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BuddhaSoft Games 0.7.0 buddhasoft.sourceforge.net 

BuddhaSoft is a team of people working on making C++ games for people using the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Written using SDL to achive maximum flexiblity, we hope these arcade clones will promote open source and cross-platform programming.. Freeware download of BuddhaSoft Games 0.7.0, size 2.14 Mb.


DouCards 1.0 Doucards 

A suite of games written by C++. Games include spider, landlord, solidate,and so on. IF you have any requirements, please leave your message in http://groups.google.com/group/myopensoft

DouCards 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DouCards 1.0, size 0 b.

Another Block 1.0.1965 anotherblock.sourceforge.net 

Another Block is a Tetris clone developed in C# for .NET Framework for Win. It's still a basic Tetris, with no different rules or attractions. It's a simple game, developed with the goal of having a first step in teaching people how to do C# games.. Freeware download of Another Block 1.0.1965, size 10.77 Mb.

World of Logs Client World of Logs 

To start it, just click the big "Client" button on the upper right corner of each page.
1. If you're asked to save or run the jnlp file, choose run.
2. The client will ask for access to the file system - it is used to save your preferences in your home directory and to read WoWCombatLog.txt.
3. Enter your account. Freeware download of World of Logs Client, size 113.66 Kb.

Friday Night 3D Darts Global Star Software 

3D Darts is an implementation of this classic game for the PC, as part of Global Star Software's Friday Night series. Although there is a gulf between the experience of using a mouse and throwing a dart, this implementation successfully reproduces the feel of throwing darts. As with Pool / Snooker, the user plays in home, club and tournament. Free download of Friday Night 3D Darts, size 59.77 Mb.

Chimera Games Engine 1.0 chimera2d.sourceforge.net 

"Chimera2D" is an 2D Games Engine For creating video games written in C #, which combines ease and power. The engine uses the library XNA which allows portability (Cross Plateform) between PC and Xbox360. Thus, with the wealth that it bears the POO, Ch. Freeware download of Chimera Games Engine 1.0, size 547.45 Kb.

Objective-C Game Library 1.0 objcgl.sourceforge.net 

The Objective-C Game Library(ObjCGL) is a set of Objective-C classes that use SDL to provide a way for programmers to implement a basic set of components into their games quickly and easily.. Freeware download of Objective-C Game Library 1.0, size 14.99 Kb.

Wrecked Games Engine 1.0 Wgengine 

Wrecked Games Engine is a cross-platform 3D game engine written in C++. With a limited amount of abstraction, the engine is meant to be simple. The game logic is separated and driven by scripts.

Wrecked Games Engine 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Wrecked Games Engine 1.0, size 0 b.

EVANGELION Card Games 1.0 Yes, I am. Corporation. 

Lets play card game by EVANGELION !

Three games(?SolitairePokerOld Maid?) are sets in this application. You can get the special picture of EVANGELION when you got best score.

EVA Commu series official Twitter account:eva_commu

(C)khara. Free download of EVANGELION Card Games 1.0, size 63.02 Mb.

3D The Mill Unlimited 1 TLK Games 

The Mill is one of the oldest spatial strategy games in the world since traces were found in Egypt 1400 years B.C. This new 9 paws 3D version, designed by TLK Games, is the commonest presentation of the game nowadays and the most interesting too due to its countless strategic options. Hazard plays no role in a victory, only the capacity of the. Free download of 3D The Mill Unlimited 1, size 2.85 Mb.

Worminator 3 Electroencephalogram Productions 

Worminator is a sidescrolling action game written in the C language. It is akin to many Apogee Software and ID Software classic action games such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen. In it, you play as The Worminator (or as several other optional characters) and fight your way through many levels of madness and mayhem. Worminator features nine unique. Freeware download of Worminator 3, size 6.40 Mb.

Visual3D.NET 9. 9. 2001 Realmware Corporation 

Visual3D Game Engine's All-in-One Development Tool enables live world building for C#/XNA-powered 3D games, multi-user training simulations, GIS/CAD visualizations, and online virtual worlds.
Visual3D accelerates development with built-in Terrain, Entity, Mission, Visual Scripting, Particle FX, IronPython, Conversation, Road, Decal, and. Free download of Visual3D.NET 9. 9. 2001, size 373.40 Mb.

Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 Microsoft 

Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition provides a complete integrated development and debugging environment making it the easiest way to create powerful applications using the C/C++ language. Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition also contains an enhanced version of the C/C++ optimizing compiler for the fastest executables. Best of all, the Visual C++ 2008. Freeware download of Visual C++ Express Edition 2008, size 2.73 Mb.

ABKit 0.1.1 abkit.sourceforge.net 

ABKit is a C++ library intended to accelerate board games development by providing the thinking engine under the Alpha-Beta algorithm.The application just need to create a few C++ methods to adapt to the actual game (like Chess, Checkers, ...).. Freeware download of ABKit 0.1.1, size 72.86 Kb.

bleen 0.1.1 bleen.sourceforge.net 

High performance C++ UDP-based networking library on UDT, suitable for games or VoIP applications. Freeware download of bleen 0.1.1, size 390.54 Kb.

C++ Kniffel Project 1.0 cpp-kniffel.sourceforge.net 

Are you fed up with gory first-person shooters and boring strategy games? Then try Kniffel, a game with five dices, a mug and (nearly) unlimited player count. Fun is guaranteed!Everything coded in C++ with FTLK the best GUI lib we've ever seen!. Freeware download of C++ Kniffel Project 1.0, size 2.19 Mb.

Configurable Math Library 1.0.3 cmldev.net 

The CML (Configurable Math Library) is a free, open-source C++ vector, matrix, and quaternion math library designed for use in games, graphics, computational geometry, and related applications.. Freeware download of Configurable Math Library 1.0.3, size 183.01 Kb.

DataBaseOne databaseone.150m.com 

DataBaseOne is a proyect for the generation of a small and "not that robust" Database Engine in C++ oriented to small and medium applications like games, and small and medium companies. The final product should be a static library OS Independent.. Freeware download of DataBaseOne, size 27.02 Kb.

GameBots# 0.1b.2005.06.21 gamebots-sharp.sourceforge.net 

GameBots# is a client API written in C# for GameBots, a research-oriented platform for building artificially-intelligent autonomous agents for computer games.. Freeware download of GameBots# 0.1b.2005.06.21, size 34.04 Kb.

glGameEngine 1.0 gl-game-engine.sourceforge.net 

3d rendering engine (suited but not limited for making games), based on OpenGL, written in C#.. Freeware download of glGameEngine 1.0, size 54.05 Kb.

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