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Guess the 80's Icons 1.0 Landon Keem 


Remember the time you watched Terminator in big screen?
Were you one excited kid when first Atari came out?
Did you always admire MacGyver for his taking care of business skills?

How would you like to go back to the 80s with a simple quiz game? Download Guess the 80s Icons now, and. Freeware download of Guess the 80's Icons 1.0, size 22.33 Mb.


Healix Practice App 2.01 Healix, Inc. 

Improve your patient care and profitability today!

The Healix App equips physicians with essential business process and financial tools when they are needed most. Through our secure, HIPAA-compliant system, we provide critical managed care, patient information, and other data remotely to allow physicians to improve their efficiency and. Freeware download of Healix Practice App 2.01, size 9.96 Mb.

Helping Hand Financial 1.0 NY App Sales, LLC 

When you choose Helping Hand Financial and our tax services, you will find that we take pride in the high level of customer service that we provide. Located in the heart of the South, we pride ourselves on being a small business that takes care of its clients and also feel it is important to give back to the communities which support our. Freeware download of Helping Hand Financial 1.0, size 18.25 Mb.

QEIIMC App 1.1 Evolve Systems Distribution Pty Ltd 

The 28 hectare QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) is the largest medical centre in the southern hemisphere and globally recognised in health care, research and education.

Situated 4km from the Perth central business district in Nedlands Western Australia, the QEIIMC has grown over 45 years to include over 40 organisations. The QEIIMC has. Freeware download of QEIIMC App 1.1, size 18.14 Mb.

CareToCompare Green Oak Solutions 

Care to Compare helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) understand where there are carbon and energy improvement opportunities associated with their business.

If you are a small business that is confused about carbon or maybe you have an interest in finding out how to measure carbon and become more sustainable Care to Compare can help.. Freeware download of CareToCompare, size 1.05 Mb.

chrissy group Ltd Rachel 

Chrissy group is a small business with the aim of satisfying our clients needs and wants,to make sure that our customer find the best out of our business.
we really take care of our customers, by helping them in each and every product they desire to purchase.. Freeware download of chrissy group Ltd, size 2.10 Mb.

SOS Assist SOS International 

SOS Assist application applies to expatriates or business travelers who have an arrangement with SOS International a/s. To ensure the best possible standards of service and medical care for the traveler SOS International has appointed preferred providers in many countries. A preferred provider is appointed by SOS as the best local choice available. Freeware download of SOS Assist, size 1.05 Mb.

Free Large Business Icons 2009.2 

Free Large Business Icons represent a free icon collection well-suited for websites and programs associated with all sorts of business activities. The pack delivers images depicting various business-related subjects, such as Safe, Printer, Card File, Hard drive, Cash register, Trailer, Zoom, Phone, Two storied house and One storied house. All the. Freeware download of Free Large Business Icons 2009.2, size 18.81 Mb.

Ultimate Business Plan Starter 5.0 Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. 

Ultimate Business Plan Starter is a fast and easy way to write a winning business plan! The software walks you through writing a business plan, step-by-step, using 'plain-English' instructions. It's simple. Start writing your business plan today using Ultimate Business Plan Starter!

Looking for even more functionality? Upgrade to. Freeware download of Ultimate Business Plan Starter 5.0, size 20.62 Mb.

Auction Business Manager 1.0 

Auction Business Manager is a sweet tool that helps you keep track of income and expenses for your online auctions, like with eBay. It also color codes your listings so that you can easily see who you need to ship packages to, and who still needs to pay. There is a nice statistics page that tells you, by month, what your expenses were, what your. Freeware download of Auction Business Manager 1.0, size 12.29 Kb.

Business Plan eGuides 2.0 Invest-Tech Limited 

The PlanWare eGuides comprise a series of 'white papers' on business planning matters compiled as a self-contained executable file. They are presented as a series of web-style pages which can be viewed on-screen or printed onto 90+ pages. They cover: Getting New Business Ideas, Devising Venture Strategies, Developing a Business Strategy, Writing a. Freeware download of Business Plan eGuides 2.0, size 656.38 Kb.

Business Intelligence ScreenSaver 1.1 Symbiosis Technology 

Symbiosis Technology Business intelligence applications and technologies can enable organizations to make more informed business decisions, and they may give a company a competitive advantage. For example, a company could use business intelligence applications or technologies to extrapolate information from indicators in the external environment. Freeware download of Business Intelligence ScreenSaver 1.1, size 5.50 Mb.

Weed Eater Riding Lawn mower 1.0 Weed Eater Riding Lawn mower 

If you are planning to buy aWeed Eater Riding Lawn mower, read this article on our site to know how and where to buy Weed Eater Riding Lawn mower. Download the software and visit our site. Get the best review and where to buy them at the lowest price. Freeware download of Weed Eater Riding Lawn mower 1.0, size 2.74 Mb.

Tealion Business Listings 1.1 Tealion 

Business listing information for companies across the 50 states, in thousands of cities and categories. Comprehensive, up-to-date business directory.. Freeware download of Tealion Business Listings 1.1, size 545.79 Kb.

Custom Promotional Products - Puzzle 1.0 Custom Promotional Products 

Custom promotional products; Anyone who has a business understands how important it is to stay in touch with their current clients. One of the main reasons that so many businesses fail
both online and offline is because people do not know how to keep in touch with the customers.

If you have a business you need to realize that. Freeware download of Custom Promotional Products - Puzzle 1.0, size 705.54 Kb.

Folding Lawn Chairs - Puzzle 1.0 Folding Lawn Chairs 

Folding Lawn Chairs; Going to the beach can be an exciting time; we all know that lounging in front of the ocean and listening to the waves can be extremely relaxing. However if you have the wrong type of backpack beach chair; you will discover that relaxing can be extremely difficult.

Chances are you may be getting ready to head to. Freeware download of Folding Lawn Chairs - Puzzle 1.0, size 707.58 Kb.

Cheap lawn mowers 1.0 cheap lawn mowers 

If you are planning to buy a lawn mower, read this before you buy one to know how and where to buy a cheap lawn mower. Download the software and read it to get the best review and where to buy it at the lowest priced. Freeware download of Cheap lawn mowers 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Advanced Business Card Maker 4.0 Indentsoft Software Solutions 

Indentsoft Advanced Business Card Maker is a professional quality business card designing and printing software. Create full color stunning business cards with professional graphics and backgrounds and customize your card printing in many ways. Great features include - 1) Create 1-sided or 2-sided, horizontal or vertical cards. 2) Add color-blends,. Freeware download of Advanced Business Card Maker 4.0, size 0 b.

Pizza Business 1.0 redwagon 

Pizza Business is an interactive game where you can run your own pizza business. Hire people and fire them if necessary, manage your expenses, buy and sell different materials and ingredients and feel like you rule a business in the food industry. The simulator also provides daily statistics, so that you can manage your restaurant better.. Freeware download of Pizza Business 1.0, size 1.44 Mb.

Sage Planning for Business 1.3.619 Sage (UK) Ltd 

Sage Planning for Business is for anyone wanting to start a new business, whether you're a first-timer or someone who's done it before. It combines easy-to-use software with straightforward business advice to help turn your idea into reality.

After following and completing the four keys stages within Sage Planning for. Freeware download of Sage Planning for Business 1.3.619, size 100.08 Mb.