Learning Microsoft Access In Urdu Freeware

Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV 1.0 FrontierDG 

Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV is a utility created by FrontierDG.com. Using Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV you can easily export data from Microsoft Access to tab delimited, comma delimited, or comma delimited with text qualifier files. Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV can even export data from password protected Access databases.


Access To PostgreSQL Converter 1.0.1 Converter Freeware Studio 

Access to PostgreSQL is a best program that will convert Microsoft Access Databases to PostgreSQL. Transfer data directly to a server. Transfer password protected databases. Optional transfer of indexes. Optional transfer of records. Optional drop tables. Option add new columns. Optional transfer of default values in field definitions. Identifies. Freeware download of Access To PostgreSQL Converter 1.0.1, size 917.50 Kb.

Force Shut Down for Microsoft Access 1.0 Peter's Software 

Force Shut Down is an example database that shows how to get multiple Microsoft Access application front-ends on a network to automatically close. With Force Shut Down, you simply check a box bound to a field in a linked table, then each application front-end detects this change, displays a warning message to users, then automatically shuts down. Freeware download of Force Shut Down for Microsoft Access 1.0, size 45.52 Mb.

ACCESSdb: Microsoft Access in JavaScript 0.9.2 accessdb.sourceforge.net 

ACCESSdb is a JavaScript library used to dynamically connect to and query locally available Microsoft Access database files within Internet Explorer.. Freeware download of ACCESSdb: Microsoft Access in JavaScript 0.9.2, size 75.85 Kb.

Microsoft Access Database Interrogator 1.0 Accessviewer 

This program allows the user to view the tables and data of a JET database, without using Microsoft Access.I designed it because I often have to view the data in JET databases, and installing microsoft access is not an option.

Microsoft Access Database Interrogator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Microsoft Access Database Interrogator 1.0, size 0 b.

Bullzip MS Access to PostgreSQL Bullzip 

Access to PostgreSQL is a small program that will convert Microsoft Access Databases to PostgreSQL. When you start the program it will run you through a wizard. The wizard will ask you all the necessary questions to setup the database transfer. In the first step you are asked to supply the file name of the Microsoft Access Database to convert. Just. Freeware download of Bullzip MS Access to PostgreSQL, size 3.31 Mb.

indo-sanna rc san.sourceforge.net 

indo "sanna" build 4 daiskinakiSaNNa, open irc client bot software, using microsoft access database (Ms Jet 4.0) for recording/searching/answering/data learning, created/build using Borland Delphi 5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0 .. kylix3.0 open? {need more componen. Freeware download of indo-sanna rc, size 529.05 Kb.

TableLinker for MS Access 2 5 Peter's Software 

TableLinker for Microsoft Access is a set of Access objects that you can add into your Access application to provide enhanced linked table management capabilities.
TableLinker allows you to manage linked tables from multiple databases, or ODBC sources, or any combination of ODBC and Microsoft Access databases.. Freeware download of TableLinker for MS Access 2 5, size 1.13 Mb.

IDBE Tools 2010 1.13.3 Gunter Avenius 

IDBE Tools 2010 is a set of tools for the Visual Basic Editor in:
- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft Word

There are 11 Wizards and Code Builders for the Office Visual Basic Editor:
1. MsgBox Builder
2. TaskDialog Builder
3. Query to VBA String Builder
4. Domain Function Wizard

VBScriptMania 1.0 Laic Aurelian 

VBScript-Mania is a Microsoft Access database that includes over 2000 predefined scripts many of them founded in the Script Repository from Microsoft site along with a brief description, supported platforms, a categorization scheme and much, much more. Multilanguage support: at this moment program is available in two languages French and English. Freeware download of VBScriptMania 1.0, size 2.92 Mb.

Microsoft mdb file reader and writer 1.0 mwmdbreader.sourceforge.net 

This application is useful for those who doesn't have Microsoft Access installed but want to read and write mdb file. It is easy to use.. Freeware download of Microsoft mdb file reader and writer 1.0, size 340.96 Kb.

Access 97 Database Password thief 1.0 Access97thief 

Access 97 Database Password thief is a tool which recovers forgot/lost password of database created in Microsoft Access 97. The project has been developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

Access 97 Database Password thief 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Access 97 Database Password thief 1.0, size 3.90 Kb.

AccessProg - Access Database Client 1.4.7 MakeProg Technologies 

Are you a Microsoft Access database user and ever wished about exploring the database from iOS devices by touch from anywhere, then this is a powerful companion tool for you to remotely visualize and explore the Microsoft Access database in an intuitive way.

For detailed information please visit http://makeprog.com

FEATURES. Freeware download of AccessProg - Access Database Client 1.4.7, size 14.68 Mb.

Construction Management Software 1.0 Business Database Builder 

This Microsoft® Access® based Construction Management Software is design to assist in the management of construction projects. It will help you tracking project tasks progress, expend and prevention of cost overruns. If you have multi-projects going on the same time, it also helps you on tasks management across the projects; it will help you. Freeware download of Construction Management Software 1.0, size 92.16 Kb.

Barcodefont 1.0 Barcodesinc 

This font will work with any Windows or Mac program that supports True Type fonts including Microsoft Access, Micrsoft Excel, MS Word and QuickBooks.
This font is not crippled or limited or anyway.
It is not shareware that expires or asks for money. It is freeware.. Freeware download of Barcodefont 1.0, size 498.69 Kb.

Telstra Telephony Toolbar MB3 14 1 Telstra 

TTT is an add-in to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft access TIPT Service and Call Management features within your web browser When you open Internet Explorer or Outlook until you log in.

Telstra Telephony Toolbar (herein referred as TTT) for everyday users of Microsoft Outlook
Telephony (TIPT) platform. With this product. Freeware download of Telstra Telephony Toolbar MB3 14 1, size 0 b.

MDBDiff 2.0 Pierce Business Systems 

MDBDiff is a tool designed to quickly locate structural differences between two Microsoft Access databases (*.mdb files). The comparison is made on the following objects: tables, fields, indexes, relations, and queries. The structural differences analyzed include: changes, additions, and deletions of objects and properties of those objects. The. Freeware download of MDBDiff 2.0, size 0 b.

AccdbMerge 0.3.2 AccdbMerge 

AccdbMerge is easy to use diff & merge tool for Microsoft Access *.mdb and *.accdb files. This tool allows to compare and import/export database objects between two files.. Freeware download of AccdbMerge 0.3.2, size 62.86 Kb.

MDB Viewer Plus 2 8 Alex Nolan 

MDB Viewer Plus is a freeware viewer plus editor for Microsoft Access MDB and Accdb database files. It does not require an install to run provided that Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) is installed on your PC (In most versions of Windows this is the case).
MDB Viewer Plus has been written to provide a free, quick and easy way to view,. Freeware download of MDB Viewer Plus 2 8, size 3.50 Mb.

BACMan: BAC Data Management 2.1 bacman.sourceforge.net 

BACMan is a Microsoft Access based application designed for the management and analysis of hybridization data related to the high throughput screening of large insert genomic libraries associated with physical mapping projects.. Freeware download of BACMan: BAC Data Management 2.1, size 2.37 Mb.