Linux Administration

Live Raizo 1.0 Live-raizo 

Raizo is a Linux Debian live CD used by the CFA UTEC (a training centre) in Seine et Marne in France for networking and Linux administration classes. It contains GNS3, VirtualBox, QEmu, VPCS and many Linux VMs (only names differ). Raizo also includes Wireshark, NmapSi4 as well as DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP and SSH servers. Services are not started. Freeware download of Live Raizo 1.0, size 746.59 Mb.


Linux Management Console 1.0.5 Dirk Schwarting 

Linux Management Console is a server administration toolkit for Linux Servers. With Linux Management Console everything you need to administrate your Linux Servers from a Windows Workstation is at your fingertips.

Logfile analysis with powerful search- and filter options, SSH Remote Access (PuTTY), File Management (WinSCP), X11 Remote. Free download of Linux Management Console 1.0.5, size 9.77 Mb.

Mirage (linux multisite FTP server) 1.0 

A multiple site FTP server pool running as a Linux daemon, with local/remote administration. An administration tool (GUI) is also provided. Developped in C++ using STL, BOOST, wxWidgets libraries for maximum portability.. Freeware download of Mirage (linux multisite FTP server) 1.0, size 6.95 Kb.

MMourcebuntu GNU/Linux 386 

An Ubuntu-derivate with different software and a system administration tool for making Linux easier to handle. For more details have a look at the projects features.. Freeware download of MMourcebuntu GNU/Linux 386, size 869.77 Mb.

SSH System Administration Tool 201211071651 Sshadmincontrol 

ssh Java interface for Unix, Linux and MS Windows system administration.
Allows you to remotely access and control your servers through google talk.
Automates firewall rule checks; exporting the results into Excel.
Allows you to run multiple Unix commands on multiple servers simultaneously.
Captures your network traces (on the. Freeware download of SSH System Administration Tool 201211071651, size 29.47 Mb.

Linux Directory Server 1.0 Linux-dir 

A small linux distribution aimed at servers, where the single point of administration and authentication is an OpenLDAP database. It includes modified versions of the most important services: Web Server, Mail Server, File Server, DHCP Server, authenticat

Linux Directory Server 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Linux Directory Server 1.0, size 0 b.

HilbiX - Linux Rescue Boot via Network 1.0 Hilbix 

Linux based networked rescue system, providing remote administration via Internet LAN access. Booted via single 1.44MB Floppy, PXE-Netboot, CD-ROM or USB-Stick.

HilbiX - Linux Rescue Boot via Network 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of HilbiX - Linux Rescue Boot via Network 1.0, size 0 b.

Linux Is Not Vista 1.0 Linsta 

It's a new GNU/Linux distribution, based on Linux From Scratch, with focus on easy complete and non-redundand system administration made with a simple textual command-line interface and in the interoperability with Windows (Further with other OS).

Linux Is Not Vista 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); BSD License; MIT License. Freeware download of Linux Is Not Vista 1.0, size 0 b.

Orbital Administration System 1.0 Orbitald 

The Orbital Administration System is a tool to manage many Linux servers at a time. The whole idea is to be able to put many servers in a group, and apply a specific action on all of them.This software was developed by XTech (Argentina) and now is GPL.

Orbital Administration System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Orbital Administration System 1.0, size 0 b.

D-STAR Management/Administration Toolset 1.0 D-star 

Linux/Unix and Windows administration tools for managing Amateur Radio DSTAR Gateways

D-STAR Management/Administration Toolset 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of D-STAR Management/Administration Toolset 1.0, size 0 b.

SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.81 Hidden Bits Software 

SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH / Telnet client and terminal emulator that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it actually is. File View panel lets you navigate through and operate with remote directories and files as effortlessly as if they were on your home computer. The integrated text editor and SFTP. Free download of SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.81, size 3.48 Mb.

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Linux 3.2 AfterLogic Corporation 

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro is an easy-to-use mail server for Linux and Windows.Check mail online with the fast and user-friendly AJAX webmail packed with a number of stylish skins, access and manage mail folders, browse e-mails with a preview pane and compose new ones with a rich-text editor, use address book to easily send mail to individual. Free download of AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Linux 3.2, size 14.50 Mb.

bash-sys-manage 1.1.1 

A collection of useful bash scripts to assist in Linux system administration. Includes flexible scripts to backup and install Linux systems. Requires (and includes) bash-script-lib. Tested on Ubuntu LTS.. Freeware download of bash-sys-manage 1.1.1, size 29.26 Kb.

Cytrun Linux Server VoIP-PBX 1 

Cytrun Linux Server VoIP-PBX is a Brazilian security and server oriented distribution based on Slackware Linux. It includes Asterisk, LIDS, Snort, Web, Email, SQL, SSH, DHCP and DNS servers, and a Webmin based remote administration interface.. Freeware download of Cytrun Linux Server VoIP-PBX 1, size 679.56 Mb.

DACCA 1.0 

DACCA == Database-Controlled Cluster Administration is a system for installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux and/or Windows NT hosts in a network environment.. Freeware download of DACCA 1.0, size 88.79 Kb.

Extensions to POSIX Packaging 1.3 

A software administration system for GNU/Linux systems with capabilities for network transparent package management, host-to-host data copying, creating tar archives with embedded signatures, and use as a directory content integrity checker.. Freeware download of Extensions to POSIX Packaging 1.3, size 3.06 Mb.

Firewall Admin 0.4 

Web administration tool to manage linux netfilter (iptables) rules. Freeware download of Firewall Admin 0.4, size 57.83 Kb.

Intronet beta 

Intronet is a light weighted framework which allows user to work with remote Linux system and to do some administration tasks using web browser. It's fully usable in browsers at mobile devices such pda, modern cell phones, etc.. Freeware download of Intronet beta, size 51.91 Kb.

ip-police 1 

ippolice is linux iptables based firewall with a gui web based interface to simplify the administration of linux firewall. published under GNU General Public License.By Mehdi Sadighian. Freeware download of ip-police 1, size 1.39 Mb.

Ka Clustering Tools 3.0 

Ka is a set of tools designed to help the installation and later the use/administration of a cluster of PC's under Linux. It currently includes a solution for the parallel installation of Linux on many machines, and tools for deploying data or launching. Freeware download of Ka Clustering Tools 3.0, size 805.67 Kb.

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