Kssn Generator De Numero

QR-Code BR 1.2 TNB Inf. & Tecnologia Ltda. 

GERADOR E Leitor de Codigo de Barras e QR-Code.
Barcode and QR-Code GENERATOR and Reader.

O QRCode-BR e o GERADOR / leitor de QR Code e codigo de barras simples e objetivo para facilitar o seu dia-a-dia. Com o QRCode-BR, voce tambem faz pesquisas de precos de diversos produtos, basta ler o codigo de barras!

The. Freeware download of QR-Code BR 1.2, size 3.36 Mb.


Qantara Magazine 3.5.2 Qantara 

Qantara, le magazine trimestriel entierement dedie ? la culture arabe.
Chaque numero, 84 pages, entierement illustre.

Unique dans le paysage de la presse francaise et europeenne, Qantara explore depuis 1991 toutes les facettes de la culture arabe. Chaque trimestre, un dossier central de trente pages est confie aux meilleurs. Freeware download of Qantara Magazine 3.5.2, size 11.01 Mb.

Q-Operadora 1.1 Victor Hugo 

Descubra qual a operadora de um determinado numero de celular ou fixo no Brasil.. Freeware download of Q-Operadora 1.1, size 104.86 Kb.

Quem Perturba? 1.1 Josias da Silva 

O "Quem Perturb*" e um servico de utilidade publica. Atraves dele, e possivel identificar numeros de telefone que estao perturbando voce.

O aplicativo funciona de forma colaborativa. Voce pode descobrir que numero esta ligando ou fazer uma reclamacao, para que outros usuarios possam acessar as informacoes e compartilhar dados. Free download of Quem Perturba? 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Qui est-ce? 1.0 Gibmedia 

Cette application iPhone vous permet ? tout moment et en situation de mobilite de savoir ? qui appartient un numero de telephone que ce soit un numero de telephone fixe ou mobile.

Vous indiquez le numero sur lequel porte votre recherche, notre moteur relie aux bases des principaux operateurs (Orange, France Telecom, Free, Neuf SFR) lance. Free download of Qui est-ce? 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.


L'application "RADIO CEP" est la radio officielle du Centre Educatif du Palmier.

Le CEP est le centre d'apprentissage numero 1 de la langue arabe, du coran et des sciences islamiques sur la droite voie des pieux predecesseurs.

Conferences, Debats religieux, Recitation du Saint Coran vous attendent chaque jour sur. Freeware download of RADIO CEP 1.3, size 7.55 Mb.

Radio Fonte 103,7 FM 1.0 Kazap 

FONTE FM 103,7 Uma radio gospel popular, que alcanca uma expressao significativa na sociedade com a nossa mensagem. Numero um no segmento gospel, com musicas de sucesso e atenta ? s ultimas atualidades do meio gospel.

A Fonte FM transmite palavra que elevam a fe e informa o ouvinte em uma perspectiva crista.. Freeware download of Radio Fonte 103,7 FM 1.0, size 2.94 Mb.


A ZON mudou. Agora e NOS. E a app ZON Phone mudara brevemente para NOS Telefone.

Com a App ZON Phone recebe e faz chamadas, com o mesmo numero de casa, onde quer que estejas, no iPhone ou iPad, atraves de WiFi.

Com a aplicacao, passas a ter o teu telefone fixo de casa, instalado no teu iPhone ou iPad.

Beneficia de. Freeware download of ZON Phone 1.6, size 17.09 Mb.

GGG (Great Gateway Generator) 1 Netic Infoservices 

Content/Gateway Pages optimized for each keyword that describes your website can reach the top positions in Google, Altavista and other Search Engines (SE)Great Gateway Generator is:Powerful: the only generator in the market for large numbers of unique, highly optimized pages. Configurable: 44 user-controlled features instead of 5 or 6. Freeware download of GGG (Great Gateway Generator) 1, size 4.29 Mb.

Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator 2 Virtins Technology 

Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator is a powerful PC based virtual instrument. It consists of a sound card based Signal Generator and an off-line Oscilloscope. 1. The dual channel Signal Generator (Sweep/Arbitrary/Function Generator) provides the following types of waveform for output: (1) Sine (2) Square (3) Triangle (4) Saw Tooth (5) White Noise. Free download of Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator 2, size 1.50 Mb.

