Librarian Weekly

Ultra Librarian 5. 3. 1968 Accelerated Designs 

Ultra Librarian is used primarily to complete difficult enterprise librarian tasks that might include multiple CAD/CAE import and exports, process control, revision control and sophisticated scraping of Acrobat and data provider websites. Easy to install and easy to manipulate.. Free download of Ultra Librarian 5. 3. 1968, size 76.27 Mb.


Weekly Planner 1. 2. 2004 Sea Apple Software 

Weekly Calendar Planner helps you plan your week on a 7 day calendar grid. Making to do lists and setting daily fitness goals has never been easier.

Weekly Calendar Planner was inspired by Benjamin Franklins method of self improvement through better daily planning. Weekly Calendar Planner will help you to plan better, work. Free download of Weekly Planner 1. 2. 2004, size 9.06 Mb.

Slide Librarian 2 40 SpanSoft 

Slide Librarian lets you catalogue your slide (transparency) library on your PC. This makes it easy to search for specific slides by title, keywords, etc and to create slide shows and talks. You can also use the system to keep track of where your slides are. Some may be out on loan for example. SpanSoft also produce a professional version of this. Free download of Slide Librarian 2 40, size 6.19 Mb.

Sample Librarian 1.2 RYAudio 

Sample Librarian helps users manage and audition their audio samples or sample CDs so as to be able to find specific sounds for adding to their projects.

When using this application, users can easily navigate through their complex folders of audio samples, find the sound they need then drag and drop it into their DAW.

. Free download of Sample Librarian 1.2, size 0 b.

Code Librarian Beta 1 Evosi 

Code Librarian is a handy application designed to store all your code snippets in a single place and create an expanding code database.

Code Librarian can organize code snippets into different directories and create multiple libraries. You can copy and delete folders and create new snippets.

. Freeware download of Code Librarian Beta 1, size 0 b.

Weekly Speller 2.0 Ronald Swerdfeger 

An excellent way to promote and encourage children or adults to practice weekly spelling lists. Quickly input and optionally record spelling lists that can be immediately used for spelling practice or playing games. Report Cards allow parents or teachers to monitor progress. Choose between Youth and Adult modes. Sound support for encouragement and. Free download of Weekly Speller 2.0, size 4.69 Mb.

Book Librarian Plus 5.61.00 TurboSystemsCo LLC 

Book Librarian Plus is a fast easy to learn and use database manager that will help you organize and keep track of your books. With Book Librarian Plus you can quickly search your library and print reports to the screen or printer.

Book Librarian Plus will also allow you to keep track of the books that are checked out, the person that. Free download of Book Librarian Plus 5.61.00, size 0 b.

Trading Forecast Weekly TFW-1 2011.10 Beta Addaptron Software 

Trading Forecast Weekly TFW-1 is a professional decision support application designed for stock market traders who are looking to maximize profit and minimize risk.

Trading Forecast Weekly TFW-1 allows getting weekly EOD forecasts for 20 selected ETFs by cloud computing, selecting best trading opportunities by comparative analysis,. Free download of Trading Forecast Weekly TFW-1 2011.10 Beta, size 0 b.

Ray's Spelling and Word Games 3.4 Raylec Software 

A great way for your child to learn weekly spellings as well as improve reading, vocabulary and logic. The spelling section is incredibly easy to use and has learning, practice and test options; your voice is recorded and automatically played back from within the program. Comes complete with two challenging and enjoyable word games. Use the large. Free download of Ray's Spelling and Word Games 3.4, size 851.97 Kb.

Power Tab Librarian Power Tab Software 

Power Tab Librarian is a smart option one can use to get all the information of Power Tab files and save it in a database. You can choose either from database files, Backup files, Log files or temporary files and it will scan the chosen folders and saves the data in a Librarian database file. In fact it shows the usage information of Power Tab. Freeware download of Power Tab Librarian, size 0 b.

