Linux Clusters

DSI / DigSig: linux kernel security++ 1.0 

- DSI is a security framework addressing security needs of carrier-grade Linux clusters. - DigSig is a linux kernel module checking RSA signatures of ELF executables at run-time. **Those projects are no longer maintained**. Freeware download of DSI / DigSig: linux kernel security++ 1.0, size 1.37 Mb.


LinXter: Another Linux Cluster 1.0 Linxter 

LinXter is another implementation of the Linux Clusters. This is currently under development. After releasing this will be easiest to install and configure. Through this project I want to declare that the new age of the Linux Cluster has just started.

LinXter: Another Linux Cluster 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of LinXter: Another Linux Cluster 1.0, size 0 b.

Clubmask 0.5 

Clubmask is a resource and job manager that ties together the Bproc global process space system, SIS, the System Installation Suite for installing Linux clusters, the Maui HPC Scheduler, and Supermon resource managers. The goal of Clubmask is to provide. Freeware download of Clubmask 0.5, size 192.34 Kb.

MultiJobs alpha1.0.0 

MultiJobs is a tool intended to organize, submit and gather the results of parametric studies performed on linux clusters.. Freeware download of MultiJobs alpha1.0.0, size 7.46 Kb.

Parallelized Turing bombe simulation 1.5 Fastbombesim 

This project involves implementing simulations of Enigma machines and the Turing bombe on various parallel-computing systems including multi-processor PCs, Linux clusters, and modern enhanced graphic cards.

Parallelized Turing bombe simulation 1.5 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Parallelized Turing bombe simulation 1.5, size 412.67 Kb.

dkbf 0.1.2b Dkbf 

dkbf is a distributed, keyboard, brute-force program for Linux clusters that attacks Windows NT Lanman and NT hashes using the Message Passing Interface (MPI).

dkbf 0.1.2b License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of dkbf 0.1.2b, size 352.82 Kb.

SLURM 2.2.7 

NOTE: NEWEST FILES AT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SLURM is an open-source resource manager designed for Linux clusters.. Freeware download of SLURM 2.2.7, size 4.45 Mb.

YACI (Yet Another Cluster Installer) 12 

Moving to google code: Yet Another Cluster Installer) is a lightweight system tool used to reliably and quickly install large-scale (and small-scale) Linux clusters. It supports RedHat 7.3, 9 for i686, and RHEL3 and R. Freeware download of YACI (Yet Another Cluster Installer) 12, size 32.27 Mb.

Linux Network Load Balancing b.0.1.3.beta 

Linux Network Load Balancing driver. A transparent network driver to make decentered balancing linux clusters (without use of a central balancer station). Freeware download of Linux Network Load Balancing b.0.1.3.beta, size 33.05 Kb.

Clusters for Everyone 1.0 

CfE stands for Clusters for Everyone and is an effort to make a Linux distribution tailored for clusters. For more information, please see Freeware download of Clusters for Everyone 1.0, size 4.21 Mb.

OpenSSI Clusters for Linux 2005.02.14 

The OpenSSI project is a comprehensive clustering solution offering a full, highly available SSI environment for Linux. Goals for OpenSSI Clusters include availability, scalability and manageability, built from standard servers.. Freeware download of OpenSSI Clusters for Linux 2005.02.14, size 664.86 Mb.

availability-manager 0.0.1 

Statefull Firwalling on Linux Active-Active Clusters: * loadbalancing * synchronization of conntrack table. Freeware download of availability-manager 0.0.1, size 6.94 Kb.

BProc: Beowulf Distributed Process Space 0.01 

The Beowulf Distributed Process Space (BProc) is a set of Linux kernel modifications for easy process management and remote process creation in Beowulf style clusters.. Freeware download of BProc: Beowulf Distributed Process Space 0.01, size 55.02 Kb.

Cluster Investigator 1.0 

Resource monitoring solution for Unix/Linux based clusters and grids, implemented by using three main software applications: the CI Watson monitoring server, the CI Sherlock monitoring client and the Mglass Viewer GUI.. Freeware download of Cluster Investigator 1.0, size 70.69 Kb.

openMosixLOAF 1.0 

openMosixLOAF is a single floppy openMosix Linux mini-distro designed for diskless systems or HPC clusters where only CPU and memory is needed. It has drivers for all PCI Ethernet NICs that the Linux kernel has support for (10/100/1000).. Freeware download of openMosixLOAF 1.0, size 802 b.

quattor 1.0 

quattor is a system administration toolkit providing a powerful, portable and modular toolsuite for the automated installation, configuration and management of clusters and farms running UNIX derivates like Linux and Solaris.. Freeware download of quattor 1.0, size 711.56 Kb.

Extended Distributed Lock Manager 1.0 X-dlm 

It is a Distributed Lock Manager For Linux based clusters. It provides fine granular and coarse granular locking (Six different Locking modes). Providing both Asynchronous (e.g.Asynchronous System Trap, AST) and synchronous kind of locking mechanisms,

Extended Distributed Lock Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Extended Distributed Lock Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

PuSSH 2.1 Pussh 

PuSSH is Pythonic, Ubiquitous SSH, a Python wrapper/script that runs commands in parallel on clusters/ranges of linux/unix machines via SSH, ideally where SSH is configured to use Kerberos, RSA/DSA keys, or ssh-agent as to avoid password authentication.

now does target machine acquisition more sensibly using netcat instead of ping, now. Freeware download of PuSSH 2.1, size 8.12 Kb.

Fully Automatic Installation 1.0 

FAI is a non-interactive system to install, customize and manage Linux systems and software configurations on computers as well as virtual machines and chroot environments, from small networks to large-scale infrastructures and clusters.

Installs and updates different Linux distributions, Centralized deployment and configuration. Freeware download of Fully Automatic Installation 1.0, size 0 b.

The Portable POSIX Programming System 1.0 P3pups 

P3/PUPS is a portable computing environment providing a biologically inspired hoemostatic environment for coarse grained parallel computations within computer clusters running Linux/POSIX. It interoperates with other dynamic clustering tools e.g. MOSIX

The Portable POSIX Programming System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of The Portable POSIX Programming System 1.0, size 0 b.