Tone Generator 2.01 NCH Swift Sound Software 

NCH Sound Tone Generator lets you create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms using a Windows computer with a sound card or a PocketPC handheld. Typical Applications include test tone generation in studios for the alignment of levels, calibration and testing of audio equipment or speakers, tuning music instruments as an accurate reference tone,. Free download of Tone Generator 2.01, size 122.88 Kb.

Easy Index Generator 3.0.1 easy HTools 

Easy Index Generator provides fast and easy creation of configurable index files (files of Contents) for any files types in HTML (both as single page and as frameset) and HHC formats, which can be used in CHM (HTMLHelp), eBooks, online Help, as DataCD menu, as sitemap of your website providing quick access to HTML pages, graphics, media files,. Free download of Easy Index Generator 3.0.1, size 396.29 Kb.

Bokai Barcode Image Generator .Net Control (Barcod 3 Bokai Corporation 

Bokai barcode image generator .Net control (Barcode .Net) is a set of barcode .Net components (barcode Component, barcode Control and barcode Web Control) that generate barcode images in GIF, PNG and JPEG formats. As a barcode generator, it can be used on web servers (IIS with ASP.Net) without programming; it can also be used as a barcode .Net. Free download of Bokai Barcode Image Generator .Net Control (Barcod 3, size 479.23 Kb.

Random Number Generator Pro 2.18 Intuwiz Software 

Random Number Generator is a Windows based application designed to
generate random numbers. Program allow users choose lower and upper
limits and increments of the numbers. Limits can be positive or
negative values. User can exclude digits from generated random
numbers. Random numbers can be edit and copied to the. Free download of Random Number Generator Pro 2.18, size 174.93 Kb.

Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11 ExtraLabs Software 

Easy RSS Content Generator is an easy-to-use program for creating new unique content out of news feeds (the RSS, Atom, and RDF formats are supported). You can use this product, for instance, to create completely autonomous, automatically updated sites, to increase the amount of content on the topic, and to earn money with Adsense. Easy RSS Content. Free download of Easy RSS Content Generator 3.11, size 1.69 Mb.

GS1 Databar Barcode Image Generator 13.07 IDAutomation.com, Inc. 

The GS1 DataBar Image Generator allows easy generation of quality barcodes for pasting into other Windows applications or generation of high quality graphic image files. Commonly used to place images in desktop publishing applications, such as Quark, Publisher and PhotoShop. Supports all DataBar variants including DataBar Expanded and the DataBar. Free download of GS1 Databar Barcode Image Generator 13.07, size 385.02 Kb.

forSQL Data Generator 2.1 forSQL ltd 

forSQL Data Generator is an automatic data generator for large scale database testing and Quality Assurance. It lets database developers and testers automatically generate test data to fill a database with logically correct and realistic test data. This saves countless hours and even days that would otherwise be wasted on entering and configuring. Free download of forSQL Data Generator 2.1, size 2.39 Mb.

Barcode 128 Generator Barcode Maker 

Barcode 128 Generator is an advanced and customized tool which has been proved to be a complete solution for all your barcode labeling and printing needs. Barcode Software is easy to use barcode software to generate colorful Barcode labels. Barcode inventory software is a complete business solution for providing you customized and professional. Free download of Barcode 128 Generator, size 4.11 Mb.

iWinSoft Barcode Generator 1.0.2 iWinSoft.com 

iWinSoft Barcode Generator is a powerful but easy-to-use barcode solution that lets anyone generate, export, and print barcodes. It supports the most popular barcode types, such as: EAN 13, EAN 8, UPCA, UPCE, ISBN, ISSN, Code 128, Code 11, Code 93, Code 39, FIM Codes (3 types), Codabar, ITF14, Postnet, Japanpost customer barcode, Horizontal bars,. Free download of iWinSoft Barcode Generator 1.0.2, size 1.46 Mb.

QK BarCode Generator 1.2 Ptshare 

QK Barcode Generator lets you make professional, ready-to-print barcode graphics easily and quickly. The powerful preview function helps you output bar codes to a printer easily. You can print barcodes on one paper with normal printer.QK Barcode Generator also supports 90-degree rotate. Barcodes can be copied and pasted. You can save barcodes in. Free download of QK BarCode Generator 1.2, size 1.16 Mb.