Java Map

Java Map Projection Library b Jmapprojlib 

A partial Java port of the PROJ.4 map projection library. Most projections are implemented, but datum conversion is still lacking. Original port by Jerry Huxtable, now maintained by Bernhard Jenny.

Java Map Projection Library b License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Java Map Projection Library b, size 387.11 Kb.


xml2map 1.0 s-g 

xml2map is a handy, small tool designed to deserialize a xml document to java map and list serialize java map and list to xml document. Free download of xml2map 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Java Map Administrator 1.0 Jmad 

Web application to administer maps. The main focus is to organize maps by categories, authors and security level..

Java Map Administrator 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Java Map Administrator 1.0, size 0 b.

Java Event Map 1.0.1 Jason Morley 

Java Event Map was developed as an Open Source event queueing, flushing and mapping library for Java.

Java Event Map is a library that was developed with the help of the Java programming language. Now, you can use it to further improve your development process.

. Free download of Java Event Map 1.0.1, size 0 b.

Java Object Map Web Components 1.0 Jomwc 

Java Object Map Web Components is a set of components for building web applications based on existing object-relational models (Cayenne, etc.)

Java Object Map Web Components 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Java Object Map Web Components 1.0, size 0 b.

Automatic JUnit Creation Tool 1.26 William Whitney 

Automatic JUnit Creation Tool is an easy to use, Java based tool designed to analyze Java classes to map all possible execution paths.

Automatic JUnit Creation Tool manages to guides users through the generation of a JUnit test.

. Freeware download of Automatic JUnit Creation Tool 1.26, size 0 b.

image map converter New Mooncoder 

image map converter is a compact Java application that allows you to convert images into maps of areas that you are interested in for the PrettyMap application. The maps can include satellite, air, geological, city plans and virtually any type of maps.

Use this converter application and then copy converted maps to your mobile device.. Free download of image map converter New, size 0 b.

Notam Map 1.3.4 Andrew Hall 

Notam Map was created as an accessible Java-based map that allows users to quickly decode, filter, plot and view UK notams.

Notam Map can be used to filter out irrelevant bulletins and decode / present the remainder in alternative views.

Notam Map enables users to get PIBs published by the UK AIS (Aeronautical Information. Free download of Notam Map 1.3.4, size 0 b.

gnuCrawl&Map 0.9 Beta Manuel Wei+cbach 

gnuCrawl&Map is a Java-based application that enables users to easily generate XML sitemaps for any website they choose.

The software solution scans the given URL and looks for 404 error pages and deadlinks, but it can also be used to easily and quickly locate specific contents.

. Free download of gnuCrawl&Map 0.9 Beta, size 0 b.

VH Editor 0.0.3 Joseph A. Huwaldt 

Virtual Hiker is a Java program that allows a user to easily and interactively use map data to plan hikes or explore new areas (currently only in the United States).
Virtual Hiker comes in two parts: Virtual Hiker itself and VH Editor.
VH Editor is a bit more complex, but is also more flexible. VH Editor is primarily used to read raw. Freeware download of VH Editor 0.0.3, size 4.34 Mb.

Eye4Software GPS Toolkit for Java 4.0 Eye4Software B.V. 

Java toolkit to add coordinate conversion functionality to your Java applications and applets. The toolkit offers functionality to perform map grid and datum transformations: latitude and longitude can be converted to various map grids, like Transverse Mercator (TM), Oblique Mercator, Mercator, Oblique Stereographic, Polar Stereographic, Cassini,. Free download of Eye4Software GPS Toolkit for Java 4.0, size 159.27 Kb.

Java Kohonen Neural Network Library 0.2.0 

Java Kohonen Neural Network Library Kohonen neural network library is a set of classes and functions for design, train and use Kohonen network (self organizing map).. Freeware download of Java Kohonen Neural Network Library 0.2.0, size 59.55 Kb.

Really Easy Java XML Binding b.0.0.1 

Really Easy Java XML Binding (RE-JAXB) is a way to map XML to plain old Java objects and back to XML, without using beans, without external binding definitions, without manually mapping values, and without the use of XSD files.. Freeware download of Really Easy Java XML Binding b.0.0.1, size 85.70 Kb.

orbisCAD 0.07 orbisCAD Team 

orbisCAD provides you with an easy to use map editor built in Java that enables users to edit GIS data.

orbisCAD supports PostGIS, DXF, DGN or DWG drivers and comes with advanced geo-processing tools, such as line to polygon conversion, centroid and convex hull extraction, duplicate points and polygon overlap detection or point-to-point. Freeware download of orbisCAD 0.07, size 0 b.

NGis WebServer 1.1 KazUniCom 

NGIS WebServerWEB-Server architectureThe cartographical web-server is created in the form of the servlet with usage of language Java. Technologies Java are multiplatform, it means, that the web-server will work on all popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, etc.). Following web-server support technology JAVA:Apache+Tomcat +. Free download of NGis WebServer 1.1, size 654.34 Kb.

Tree Navigation System. 1.3 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited 

This java applet will provide a sophisticated Tree style view to your web pages. It has many uses including, Menu Systems - Map your whole site in one tree and give your visitors an excellent navigation system.Data Display - Display hierarchical type data in a tree and give it whole new dimension. Help Systems - Organise your help text in a tree. Free download of Tree Navigation System. 1.3, size 38.91 Kb.

csv file parser 1.0 

csv file parser provides reader and writer to map csv file content to java objects and revers.. Freeware download of csv file parser 1.0, size 46.46 Kb.

CSV Object Mapper 1.0 

Map CSV records to Java Objects and back again (a la hibernate).. Freeware download of CSV Object Mapper 1.0, size 3.19 Mb.

DiscSpy 1.0 

Java application using tree map algorithms to visualise disc space usage. Lets find forgotten large "space-eaters" files in an easy way.. Freeware download of DiscSpy 1.0, size 854.09 Kb.

EvSIG 1.0 

EvSIG es un editor de Map Files compatibles con mapserver, desarrollado en Java, que permite, la edicion completa de un Mapa, sin tener que tocar el Codigo de Configuracion del Map File, en resumen una GUI para MapServer, Es un proyecto Personal de J. Freeware download of EvSIG 1.0, size 1.50 Mb.

Java Map Web Results

ALOV Map. Java GIS

ALOV Map is pure Java application designed to aid in the dissemination and visualization of geospatial data via the Internet. The site features live Map demos and product description.

Java TV

Suns interactive TV operating system and environment based on Java.

Java Technology in Digital TV

Java information for interactive digital television.


Sells hardware, mapping software, and accessories. Also offers map and navigation software for PC and Pocket PC computers.

Java-E UK

Sells jewelry from Bali, Java, and Thailand. Offers custom-made designs.


Computer mapping software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It links plant records stored in the BG-BASE collections management database with an AutoCAD map.

Mark Newbold's Java Stuff

Java applets that show intersections, morphing, and stereoscopic renderings of four-dimensional polytopes and optical illusions.