Java Statistic Library Download

Just Forms PDF : Java PDF Library 1.1 JustFormsPDF 

The JustFormsPDF library is a Java class library for filling or editing interactive PDF forms on-the-fly. Empower your applications with the industry-standard PDF forms technology using JustFormsPDF. If you are looking for a print solution in your Java application, web-based or client-server, PDF is your ultimate choice and creating PDF form-based. Free download of Just Forms PDF : Java PDF Library 1.1, size 83.89 Kb.


Java Code Library OverZone Software 

Java Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library. This library is a native Windows application, so it will run fast and will not require the .NET runtime.

. Free download of Java Code Library, size 0 b.

Java Statistics Library New Sean Byrnes 

Java Statistics Library was developed as a general Java library for common statistical functions.

All operations are floating-point safe utilizing the BigDecimal framework. You can make use of this handy library to improve your development.

. Free download of Java Statistics Library New, size 0 b.

Big Faceless Graph Library 2.3.4 BFO (Big Faceless Organization) 

The Big Faceless Java Graph Library is a 100% Java class library for creating graphs and charts. Version 2 of the Graph Library builds on the same full 3D platform and adds a substantial number of new features requested over the last 5 years. Enhancements include JSP Tag Library interface, to allow simple creation of graphs with interactive. Free download of Big Faceless Graph Library 2.3.4, size 1.89 Mb.

Generic Java Algebra Library 0.0.1 Alx Barker 

Generic Java Algebra Library is a collection that includes generic class definitions in GJ/Generic Java/JSR-014. It helps to outline algebraic structures such as Monoids, SemiGroups, Groups, Rings, Fields and various Domains. It is very useful for math development. Eases the work of mathematicains.

. Freeware download of Generic Java Algebra Library 0.0.1, size 0 b.

Big Faceless Java PDF Library 2.11.8 Big Faceless Organization 

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents
. The Extended Edition offers the ability to create and edit AcroForms, PDF's answer to the HTML form. Like HTML forms, PDF Forms can contain text boxes, radio buttons, and can call javascript functions. The Extended Edition also includes a PDF reader for importing. Free download of Big Faceless Java PDF Library 2.11.8, size 7.91 Mb.

EMMR Java Emailer Library 1.0 

JavaEmailer is a Java Classes Library that allows Java developers to easily integrate a mass mailer to their applications. JavaEmailer manages file attachments, SMTP servers, CCs, BCCs, plain text and/or html messages, and more.... Freeware download of EMMR Java Emailer Library 1.0, size 256.31 Kb.

Extended Java WordNet Library 1.6.4 

extJWNL (Extended Java WordNet Library) is a Java API for creating, reading and updating dictionaries in WordNet format. extJWNL is an upgraded version of JWNL. The library features support for creating, editing and writing dictionaries; dictionary encodings, including UTF-8; Java generics; huge dictionaries; instance dictionaries and static. Freeware download of Extended Java WordNet Library 1.6.4, size 2.14 Mb.

Java USB Library 1.0 

A complete cross-platform Java USB Library. Freeware download of Java USB Library 1.0, size 94.28 Kb.

Java Curses Library 0.9.5b Javacurses 

The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a library for developing text terminal based applications using Java programming language. It is implemented as a Windowing toolkit similar to AWT, but built upon the UNIX "curses" windowing system.

Console based windowing toolkit, Multicolor console output, Recognize single keystrokes (PG-UP,. Freeware download of Java Curses Library 0.9.5b, size 320.19 Kb.

Java Math Library 1.0 JMathLib 

Java Math Library (JML) is a fairly robust mathematics library that can be used for anything from basic calculations to some more advanced mathematical functions.

Java Math Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Java Math Library 1.0, size 0 b.

Java Collections Library 1.0 Javacl 

An STL-like Java collections library.

