Kml Or Kmz File To Map Info Tab File 1.0 geotags digital photos by using GPS track data recorded at the same time. Matches are based on closest timestamps. An optionally generated Google Earth KML or KMZ file contains the GPS tracks and the geotagged photos. 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of 1.0, size 0 b.

kmltrip for Windows 1.1 SANFACE Software 

kmltrip is a batch server tool to design a trip/line over a map in kml or kmz format (the Google Earth format). Kml and kmz are the Google Earth formats. kmltrip can work on the same way on Windows. You can see a kml or kmz files using Google Earth or Google Maps.

If you have one or more files with a list of coordinates and you want to. Free download of kmltrip for Windows 1.1, size 1.13 Mb.

SuperOverlay 3.0.5 GIS Center 

Superoverlay software is a Google Earth application for tiling raster datasets and creating view based regions in KML or KMZ files.
Also Superoverlay can generate world files for all images in ArcView style (jgw, tfw,...). It helps you put large image overlays into Google Earth (for example alternative maps or aerial photography). GE Sky. Free download of SuperOverlay 3.0.5, size 65.50 Mb.

GuineaPig+ Free 4.0 Pet-Tonic 

GuineaPig+ Free

Is all about GuineaPigs, whether your a new owner or already have a few you'll find something informative and fun in this app. We created this app for education and entertainment purpose the info tab is pack with articles, news, videos, a market place to find unique Cavy artwork, a quick access to find Cavies for sale.

KML Creator 0.3 

PHP Class to easily create KML file. With this class, you can create in PHP lines, points, polygons, timelines organized in folders and output it in kml or kmz file. Freeware download of KML Creator 0.3, size 53.70 Kb.

Mapwel Build-9.6-2012 1.0 BALARAD, s.r.o. 

All-in-one software for creation of custom GPS maps compatible with Garmin GPS units. Mapwel supports routing, ESRI shapefiles, OpenStreetMap OSM, Google Earth KML and KMZ, cGPSmapper MP and GPX files. Mapwel custom GPS mapping capability and user icons editor are often used in forestry, electrical engineering, geology and geodesy. Creation of a. Free download of Mapwel Build-9.6-2012 1.0, size 17.64 Mb.

lib4ff 1.0 Lib4ff 

lib4ff is easy to use open source library for working with the flat file on the Java Platform. It provides API to parse and map flat file to Java Object Model.I am using this library to parse and map MAGE-TAB format.

lib4ff 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of lib4ff 1.0, size 0 b.

ESB Country Editor ESB Consultancy 

User friendly Win32 FREE Utility to easily display & edit Country Info. Includes an XML file with Country Info gathered from ISO-3166 and other sources. Developed in Borland Delphi. Full Delphi Source is included with our ESBPCS which is designed for Borland Delphi & C++ Builder.. Freeware download of ESB Country Editor, size 49.07 Mb.

MyCDCatalog 0.3 

MyCDCatalog reads a CDROM volume (ISO9660) takes their information, traversesthe file system tree and stores information about each file and directoryfound. CDROM, file and directory info are stored in a MySQL Databasevisited by PHP scripts.. Freeware download of MyCDCatalog 0.3, size 697.44 Kb.

PSEDITOR 1.14 Dirk Paehl Germany 

Create from every application a PS file and convert with this program in a high quality PDF file. Change the Info and the Author in the PDF file.

SHA1 PSEDITOR 1.14:12024200d138051f56ec06d3fc39473b0960bb9d. Free download of PSEDITOR 1.14, size 41.94 Kb.

TransImporter AaaTeX Corp. 

Excel files imported to use with QuickBooks Desktop (i.e. Pro, Premier, Enterprise) and Online Edition.
Uses Excel file formats xls, csv, tab delimited text or any Excel supported file.
Sartup samples of common transactions
With Excel Files you can use formuals, table lookups, etc.
Generates Invoices, Estimates1, Sales. Free download of TransImporter, size 5.42 Mb.

VideoCat 2 17 Gyrus Soft, Inc 

VideoCat is a program, which lets you manage your movies. With this program you are able to load information directly from Internet database, or from an AVI file. Import movie info, pictures. Import AVI file info. Export movie list to Text and Excel.. Freeware download of VideoCat 2 17, size 3.19 Mb.

SlimDX Collada Loader 1.0 

ColladaLoader is a free open source C# Library that enables developers to load and display Collada 3D Model files (.DAE) in DirectX 10 using the SlimDX SDK. Partitial .X file support. More info: Freeware download of SlimDX Collada Loader 1.0, size 4.61 Mb. CSV2TAB 1.01 Information Packaging CSV 2 TAB is a csv file to TAB delimited file converter.Use it to convert your access comma separated files into database delimited files. Simply provide an input file, some field names and an output file name. CSV 2 TAB will then create a file containing TAB in the outfile from your csv data.. Free download of CSV2TAB 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Explorer Tab 1.2.1 flyos 

Explorer Tab is powerful toolbar add-on for Windows Explorer, it provides some important file management features you could most want. Tabbed interface to allow users to find and organize their files in new ways, bookmarks feature allow users to access to most used folder quickly by clicking tab without browsing file directory tree. It also. Free download of Explorer Tab 1.2.1, size 736.06 Kb.

KML Feature Extractor 1.0.1 Warp Engine Software 

KML Feature Extractor is a program designed to extract the features of KML/KMZ files (the native format of Google Earth). The program will scan for features, extract them, and convert them to shapefiles. The shapefiles can then be imported into most GIS applications. The program can generate 2D or 3D shapefiles, create corresponding projection. Free download of KML Feature Extractor 1.0.1, size 1.66 Mb.


An add-on for AUTOCAD or BricsCAD, which makes the triangulation of a set of POINT entities, the intersection curves (isolines) between a set of 3DFACE entities and a set of equidistance plans, horizontally or vertically and the volume and center of gravity of a set of bodies or between surfaces composed of 3DFACE entities. You can also load and. Free download of TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD 2.3, size 2.59 Mb.

MP3 File Renamer 6.92 MP3 File Renamer, Inc. 

MP3 File Renamer: How to Rename MP3 Files - easily? You need MP3 File Renamer.This automatic MP3 music file renamer will rename, sort and organize all your MP3 music files, fast and easy. MP3 File Renamer will rename MP3 files by: genre / artist / album / title - exactly as you want (variety of ways to rename MP3 music files). It is very easy to. Free download of MP3 File Renamer 6.92, size 18.46 Mb.

RoboGEO 3.0 TimTech Computer 

Tag photos with latitude, longitude, and altitude information. RoboGEO stamps this information onto the actual image or writes it to the JPG's EXIF headers, allowing you to permanently geocode and link your photos with the GPS coordinates. All writing to the EXIF and IPTC headers is lossless and all of the existing comments are preserved. Now you. Free download of RoboGEO 3.0, size 5.37 Mb.

Right File Cleaner 1.00.10 AllDataRight Lab 

The Right File Cleaner fixes a few typical problems with text data files: removes duplicated and empty rows, removes extra spaces, fixes wrong capitalization, removes non-printable symbols from values, add lost spaces, etc. This utility is most suitable for clearing data received from external sources like B2B partners, customers, public storages.. Free download of Right File Cleaner 1.00.10, size 455.68 Kb.