Kernel Library Files

Wholehog2 Library Generator 0.7 

You have created your library already, and like to combine it with other library files you already have in order to create a new, more complete showfile? No big deal – simply use the integrated “Merge Library” function.You can now add the other files you would like to include in your show. When you finished, click on. Freeware download of Wholehog2 Library Generator 0.7, size 2.65 Mb.


Leprechaun Mud Library 1.0 

The Leprechaun Mud Library is an experimental mud library based on DGD and its Kernel Library.

Leprechaun Mud Library 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Leprechaun Mud Library 1.0, size 0 b.

PC Icon Editor 3.5 Program4Pc 

PC Icon Editor is a powerful tool designed to Create, Edit, and Manage Windows icons, cursors, and Icon Library files. Create Windows icon from digital photos and images. Export icons to bitmap file with ability to define transparency color.Also able to EXTRACT Windows icons from inside of EXE, DLL, DRV, SCR, and ICO files on your computer and save. Free download of PC Icon Editor 3.5, size 5.83 Mb.

ABC Amber ICL Converter 1 3 ProcessText Group 

ABC Amber ICL Converter is an advanced tool to extract icons from your ICL (Icon Library) files and convert them to any graphics format you wish (BMP, WMF, EMF, ICO, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PCC, DCX, PBM, PGM, PPM, TGA, etc).
The software supports more than 50 languages and can be run from a command line.

Partial Features. Freeware download of ABC Amber ICL Converter 1 3, size 0 b.

ConvexSoft Icon Designer 2 3 ConvexSoft 

This is an easy to use and powerful tool that lets you create, edit and manage Windows icon, cursor and icon library files. Ability to make icon from images and photos. It’s also useful for graphic designers who want to create their own icons.
Apply Blur, Rotate, Flip, Sharpen, Soften, Colorize, Drop Shadow and Negative effects.. Free download of ConvexSoft Icon Designer 2 3, size 4.53 Mb.


An utility which allows schematic capture, board layout and library files conversion from P-CAD to KiCad.. Freeware download of PCadToKiCad, size 550.10 Kb.

Windfall Lib 1.0 

Windfall is a mudlib for DGD, built on top of the kernel library. It aims to provide an intuitive framework for building a DGD based mud. It is heavily inspired by past work on Mud-OS LPmud libs, especially lima and dead-souls. The first release of windf. Freeware download of Windfall Lib 1.0, size 321.74 Kb.

EMV Level2 Kernel library 1.0 Emvkernel 

EMV Level2 Kernel is library for embedded systems (such as PIN pad, EFTPOS, ATM). Library implements payment operations with MasterCard/Visa smartcards and supports all features within the EMV Level 2 specification. Project contains PC-based test.

EMV Level2 Kernel library 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of EMV Level2 Kernel library 1.0, size 0 b.

bign.lib , a C big number library 1.0 Bignlibacbignum 

A C library for big numbers. bign.tar.gz is the set of library files. Expand it wherever you want. bnstart.html is a beginners guide. buserdoc.html is definition and complete instructions. Everything works.

math elements, trig, exponentiation and inverses, C code, accurate, complete, versatile, fast, fun, documented for a user, platform. Freeware download of bign.lib , a C big number library 1.0, size 167.56 Kb.

pblcompare 2.25 unisoft 

pblCompare is a tool for visual PowerBuilder Library File comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a PowerBuilder source code comparison tool.pblCompare is used to highlight and report on the changes made between versions of library files used for developing PowerBuilder. Free download of pblcompare 2.25, size 746.53 Kb.

Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 and HPC Pack 2008 R2 Tool Pack x64 3. 3. 3950 Microsoft 

Five separate tools are available:
Lizard Updated: 8/19/2010 - Lizard helps you to determine the computational performance and efficiency that can be achieved by your HPC Pack 2008-based / Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster. It calculates and reports a peak performance value for your HPC cluster in billions of floating-point operations per. Freeware download of Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 and HPC Pack 2008 R2 Tool Pack x64 3. 3. 3950, size 108.00 Mb.

FindNTFS For DOS/Windows 95/98/ME 1.54 Svend Olaf Mikkelsen 

Free NTFS data recovery tool. Lists the content of an NTFS partition, or copies files.

In Windows 95/98/ME library files from Findpart should be in the same directory as findntfs.exe.
. Freeware download of FindNTFS For DOS/Windows 95/98/ME 1.54, size 125.83 Kb.

FindNTFS For Windows 2.11 Svend Olaf Mikkelsen 

Free NTFS data recovery tool. Lists the content of an NTFS partition, or copies files.

In Windows 95/98/ME library files from Findpart should be in the same directory as findntfs.exe.

Use version 2.11 for Windows 7 NTFS partitions.
In order to be able to use FindNTFS, you will need to know the cylinder, head, sector. Freeware download of FindNTFS For Windows 2.11, size 115.34 Kb.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit 1.0 Microsoft 

The Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6.5. This document contains important information about this package. Keep in mind that the Windows Mobile 6 SDK also need to be installed in order to be. Freeware download of Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit 1.0, size 74.83 Mb.

CLCC 0.2.0 Build 11 George van Venrooij 

CLCC is a compiler for OpenCL kernel source files. It is intended to be a tool for application developers who need to incorporate OpenCL source code into their programs and who want to verify their OpenCL code actually gets compiled by the driver before their program tries to compile it on-demand.
The benefits of using CLCC are simple: when. Freeware download of CLCC 0.2.0 Build 11, size 104.45 Kb.

Windows Media Player Import for Winamp 1.1 BM-productions 

Windows Media Player Import is a free Winamp plug-in for importing the Windows Media Player library.

This plug-in allows you to import the Windows Media Player library into Winamp, including all metadata that is only stored in the library, such as ratings and play counts. Winamp already has built-in functionality for importing the iTunes. Free download of Windows Media Player Import for Winamp 1.1, size 136.31 Kb.

Video Column & Video Web Part 1.0 ArtfulBits Inc 

Video Column and Video Web Part are powerful controls made for uploading, managing, linking and playing video files. These controls support variety of video files that can be uploaded from computer, or linked from SharePoint library or streamed from direct URL.

<b>Feature </b>

Supports large number of video file. Free download of Video Column & Video Web Part 1.0, size 1.71 Mb.

Trace Parts Trace Parts S.A. 

Standard Parts Library seamlessly integrated with all the major CAD software for CATIA, SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, Inventor, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, TopSolid, Mechanical Desktop, thinkdesign, Alibre Design, KOMPAS, AutoCAD and any STEP, IGES or ACIS compatible CAD system.
Boost your design productivity by not redrawing the catalogs already. Free download of Trace Parts, size 3.49 Kb.

QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt 0.8.0 

This library contains among other things a set of graphical widgets for video output, performance evaluation and augmented reality.The library also provides classes for several data types usually required by computer vision and image processing applications such as vectors, matrices, quaternions and images.Thanks to a large number of wrapper. Freeware download of QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt 0.8.0, size 14.55 Mb.

MusicBee Portable 1.4.4443 Steven Mayall 

Manage your music Manage your music as a library, as playlists or as folders on the file-system. Organize, browse and find music on your computer, on portable devices and on the web. Small or large collections are handled with ease. Have folders watched for new tracks and added to your library, with the option to tag the files from an Inbox. Freeware download of MusicBee Portable 1.4.4443, size 23.59 Mb.