Java Collections Library 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Java Collections Library 1.0, size 0 b.

extJWNL 1.6.10 Aliaksandr Autayeu 

extJWNL (Extended Java WordNet Library) is an enhanced version of the Java WordNet Library that provides additional support for creating, writing and editing large WordNet dictionaries.

extJWNL is designed for reading and updating dictionaries in WordNet format and supports the UTF-8 encoding method.

. Freeware download of extJWNL 1.6.10, size 0 b.

Big Faceless PDF Library 2.10 BFO (Big Faceless Organization) 

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition offers the ability to create and edit AcroForms, PDF's answer to the HTML form. Like HTML forms, PDF forms can contain text boxes, radio buttons, and can call JavaScript functions. The Extended Edition also includes a PDF reader for importing and. Free download of Big Faceless PDF Library 2.10, size 6.82 Mb.

RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library 2.8.0 Rabbit Technologies Ltd. 

The RabbitMQ Java client library allows Java code to interface to AMQP servers. The library is platform neutral; the binary distributions listed below differ only in the version of Java they are intended for use with. Please see the specification page for more information on AMQP interoperation and standards-conformance.

The library is. Free download of RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library 2.8.0, size 0 b.

ABBIcon Pro 5 ABBSoft Team 

Icon Library Manager + Image Icon Convertor + Icon Explorer + Web Icon Extractor + Icon Library Download. Create icons from images in 30 formats, from Web pages, from screen capture, Export icons to 20 format files. Download icons (40,000+). Quickly generate html files for icons. . Free download of ABBIcon Pro 5, size 5.35 Mb.

Table Library Scientific Applications 

A Java GUI library that enhances the functionality and appearance of JTable and also provides a dynamic TreeTable component. Some of the features include data sorting, excel-like column filtering, dynamically add / remove columns, automatically adjust column widths, display a row header, merge / split cells, groupable header columns, table styles. Free download of Table Library, size 3.26 Mb.

edtFTPj/PRO 4.1.2000 Enterprise Distributed Technologies 

edtFTPj/PRO is a Java FTP library supporting secure FTP via FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (FTP over SSH). Features include: - Multiple, simultaneous transfers via FTP connection pools - Comprehensive asynchronous API - Comprehensive SFTP and FTPS support. - Comprehensive FTP scripting engine, allowing most functionality to be scripted from a file. -. Free download of edtFTPj/PRO 4.1.2000, size 3.26 Mb.

edtFTPj/Free 2.2.2002 Enterprise Distributed Technologies 

Open source Java FTP library widely used on thousands of projects. Supports active and passive modes, binary and ASCII modes, resuming of transfers, most FTP extensions. Very mature and stable. Under the LGPL so can be used in commercial applications.. Freeware download of edtFTPj/Free 2.2.2002, size 1.45 Mb.

Roguelike library for Java 0.3 

A modular easy to use Java RogueLike library. Currently provides Field of View , Line of Sight, Projection in multiple algorithms. Coming up: Noise based world generation, dungeon generation, path finding. Check out the website for details.. Freeware download of Roguelike library for Java 0.3, size 760.09 Kb.

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Java PDF Library Features and Benefits

Take advantage of scalable, fast PDF software. Visit to explore Java PDF Library features and download a trial version free. The PDF API is small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your...

JWNL (Java WordNet Library)

A Java API for accessing the WordNet relational dictionary. Free download, support and background information.

The Martyr Java IRC Library

A library to manage the IRC protocol and client state in Java, separate from any client implementation.

LWJGL - Lightweight Java Game Library

JAVA API providing access to high performance cross-platform libraries such as OpenGL and OpenAL, and controlers management under BSD licence

Java Contactor

A cross-platform Personal Information Manager (PIM) written in Java, so that it can be used on any computer that has a 1.1.8 (or later) Java Virtual Machine (requires the Java Swing library as...

Lea, Doug

Author of Concurrent Programming in Java: Design Principles And Patterns. There's a good collection of resources to Java, Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns. Also, Lea's...


A lightweight Java component library for user interface(UI). [Open source, LGPL]