IBM SoftCopy Librarian 4 4 IBM 

The IBM Softcopy Librarian provides you with the ability to manage PDFs, BookManager softcopy books, and shelves you receive from IBM and from other companies.
The Softcopy Librarian lets you set up and maintain PDF and BookManager book repositories using a variety of sources. You can obtain and transfer shelves of books and shelves of PDFs. Freeware download of IBM SoftCopy Librarian 4 4, size 35.32 Mb.

GEB eBook Librarian 1.2.369 Breeno 

In the wake of Gemstar's recent announcement that they are withdrawing from the eBook market, the GEB eBook Librarian was created to allow users of the Gemstar eBook device (including the REB1100, REB1200, GEB1150 and GEB2150 models) to create (from DOC, RTF, HTML, RB and TXT files) and download personal content (in native .IMP and .RB file. Free download of GEB eBook Librarian 1.2.369, size 6.50 Mb.

GT-10B Librarian 1.0.0020 BOSS Corporation 

GT-10B Librarian for Windows XP/Vista

GT-10B Librarian is an application that allows you to manage your GT-10B User patches efficiently as a library on your computer.
It is suited for collecting, organizing, copying, and reordering large amounts of data.. Freeware download of GT-10B Librarian 1.0.0020, size 1.94 Mb.

MS Word Weekly Appointment Planner 1.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to create customized weekly calendars. Designed like an address book in a calendar, this template will save you time by organizing who and when you meet. The generated template is more versatile than a paper calendar because all fields are customizable and it is easily emailed. Use also as a group. Free download of MS Word Weekly Appointment Planner 1.0, size 3.18 Mb.

eBookwise Librarian 2.0.61 Fictionwise, Inc. 

If you are the proud owner of an eBookwise-1150 reading device and would love to use it to read documents in formats different to those supported by your e-book reader, then you need eBookwise Librarian. This Windows-based tool will transform any DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT, Rocket, and OPF document or book into an IMP file that you can then upload into. Free download of eBookwise Librarian 2.0.61, size 6.32 Mb.

Motif XS Tools 1 8 John Melas 

All editors and librarian are distributed in one single package the XS Tools Complete Pack. This pack includes:Total LibrarianVoice ,EditorDrum ,Kit Editor,
Performance Editor ,Mix Editor,Master Editor.
-Added Unicode support
-Motif XF Voice Editor and Drum Kit Editor: Added loading of sample names from X3A, X3V,. Freeware download of Motif XS Tools 1 8, size 10.51 Mb.

gbCodeLib 9.0.188 Gary Beene's Information Centers 

gbCodeLib is a full-featured, multi-language source code librarian. It has a powerful, built-in source code editor and revision control manager.

gbCodeLib has an easy-to-use interface yet provides one of the largest feature sets of any code librarian available today. Over 1000 sample source code snippets, including language. Free download of gbCodeLib 9.0.188, size 2.83 Mb.

GT-10 Librarian 1.0.0019 Roland Corporation 

GT-10 Librarian is an application that allows you to manage your GT-10 User patches efficiently as a library on your computer.
It is suited for collecting, organizing, copying, and reordering large amounts of data.
While Editor allows you to save only one patch, Librarian handles all of the data for all of the GT-10's patches (or. Freeware download of GT-10 Librarian 1.0.0019, size 1.99 Mb.

GR-55 Librarian 1.0.1002 Roland Corporation 

GR-55 Librarian is an application that lets you use your computer to manage GR-55 user patch settings as “libraries.”
This allows you to manage numerous user patches efficiently with your computer. This software requires computer with a USB connector that supports USB Specification Revision 2.0 or later.. Freeware download of GR-55 Librarian 1.0.1002, size 2.09 Mb.

WavSniper 74Mph Solutions 

WavSniper - Sample Librarian - quickly locate sound/sample files, for DJ's, Producers, Artists. Free download of WavSniper, size 429.06 Kb.