Java Projects With Database

AAAdvanced Applet Suite 1 1 A1 Wyka-Warzecha 

Create cool and exciting java projects in seconds with the amazing Advanced Applet Suite!, (C) Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises! It has an EASY to use GUI interface, plus, you can use it for free! With it, you can: * Use the easy GUI interface to create o Scratch and Win Gameso Vertical and Horizontal Java Menuso Professional Image FX/Banner FX o. Freeware download of AAAdvanced Applet Suite 1 1, size 1.23 Mb.


Database Java Bean Mapping Tool 1.0 Databasejavabea 

This particular tool will create the the java beans from database tables by mapping its row names to java properties.

Database Java Bean Mapping Tool 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Database Java Bean Mapping Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Hugo Script Java Project Manager 0.0.5 

Hugo Script is a framework to create, build and manage Java projects. It's Jackartas' ant based, and use properties files to get information about the project. Can be used with NetBeans.. Freeware download of Hugo Script Java Project Manager 0.0.5, size 27.07 Kb.

Java 2 CSharp Translator for Eclipse 1.0 

That tool makes it possible to automatic translate Eclipse java projects into Visual Studio projects. Generated code can be directly compiled and executed whitout any user modification.. Freeware download of Java 2 CSharp Translator for Eclipse 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

thB2C , B2C soft in JAVA 1.0 

open source B2C soft in JAVA and J2EE, database use in Mysql.

thB2C , B2C soft in JAVA 1.0 License - Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License V2.0. Freeware download of thB2C , B2C soft in JAVA 1.0, size 0 b.

Java Case Developer 1.0 Usecasetool 

The goal of the project is to provide a case tool that will guide the design of a java projects.

Java Case Developer 1.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of Java Case Developer 1.0, size 0 b.

Jigen - Java Installer Generator 1.0 Jigen 

Jigen is a powerful Windows installer for java projects.It packages the java project in an executable that shows the license to the user, lets the user select a JVM and an installation path and installs the program with shortcuts and uninstallers.

Jigen - Java Installer Generator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Jigen - Java Installer Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

CML Compass Project 0.1.1 PreAlpha CML Compass Project Team 

CML Compass Project is an intuitive and easy to use programming environment designed to help you easily create Java projects, classes, annotations, JUnit test cases and more.

CML Compass Project comes with advanced refactoring tools, enabling you to modify method signatures, extract superclasses and interfaces, introduce indirections and. Freeware download of CML Compass Project 0.1.1 PreAlpha, size 0 b.

JArchitect Professional Edition Smacchia SARL 

JArchitect is a useful application designed to provide you with the tools for analyzing and managing complex Java projects. This program is able to analyze code structure, review different versions of the code and generate complex reports.

You can use it to automate certain audit tasks and generate periodical reports in order to improve. Free download of JArchitect Professional Edition, size 0 b.

JDBC4Me 0.5 Jasper Sprengers 

A small Java library for database programmers to perform SQL statements in a single line of code. Supports basic object-relational mapping without any configuration. Tested with Oracle10g, Derby10 and MySQL5.. Free download of JDBC4Me 0.5, size 314.57 Kb.

JavaPM 1.0 Maxprograms 

JavaPM is a free cross-platform utility that assists software developers in the localization of Java projects.

JavaPM converts Java .properties files to XLIFF 1.2 format, allowing their localization using most modern translation environments. Once the XLIFF files have been translated, JavaPM inserts the translations into the Java. Freeware download of JavaPM 1.0, size 4.33 Mb.

CallMesh 1.0.0 

CallMesh is an eclipse plugin visualizing call graphs in java projects with the help of the zest toolkit. It allows easy navigation around you classes. Additionally, call graphs can be exported as dot-files as understood by graphvis.. Freeware download of CallMesh 1.0.0, size 197.50 Kb.

CodeTurtle 0.4 

Automatic grading and reporting of student submitted Java projects through a set of utilities including checking for the presence of classes/methods, instantiation/execution of methods in the submission, and reviewing source code.. Freeware download of CodeTurtle 0.4, size 1.76 Mb.

DKIM for JavaMail 1.3 

DKIM for JavaMail is a small JAR that can be easily implemented in existing Java projects using JavaMail for sending DKIM signed emails.. Freeware download of DKIM for JavaMail 1.3, size 791.68 Kb.

Eclipse RMI Plugin 0.0.2 

This project provides an Eclipse plugin that enables the RMI compilation for Java projects created in Eclipse JDT.. Freeware download of Eclipse RMI Plugin 0.0.2, size 160.36 Kb.

Elvyx 1.0.24.beta 

Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile the jdbc activity on java projects. This jdbc profiler has a server with a built-in db and a client to improve the experience.. Freeware download of Elvyx 1.0.24.beta, size 219.82 Kb.

JChassis 0.1 

JChassis is a lightweight component framework for writing Java applications that goes beyond the basic JavaBeans model to provide dependency handling, a simpler context model, and an application model to aid the development of Java projects.. Freeware download of JChassis 0.1, size 238.08 Kb.

MakeGenie 1.0 

MakeGenie automatically creates Makefiles for Java projects. The Makefiles it generates include all class dependencies as well as some generic rules such as all, build, and clean.. Freeware download of MakeGenie 1.0, size 4.26 Kb.

NICE Ftp Seah Engine rc 

NICE is a high speed open source ftp search engine written 100% in Java and no database required, running on any web container such as Tomcat. it uses Struts,Lucene,Quartz and provides a dynamic AJAX based Web interface and control panel.. Freeware download of NICE Ftp Seah Engine rc, size 2.93 Mb.

Ojb/Struts GUI alpha 

Ojb/Struts GUI generates java files and database entry's. It can also update java source files without overwriting existing code and alter database tables.. Freeware download of Ojb/Struts GUI alpha, size 3.26 Mb.

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