Java Software For Desktop Computers

CompactScientificCalculator54 Tvalx 

Compact Scientific Calculator 54 for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Vista.
This is a product which can be found most useful by scientists, engineers, professors, and students. The calculator was designed with purpose to fit Netbooks and Notebooks with small display. Of course, the calculator can be used on. Free download of CompactScientificCalculator54, size 1.39 Mb.


Distribution Industry Barcodes Software Distribution industry barcodes software 

Advance packaging, supply and distribution industry barcode label generator tool builds high resolution barcode images, price tag, stickers and rolls for all small, medium and large scale enterprises. Powerful food industry barcode label printing program generates high quality barcode labels via using various designing objects like line, ellipse,. Free download of Distribution Industry Barcodes Software, size 5.17 Mb.

ppc Marcatempo 1 5 Andrea Pace 

Virtual Timekeeper.Time card. Record the date, time and brief notes of events and sends them by email. Very useful applications for monitoring work activities and attendance record. Eg. counting working hours of teams, cost auditing construction sites, etc... The foreman could record, on his mobile phone, the "start" and the. Freeware download of ppc Marcatempo 1 5, size 1.02 Mb.

InTrek Lite General Sapientech 

InTrek Lite General is an essential tool for any business trying to manage asset, location and contact information on a limited budget. Utilizing barcode technology, InTrek Lite General gives businesses a powerful and inexpensive solution for tracking the quantity, description, location and history of assets. In addition, InTrek Lite General allows. Free download of InTrek Lite General, size 22.41 Mb.

The Bat! Professional Edition 5.0.24 Ritlabs 

The Bat! Professional is an email client that offers secure authentication on POP3/SMTP servers using hardware tokens and transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the email message base, address books and configuration files. This makes the sensitive data stored on your mobile and desktop computers really secure!
To begin using on-the-fly. Free download of The Bat! Professional Edition 5.0.24, size 16.91 Mb.

XFlip - Digital Magazine Software 2.0.0 XFlip Software 

XFlip Digital publishing software that enables you to create multimedia Flash flipping e-magazines, e-catalogs, e-brochures and other e-publications from PDF / PPT / Word / Excel documents, SWF, videos and image files for desktop computers and mobile devices in business, publishing and advertising area. Without any Flash programming skills, you can. Free download of XFlip - Digital Magazine Software 2.0.0, size 35.55 Mb.

Anti-Executable 3.6 Faronics 

Faronics Anti-Executable ensures total endpoint productivity by only allowing approved applications to run on a computer or server. Any other programs a€”whether they are unwanted, unlicensed, or simply unnecessarya€”are blocked from ever executing. Anti-Executablea€™s ability to enforce total compliance provides absolute peace of. Free download of Anti-Executable 3.6, size 91.60 Mb.

Linphone for Windows 3.4.1 

Linphone is an internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP).

* With linphone you can communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.
* Linphone makes use of the SIP protocol , an open standard for internet telephony. You can use Linphone with any SIP VoIP operator, including our

Adore Softphone 3.0 Adore Softphone 

When anyone first hear about the Softphone, the first thing strike their mind is what this softphone is all about. Softphone is nothing but a software that makes a computer enables to send and receive VoIP calls through internet. So you can say Softphone is the most essential component of VoIP because without this software your computer is not able. Free download of Adore Softphone 3.0, size 5.11 Mb.

51View browser 1.1 junjingtong 

51View is the the most convenient and powerful web browser for iPhone and iPod touch.
The Features includes Tabs, Download, File Sharing, File Management, Save Page, and a lot more.

Supports to open link in New Window.

Intelligent detect contents in web page, can conveninent batch to download. Freeware download of 51View browser 1.1, size 2.94 Mb.

CGT Calculator 1.1.2 Bill Sexton PTY LTD 

Australia's most accurate property capital gains tax(CGT) calculator on the market today. This app takes the hassle out of calculating the CGT on any property. With just a few simple user inputs it gives you an accurate and comprehensive report, giving you a final result that shows:
- Your individual impact from the sale of the property, as. Free download of CGT Calculator 1.1.2, size 2.52 Mb.

