Life Is Short

99 Happy Paintings 2.0 Hadron Solutions 

These are 99 great paintings that make you feel happy !

Paintings to cheer you up !

CHEER up for LIFE is short.

This app contains 99 paintings chosen from among the greatest works of Chagall, van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Degas, Dali, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Renoir, Matisse, Gaugin, Childe Hassam, Emily Carr, Tom. Free download of 99 Happy Paintings 2.0, size 23.70 Mb.


Kunkumam 4.7.1 EC Media (International) Pvt. ltd 

Kunkumam Nov 2013

Golden Jubilee of Onakur's Literature Life... 7 Short Stories and 7 Poems by eminent writers.. and several reports on socio-political and culture.. Malayalaees favourite cultural magazine...

Kunkumam magazine caters to literary and cultural interests. Some of the most outstanding Malayalam novels of recent. Freeware download of Kunkumam 4.7.1, size 8.70 Mb.

HalfyBirthday 1.6 redG Holdings Inc. 

As seen on the Dragons Den:)

Note: Please update your iPhone iOS before installing the app. (Settings, General, Software Update)

What is HalfyBirthday?

Put simply...the HalfyBirthday Celebration is about 1 thing. Making more people smile. Life is short, and we think it should be celebrated more often! Soooo...2 X. Freeware download of HalfyBirthday 1.6, size 8.60 Mb.

C-Organizer Standard 3.7 CSoftLab 

C-Organizer is a beautiful and powerful personal information manager. The program can help you organize and plan your business and personal life. In short, this is an Appointments, Address Book, Password manager and Notebook combined into one powerful, easy-to-use application.

Program's exquisite, well thought-out interface makes using. Free download of C-Organizer Standard 3.7, size 15.06 Mb.

Windows Automation Macro Recorder 1.0 AutoWin 

What is the most valuable thing in this world?Someone must be say: Gold? diamond?But I think the answer must be time.yes, If you don’t agree with me, just think about: how much money can buy even one microsecond?

Do you remember?

How many times, You want to play with your family, but you must do some boring work on. Free download of Windows Automation Macro Recorder 1.0, size 2.58 Mb.

LifeOptimizer 2.0 Clogik Solutions Pvt Ltd 

LifeOptimizer is a home utility suite that you can use on your Laptop or a Home PC. It helps you organize entire life – it ensures better health for you and your family, manages investments & finance, ensures happiness and brings productivity in all aspects of your life. In short, it is a complete organizer for your life.

Awesome Ideas Free 1.0 Mike Cendana 

Feeling bored? Got the doldrums? Stuck in a rut doing the same routine? There are so many things to do that are fun and good for you too. Sometimes you just need someone (or some app) to give you some direction...

Awesome Ideas is a simple but powerful app. It's a collection of things to do. Some are quick and easy, others are more. Freeware download of Awesome Ideas Free 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Employee Navigator Essentials 2.4.1 Employee Navigator LLC. 

Employee Navigators Essentials app for the iPhone is a first-of-its-kind tool that puts real-time insurance and HR information right where you need it most in the palm of your hand.

This app is like having a direct line to your insurance carrier without the aggravation of dealing with those automated phone response systems you hear when. Freeware download of Employee Navigator Essentials 2.4.1, size 1.68 Mb.

Life is a Race 1.0 Cactus Software 

Life is a race is a short art game made for a small competition. It's very simple to play and doesn't carry any deep message.

It's more of a comment on how people constantly seem to want time to fly by, seemingly rushing to their own end.. Freeware download of Life is a Race 1.0, size 1.42 Mb.

3D PageFlip Free Simple Life Templates 1.0 3D Pageflip Ltd. 

Someone said this before, "Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have or could have had. No one lives forever." Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. Life is also short, smile while you still have teeth. Do what. Freeware download of 3D PageFlip Free Simple Life Templates 1.0, size 2.30 Mb.

Cellauto: Conway's Game of Life Cellular Automation 1.2 MediaUtopia 

Cellauto is short for Cellular Automaton. This program generates a Cellular Automaton named Game of Life, invented by John Conway in the 1970's.

When you launch the app, you will see a bunch of multi-colored Cells stitched together with white Bones. The app will either start with the cells completely random all over the screen, or random. Free download of Cellauto: Conway's Game of Life Cellular Automation 1.2, size 524.29 Kb.

How to Live a Holy Life - Discover the Way of God 1.0 AppWarrior 

Discover How to Live a Holy Life!

How to Live a Holy Life is a short and practical course on sanctifying oneself and making oneself worthy in the eyes of God. You will also discover the Golden Rule of Life.

Here is what you will discover inside...

The Way the Sail is Set
The Model Life
How to Live the. Free download of How to Live a Holy Life - Discover the Way of God 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

My Life Report 1.0 Nir Alperovitch 

My Life Report enables you to get information about your life using a short query.

My Life Report calculates:
- Your age in days.
- How much years you slept
- How much years you had in the roads
- The distance you traveled in the roads
- How much laps you did around Earth
- How much years you worked
-. Free download of My Life Report 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Ultimate Encoder 7 7.00 Ultimate Systems, Inc. 

In a world where things get even more complicated which takes you more time from this short life, to learn to use computer programs or other things, we try to make our software products to be very easy to use in order to use less of your time. Now we offer you the most easy to use All-in-one Audio Encoder & Decoder with built-in CD-Ripper.. Freeware download of Ultimate Encoder 7 7.00, size 14.27 Mb.

Virtual Organisms 1.0 Vogod 

Artificial life simulation where computer programs (virtual organisms or VOs for short) compete on a grid for computer time. May the most intelligent VO win!

Virtual Organisms 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Virtual Organisms 1.0, size 0 b.

Garbage For Life 1 Free Downloadable Games 

Garbage for life is a funny version of a classical packman game. Your goal is to collect as many garbage pieces as possible within a short time scale. Time is your enemy and there are different interesting obstacles on your way which can bring you down. Do not get distracted, time is really short. This free arcade game is one of rare arcade games. Freeware download of Garbage For Life 1, size 1.15 Mb.

99 Meditation Seconds 1.6 FindYourNose 

This App provides 99 short meditation techniques to experiment with in daily life. Meditation is not a question of time, but of intensity a short, deep and loving inquiry into oneself, and it does not require a particular place or time nor environment.

THIS APP PROVIDES YOU WITH THE. Free download of 99 Meditation Seconds 1.6, size 30.83 Mb.

Baby Name Game Boy HD 1.1 

Choosing a name for a new baby can be a daunting task; traditional or original, long or short, the options are countless, and the pressure is on, for what could be one of the most important decisions in your life! Instead of having to go through long lists of alphabetically ordered names, Baby Name Game presents names in an engaging and fun way: a. Free download of Baby Name Game Boy HD 1.1, size 3.46 Mb.

ECG Atlas 3.0 Medicon Apps 

Health care professionals often find it difficult to interpret ECGs. Can you diagnose WPW or Torsades? Get the ECG Atlas now and train your ECG skills!

Real-life ECGs in your pocket - complete with short descriptions of diagnoses, and reference links for further information.

Updated with retina graphics and iPad support!

ExerciseMaster Interval Timer 1.00 AppyMaster Ltd 

Lets face it, most of us should get more exercise! It is often a fact of life that we are too busy to get down the gym for an hour a day, or even an hour a week. Let ExerciseMaster help motivate you with short, sharp, exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home without any equipment.

ExerciseMaseter provides three. Free download of ExerciseMaster Interval Timer 1.00, size 3.67 Mb.