Latitude And Longitude Mobile Tracking

Latitude and Longitude 1.0 Shailaja bavikadi 

Useful App for fishing,boating,sailing and many others

Find your Latitude and Longitude data from the map

convert your coordinate data into different formats instantly in offline mode.

You can plot your coordinate/location on the map.

you can share out put with friends through email

Just tap on. Free download of Latitude and Longitude 1.0, size 10.70 Mb.


My Latitude and Longitude 1.2.0 asapp ltd 

Get accurate latitude and longitude information on your position. The app shows also your current location on a map. It uses your iPhone's GPS to locate your coordinates accurately and fast.

You can enter a second location on the map by inputing an address and the app will give you directions by tracing a route from your current. Free download of My Latitude and Longitude 1.2.0, size 25.06 Mb.

ParkingUK Parking UK - For All Types of Vehicles 

Parking UK is an APP that Provides Great Parking locations along routes and stunning beach locations and other great parking locations. With Latitude and Longitude that can be entered into any Satellite Navigation system.
Used on your mobile phone with full rotate and large lettering also with touch next parking location and scroll flick.

Geozip 1 Keskydee 

Geozip calculates distance between US (optionally Canadian) zip codes or geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude. It does take into account the curvature of the earth for calculating. You can choose miles, kilometers or nautical miles output. Customixation is available if you need more specific applications using the Geozip geographical. Free download of Geozip 1, size 2.43 Mb.

Terran Atlas 2.0 Zoidiasoft Technologies, LLC 

Terran Atlas screen shotThe Terran Atlas database now has over 13 million records of city, latitude and longitude information for 250 countries, making it the largest database in the field. It has taken a step in the direction of Google Maps by differentiating between places of different types. You can still type in the name of a city such as. Free download of Terran Atlas 2.0, size 0 b.

KL-GeoCoder CommuniCrypt Software 

KL-GeoCoder is a useful application that allows you to quickly determine the latitude and longitude of an address or a ZIP code. You only need to enter the known elements and the app displays the exact location.

You can also process multiple locations by using the batch mode and convert the results to a KML file. The coordinates can be. Free download of KL-GeoCoder, size 0 b.

ExacTrack Mobile 2.1.0 PinPoint Technologies Inc. 

ExacTrack Mobile compliments an existing PinPoint RTLS System Deployment, enabling mobile tracking of PinPoint Asset Tags from the Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad using the device's WiFi network. Users can search the PinPoint RTLS System for their assets, and have the asset locations mapped on a floorplan view to assist with the search for the asset's. Freeware download of ExacTrack Mobile 2.1.0, size 4.40 Mb.

Geo Postal Codes World 1.05 Mapanet, S de RL 

Zip Codes databases from most of the countries with all regions, cities, areas, districts, streets, block numbers, latitude and longitude, area code, time zone and more. Tools and formulas to calcualte distance between postal codes and or coordinates. Format UTF-8 in TXT file comma separated for easy upload to any database system.. Free download of Geo Postal Codes World 1.05, size 122.88 Kb.

GeoConvert 2.0 Rad Pro Calculator 

This software was developed because from time to time, we found it necessary to convert GPS meter readings from fractional latitude and longitude to degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS). It only does this one thing but it does it very well. Version 2.0, just released 5/23/2007, now converts both directions (DMS to fractional and fractional to DMS).. Freeware download of GeoConvert 2.0, size 34.76 Mb.

WGS-84 Calculator MR Soft Tmi 

WGS-84 Calculator is used to calculate geodetic distance and azimuth between two points (latitude and longitude). In addition, it can calculate a new point from origin using the given azimuth and distance.

Lat/long values can be inserted using three different formats; DD:MM:SS.ssss, DD:MM.mmmmmm or DD.dddddddd.

. Freeware download of WGS-84 Calculator, size 51.40 Mb.

GeographicFormatter 1.0beta2 

Written in Objective-C, the GeographicFormatter provides a Cocoa NSFormatter subclass for latitude and longitude output and input. There is also an IBPalette for integration with Interface Builder.. Freeware download of GeographicFormatter 1.0beta2, size 545.60 Kb.

jgeocoder - Free Java Geocoder 1.0 

Geocoding is the process of estimating a latitude and longitude for a given location. JGeocoder is a free Java geocoder. This project is loosely modeled after Geo::Coder::US, a Perl module available for download from the CPAN.. Freeware download of jgeocoder - Free Java Geocoder 1.0, size 3.96 Mb.

Lat Lon to Time Zone converter 1.0 Ll2tz 

Java library for determinate time zone information from given latitude and longitude coordinates.

Lat Lon to Time Zone converter 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Lat Lon to Time Zone converter 1.0, size 0 b.

fGPS - Fast GPS code system 1.0 Fgps-fastgpscod 

fGPS is a code system that provides both latitude and longitude in a simple alfanumeric system that is easier to input in GPS devices, and easier to provide by phone or sms than standard coordinate systems.

Converts GPS coordinates into a simple code, Converts the fGPS code back to latitude and longitude

fGPS - Fast GPS code. Freeware download of fGPS - Fast GPS code system 1.0, size 2.05 Mb.

Balloonhands Geo-Referencing Library 1.0 Balloonhandsgeo 

This is a simple C# library for translating Latitude and Longitude, and taking the heading and tilt of a camera (such as attached to a UAV) and converting it to a point on the ground it's looking at.

Balloonhands Geo-Referencing Library 1.0 License - BSD License. Freeware download of Balloonhands Geo-Referencing Library 1.0, size 4.85 Kb.

Geohashutil 1.0 Geohashutil 

Geohashutil is a basic java swing application for the encoding and decoding of latitude and longitude to a simpler base32 encoding.

Geohashutil 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Geohashutil 1.0, size 0 b.

Geographic Calculator 2013.1 Blue Marble Geographics 

Geographic Calculator is a useful and reliable application that can deal with multiple types of geographic data in order to convert latitude and longitude coordinates. The program can convert data from point databases, seismic survey files or vector files.

You can customize the conversion parameters and save your project in order to use. Free download of Geographic Calculator 2013.1, size 0 b.

StarNavPilot Navigation Software 6.4 AragonSoft 

StarNavPilot Navigation Software is a navigation application that can help you find your position depending on the latitude and longitude.

The program allows you to perform electronic navigation for any boat. It is a chart plotter with AIS displaying and GRIB decoder. The display is designed to fit to all screen sizes.

. Free download of StarNavPilot Navigation Software 6.4, size 0 b.

World City Names Database 1.2 

This is a comprehensive database of world city names with latitude and longitude for all the cities and places of each of the continent's every country and region. This enormous collection has some 2.79 million cities and places of the planet earth. The size of the package is 43 megabyte zip file having 270 megabytes of SQL dumps when unzipped. The. Free download of World City Names Database 1.2, size 240.13 Kb.

MapToGeo 1.1.8 David Taylor 

MapToGeo allows you to take images in Plate-CarredoTe projection (azimuthal equidistant - linear latitude and longitude) and convert them into the view as seen by the current geostationary weather satellites around the world. This allows you to use the images as attractive backgrounds for GeoSatSignal, combining an idealised daylight image with the. Free download of MapToGeo 1.1.8, size 377.49 Kb.