Gudeh: We are Speaking Dene Zhatie ( South Slavey) 1.0.1 Dynacor Communications Inc. 

An Introduction to the Dehcho Dene Language

The Deh Cho Friendship Centre is pleased to present this interactive resource to learn basic Dene Zhatie ( South Slavey) for ages 3 and up, with audio and images of the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories of Canada. Watch demonstrations of traditional cultural activities performed by. Freeware download of Gudeh: We are Speaking Dene Zhatie ( South Slavey) 1.0.1, size 644.87 Mb.

Handy Safe Pro 2.02 Paragon Technologie GMBH 

A new level of usability comes to data management applications with unbeatable security functionality. Customized graphical cards represent all your confidential information in an easy-to-use interface, and 448-bit Blowfish encryption guarantees absolute security. Keep your mind free of countless numbers and letters. Your important information is. Free download of Handy Safe Pro 2.02, size 4.51 Mb.

Qrious Organizer 1.0.1 Qrious, Inc. 

Qrious Organizer for iOS is the easiest way for event organizers to check-in guests, track attendance and get real-time event analytics.

-- Check-ins: For Conferences with Badges --

Check-in your attendees by scanning their pre-printed badges, or the badges that you print on-site using the Qrious badging system.

--. Freeware download of Qrious Organizer 1.0.1, size 4.40 Mb.

Free FLV Convert Wizard 5.3.4 FreeAudioVideo Software 

Lightweight and effective, Free FLV Convert Wizard is a great way to convert streamed Flash videos into something useful beyond Web pages. It is able to fast convert any encoded FLV or F4V downloaded from YouTube, Hulu, Google Video, MySpace, MSN, Facebook, etc. to the today's most popular and wide spread video/audio formats which are used on. Freeware download of Free FLV Convert Wizard 5.3.4, size 6.63 Mb.

Chart FX for Java Desktop 7.0 Software FX, Inc. 

Chart FX 7 for Java Desktop is the most complete charting solution for your Swing-based apps.

It's enhanced user interface provides end-user chart customization through intuitive menus, dialogs and toolbars, and it gives developers extreme flexibility for all their data visualization needs.. Free download of Chart FX for Java Desktop 7.0, size 41.23 Mb.

EasyEclipse Desktop Java nexB 

EasyEclipse Desktop Java, the latest version being 1.3, is an Eclipse distribution used to develop Desktop GUI applications with Swing or SWT. EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.3 is a 100% clean freeware software product - as published in a report generated and tested by Softpedia Labs on 07 December 2006.

Often we face some common problems. Freeware download of EasyEclipse Desktop Java, size 0 b.

TightVNC Java Viewer 2.1 Constantin Kaplinsky 

TightVNC Java Viewer is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to connect to another computer and displays its live remote desktop.

It lets you control the remote computer with your mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer.

. Free download of TightVNC Java Viewer 2.1, size 0 b.

SupportSmith Remote Desktop & VNC 2.0 Build 2.0.0 Cybele Software Inc. 

SupportSmith is an integrated platform that provides remote desktop access and online customer support, establishing secure SSH/2 AES 256-bit encrypted connections between computers, through NATs, firewalls and proxies. SupportSmith also complements the functionality of the most popular remote control and access solutions, such as MS Remote Desktop. Free download of SupportSmith Remote Desktop & VNC 2.0 Build 2.0.0, size 36.43 Mb.

Multi-Screen Remote Desktop DigitalBeijing 

Multi-Screen Remote Desktop (MSRD) offers a very fast and safe solution to administrators and power users for monitoring other remote computers on their network.MSRD can help to display desktops of up to 9 remote computers on your own screen in real time. Controllable Mode allows you to use keyboard and mouse to control any one of the remote. Free download of Multi-Screen Remote Desktop, size 1.42 Mb.