Lgmobile Support Tool

User Support TOOL KIT ACATO-RXS2009 2009 Usersupporttool 

We are developing a special Support tool kit for user in remote locations. Scenario: You are the admin of a franchise and need to support multiple non AD bases clients in home offices or small offices.

User Support TOOL KIT ACATO-RXS2009 2009 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of User Support TOOL KIT ACATO-RXS2009 2009, size 0 b.


The MARBLE LARPing tool 1.0 Marble 

MARBLE is a web based support tool for campaign Live Action Role Plays (LARPs) written in JSP/Servlets with a DB backend. Features include: Character History, Characters different views of events, Relationship and Equipment Tracking, Organisations

The MARBLE LARPing tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of The MARBLE LARPing tool 1.0, size 0 b.

PaDEL-Rechallenge 1.0 National University of Singapore 

A decision support tool to guide clinical decision making on the appropriateness of re-introducing a chemotherapeutic agent following the confirmatory association between the drug and the occurrence of a serious ADR.. Freeware download of PaDEL-Rechallenge 1.0, size 10.91 Mb.

HysterSisters Hysterectomy Support 1.3.2 Hyster Sisters, Inc 

Hysterectomy? This app is brought to you by HysterSisters.com, the premier website for hysterectomy support and information resources.

It's easy! Simply add your hysterectomy date and this app becomes your support tool for the hysterectomy timeline. Through every step along the way, you will receive helpful answers, great information,. Freeware download of HysterSisters Hysterectomy Support 1.3.2, size 6.19 Mb.

RETScreen 4.0.14 RETScreen International 

The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia.

The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability. Freeware download of RETScreen 4.0.14, size 0 b.

MultiConnect2 1 2 Lunex Workz 

MultiConnect2 Primary the software was develloped as an easy testing and support tool when using socket connections in the program.
This is an easy to use and useful tool for nearly everything that's working with sockets like, http , ftp(comm), pop ,smtp ect.. Freeware download of MultiConnect2 1 2, size 1.66 Mb.

Drive Wizard 6.20.9 Yaskawa America, Inc. 

The DriveWizard support tool is a Windows based PC program designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting of Yaskawa drives as simple as possible. DriveWizard provides user-friendly tools for viewing, manipulating, and exchanging data with the drive. Data can be retrieved, changed, stored, and graphed.

DriveWizard is compatible. Freeware download of Drive Wizard 6.20.9, size 52.08 Mb.

OTK Custom DBInstaller 1.0 OTK Web Solutions 

Custom dbInstaller is a powerful and user-friendly application database deployment and support tool developed by OTK Web Solutions. It is a customizable executable program (.EXE) that allows developers to incorporate incredible application database deployment features into their application installer without any coding effort. It can be added into. Free download of OTK Custom DBInstaller 1.0, size 0 b.

OutlookTempCleaner 1 1 HowTo-Outlook 

OutlookTempCleaner is a support tool for Microsoft Office Outlook. It gives you easy access to the Temp folder that Outlook uses to open attachments. It further allows you to automate maintenance to it via Windows's Scheduled Tasks.

With OutlookTempCleaner you can create a shortcut with the -openfolder startup switch to directly. Freeware download of OutlookTempCleaner 1 1, size 388.10 Kb.

DriveWizard Industrial Yaskawa America, Inc. 

The DriveWizard® Industrial support tool is a Windows based PC program designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting of Yaskawa drives as simple as possible. DriveWizard® Industrial provides user-friendly tools for viewing, manipulating, and exchanging data with the drive. Data can be retrieved, changed, stored, and graphed.. Freeware download of DriveWizard Industrial, size 60.70 Mb.

calamari (position extractor) 8 calamari.sourceforge.net 

Calamari is a support tool for voice-controlled browser and gaze-controlled browser. This tool extracts positions of words, image and table in browser window.. Freeware download of calamari (position extractor) 8, size 48.86 Kb.

Help Center Live 2.1.7 helpcenterlive.com 

Help Center Live is a Live Support tool written in PHP, using a MySql database, that allows visitors on a webste to hold a conversation in real time with a representative of the website. *** VISIT HTTP://WWW.HELPCENTERLIVE.COM FOR DOWNLOADS ***. Freeware download of Help Center Live 2.1.7, size 739.32 Kb.

nvmc 0 envymycar.sourceforge.net 

eNVyMyCar is a simple LAN multiplayer game intended as a support tool for teaching Computer Graphics. The game is a simple car race on a client/server architecture. The server runs the race simulation and transmits the state of the race (basically the po. Freeware download of nvmc 0, size 80.83 Mb.

phpFileFarm 0.2.4 phpfilefarm.sourceforge.net 

phpFileFarm is a Web site support tool/directory explorer that lets you view the directory structure of your Web site and then add, change or delete files using only your Internet browser.. Freeware download of phpFileFarm 0.2.4, size 17.01 Kb.

Hatle 1.0 Hatle 

Hatle is a speaking and writing support tool for children who have such kind of problems. The system is intended to be an intelligent and intuitive assistant for the therapist.

Hatle 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Hatle 1.0, size 0 b.

DSAv4-Tools 1.0 Dsav4-tools 

Support tool for Gamemasters using the german Pen-and-Paper Roleplaying System DSA v4.

DSAv4-Tools 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of DSAv4-Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

Project Dock! 1.0 Projectdock 

Support tool for sharing information about software projects, or documents in general. Each project has a panel summarized, a "site", a link for SCM (SVN, CVS), Forum, wiki, etc.. It has search engine (powered by Lucene). [Support for MPS.BR: GRU]. Freeware download of Project Dock! 1.0, size 0 b.

100 Day Challenge 1.1 Goals Guy, LLC 

100 Day Challenge
The Most Extreme Goal Achievement Program on Earth
By Gary Ryan Blair

IMPORTANT: This app is a value added support tool for members ONLY

To All 100 Day Challengers,

Youve Just Found the Most Extreme Performance Acceleration APP on Earth.

Every once in a while a game-changing. Freeware download of 100 Day Challenge 1.1, size 18.35 Mb.

BalanceVision 1.2 Motionics LLC 

BalanceVision was designed as a support tool for machine rotor balancing procedures. The App uses the camera feature of the iPhone, iPod or iPad to help the user find the exact angular location where the trial or correction weights should be mounted in the rotor. These angles can be obtained with other of our apps, such as: iRotorBalance &. Free download of BalanceVision 1.2, size 5.35 Mb.

Bank Forward 1.4.7 Bank Forward 

Bank Forward is a free mobile decision-support tool that gives you the ability to view all of your financial accounts, including third-party credit cards and accounts from external institutions, into a single, up-to-the-minute view so you can stay organized and make smarter financial decisions. It is fast, secure and makes life easier by empowering. Freeware download of Bank Forward 1.4.7, size 16.57 Mb.