce / shopping cart application that provides everything that retailers need to sell their products over the Internet.
KonaKart includes an extensive set of online shopping cart features to satisfy the needs of both online shoppers and retailers alike.

KonaKart is an affordable enterprise. Free download of KonaKart, size 120.00 Mb.

JTOpen 7.7 John Eberhard, GuangMing Pi 

JTOpen actually stands for IBM Toolbox for Java and was designed as a library of Java classes supporting the client / server and Internet programming models to a system running IBM i (or i5/OS or OS/400).

The available classes can be used by Java applets, servlets and programs in order to easily access IBM i data and resources.

NetZ Browser 0.5 PreAlpha Anubhav Gupta 

NetZ Browser was developed as a simple and small web browser that allows you to navigate on the Internet.

You can now use this Java-based web browser to navigate to your favorite web pages in no time at all.

. Freeware download of NetZ Browser 0.5 PreAlpha, size 0 b.

Microsoft Inactive Object Discovery Tool Microsoft 

The Microsoft Inactive Object Discovery Tool is an Internet Explorer browser helper object which logs ActiveX controls and Java applets which require UI activation before the user is permitted to interact with them.

In order to be able to use Microsoft Inactive Object Discovery Tool you just have to enable it from the 'Manage add-ons'. Free download of Microsoft Inactive Object Discovery Tool, size 0 b.

Apache James Server 2.3.2 / 3.0 Beta 4 Apache Software Foundation 

The Apache JAMES Project delivers a rich set of open source modules and libraries, written in Java, related to internet mail and news which build into an advanced enterprise mail server.

Apache JAMES is a 100% pure Java server, designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution based on currently available open. Free download of Apache James Server 2.3.2 / 3.0 Beta 4, size 0 b.

Wiz WebServer 0.2.0 Subhash Chandran 

Wiz WebServer is a lightweight application completely written in Java that was especially designed to provide you with a means of distributing web content via the Internet.

This small utility can be easily deployed via command-line and you can choose the port and the directory it will listen to.

. Free download of Wiz WebServer 0.2.0, size 0 b.