Java Project On Time Table Management

Aspose.Tasks for Java 1.0 Aspose Pty Ltd 

Aspose.Tasks is a non-graphical Java Project management component that enables Java applications to read, write & manage Project documents without utilizing MS Project. It supports reading MS Project Template (MPT) files as well as allows exporting project data to HTML, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, XPS, XAML and SVG formats. It reads & writes. Free download of Aspose.Tasks for Java 1.0, size 3.98 Mb.


SF Time Table 2.00 

With SF Time Table you can print your own time tables. Offers you a full range of pre-set styles as well as the possibility of creating your own layouts. It is a very easy to use program with full instructions. Simply press buttons to produce your own style within minutes!. Free download of SF Time Table 2.00, size 0 b.

SYRIS Time Attendance Management 2 90 SYRIS Technology Corp. 

Time Attendance Management System is integrated with Access Control Software SYW95A / SYBASE.

Main Features:
- Advanced Version of T&A Software
- T&A Statistical Results / Browse / Report.
- Export Working Time Data with Flexible/Fixed Shift.
- T&A Analyze with Flexible Shift.
-. Free download of SYRIS Time Attendance Management 2 90, size 34.14 Mb.

Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3 Ejpcc 

This eclipse plugin and a "Project Creation Wizard" to create a Java Project with some customize predefine file and folder (just folder for version 0.0.1).

Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer 0.0.3, size 19.95 Kb.

Visual TimeAnalyzer for time tracking 2.0 A. & M. Neuber Software 

Visual TimeAnalyzer is a extensive reporting timesheet, project and time tracking software. The easy to use application automatically tracks all computer activities, working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and Internet use and presents detailed, richly illustrated reports. You learn which programs were used for how long, when, and by whom.. Free download of Visual TimeAnalyzer for time tracking 2.0, size 1.90 Mb.

Universal Project Manager Enterprise 1.1.2 Quartex LLC 

UniProjectMan is a complete project and customer relation management system for control any business or home work. You will be able to plan and track as simple as complex projects. Manage your customers and vendors, import emails, parse sales orders, post news using built-in email sender. This system will help you in creation of detailed project. Free download of Universal Project Manager Enterprise 1.1.2, size 3.32 Mb.

rdonasco java libraries 1.0 

This project contains the set of java libraries that for data management, system configuration, program flow plug-ins, authentication, background services, thread pooling, security access control,audit trail, exception handling, etc.. Freeware download of rdonasco java libraries 1.0, size 47.63 Kb.

Pacific Timesheet Software 6 77 Pacific Timesheet 

Pacific Timesheet software provides time tracking,project timesheet,project time tracking,project management,project portfolio management,job costing,product life cycle management,payroll timesheet,time off management,and time and attendance features in one system. Modules include automated approvals, billing and pay rates, time-off scheduling,. Free download of Pacific Timesheet Software 6 77, size 150.00 Mb.

Actualizer 1.0 Actualizer 

Actualizer is a project and time management system, which is simple, fast and easy to use. The system tracks realtime time usage realtime, allows for project creation and management, task lists, and task assignment. All with minimal workflow interruption

Actualizer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Actualizer 1.0, size 0 b.

Pupil Life Manager 1.5.0 p < .05 

Pupil Life Manager was developed to aid parents of elementary school pupils in managing their childrens school life and home activities.

Features for school life management
Weekly time table for childrens going to school and coming back home. The App notifies you before the scheduled time.
Schedule table for school events.

TR Game Engine 1.0 Trgameengine 

This library providing a simple 2D real-time render system, a collision management system and a real-time game management system. It has also a sound management, network and many other things that games need.

This library can read and write compatible images for BlueBox: A-Life project. You can use this handy Java-based library to easily. Freeware download of TR Game Engine 1.0, size 760.32 Kb.

P2ware Planner 2011 Professional 3.1.4325.22375 P2ware 

P2ware Planner 2011 Professional is a set of highly effective tools for project, programme and portfolio management exploiting latest developments in project management and related areas.

The software allows to create plans even 90% faster and is essential during the effective project execution, which means that the investment in the. Free download of P2ware Planner 2011 Professional 3.1.4325.22375, size 0 b.

Universal Tween Engine 6.1.1 Aurelien Ribon 

Universal Tween Engine enables the interpolation of every attribute from any object in any Java project (being Swing, SWT, OpenGL or even Console-based).

With its assistance, you can implement the TweenAccessor interface, register it to the engine, and animate anything you want!


Supports every. Free download of Universal Tween Engine 6.1.1, size 0 b.

Timeless Time & Expense Multi-User 1.40.12 MAG Softwrx, Inc. 

An easy to use detailed project based time and Expense Tracker. With an Explorer style interface, Timeless Time & Expense simplifies detailed tracking even with many projects. Integrated with the Windows system tray, timers can be started quickly without interrupting workflow. Report Wizard guides you through creating reusable detail, summary. Free download of Timeless Time & Expense Multi-User 1.40.12, size 14.76 Mb.

Timetable PRO 2.5 Cresotech, Inc. 

The software Timetable PRO is designed for work with the time-table of lessons, both for secondary and high schools.

The program allows one to enter lists of class-rooms, teachers, subjects, groups (classes), to set links between them and teachers' workloads by the subjects. Moreover, there are options of setting working hours. Free download of Timetable PRO 2.5, size 2.17 Mb.

Sybase PowerDesigner 16.0.3488 Sybase Inc. 

PowerDesigner brings powerful impact analysis, design-time change management and metadata management techniques to your enterprise. Combining industry leading modeling and metadata management techniques, PowerDesigner is uniquely equipped to support all architectural environments. PowerDesigner&rsquo;s metadata repository also improves. Free download of Sybase PowerDesigner 16.0.3488, size 291.92 Mb.

UniProjectMan 1. 1. 2002 Executive Property Investment 

UniProjectMan is a complete project and customer relation management system for control any business or home work. You will be able to plan and track as simple as complex projects. Manage your customers and vendors,import emails, parse sales orders, post news using built-in email sender. This system will help you in creation of detailed project. Free download of UniProjectMan 1. 1. 2002, size 3.32 Mb.

Fortran to Java rc 

The goal of the Fortran-to-Java project is to provide Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to numerical libraries originally written in Fortran (particularly BLAS and LAPACK). The result of this work, JLAPACK, is distributed here.. Freeware download of Fortran to Java rc, size 47.64 Kb.

HylaFAX Protocol for Java 1.0.3 

The HylaFAX Protocol for Java project (gnu-hylafax) is a pure Java implementation of the HylaFAX Fax Server Client Protocol. The gnu.hylafax package can be used to implement a HylaFAX client that will run on any Java-supporting system.. Freeware download of HylaFAX Protocol for Java 1.0.3, size 1.74 Mb.

IPtables Java library beta1 

This Library provide a java interface for IPTables rules management and a low level firewall logs and connection tracking.. Freeware download of IPtables Java library beta1, size 229.17 Kb.

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