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Very Secret 1.0 Very Secret 

Members of the Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding are everywhere. Or anywhere. Usually at the same time. The point is, we’re always watching.

This observant screensaver will serve as a companion through all your good times and downtime. It’ll mind your candy stash when you can’t, and even after. Freeware download of Very Secret 1.0, size 4.93 Mb.


The Secret of Attraction Law Screensaver 1 Attraction Law Secret 

You are about to receive a brand new screensaver, featuring breathtaking nature scenes and life changing thoughts collected from the famous movie “The Secret”. Wonderful sights and thoughts screensaver is the perfect combination of nature, aqua, waterfalls and sea screensavers. Each slide comes with unique and powerful thought which is. Freeware download of The Secret of Attraction Law Screensaver 1, size 10.86 Mb.

Secret Data Manager 3. 1. 2010 Peter Lyon Software 

Secret Data Manager is a great tool for computer users to keep their private files in encrypted status. Anyone who is looking for a powerful and convenient software to protect data from being read, or even stole should try this Windows Explorer style tool. Secret Data Manager is simple and strong. You do not need extra training if you can use. Free download of Secret Data Manager 3. 1. 2010, size 623.62 Kb.

BroadCast Printing 1.0 Batch-Print-Files 

BroadCast Batch Printing prints all printable files. It supports all formats of files such as (doc, docx, xls, html, xml, ppt, XLSX etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico, psd, BMP etc.). It supports set-up to printing all files and IMAGES to MULTIPLE printer in a single process. It works all files in a batch process. It supports. Free download of BroadCast Printing 1.0, size 1.82 Mb.

Sidebar Radio 2 4 R. Matt Angiulo 

Sidebar Radio enables you to listen to streaming radio from the Google Desktop Sidebar.
# *New* - Added the ability to play the 10 most recent podcasts from the pull out menu. Just place your favorite podcast rss in the options dialog and it will show the 10 recent podcasts that can play directly in the Sidebar Radio! You must. Freeware download of Sidebar Radio 2 4, size 209.92 Kb.

Quran Auto Reciter 3.0 Search Truth Technologies 

Quran Auto Reciter is used to read and listen the Quran from a vast choice of famous reciters. It can be configured to launch automatically at specific times for recitals or for giving Athan at times manually configurable by yourself. Prayer timings of local majids can be configured so that you're alerted five times a day by an Athan of your. Freeware download of Quran Auto Reciter 3.0, size 16.57 Mb.

Quran Recitation for Mobile Phones 2 Search Truth Technologies 

Listen the Quran Recitation in your mobile phone. Quran Recitation by Abdul Rahman Alsudais and Su'ud As-Shuraim (Makkah). Complete Quran having 114 Suras. The recitation is in .AMR format. After downloading, please unzip the file and you will get 114 files having 114 Sura of Quran. Compatible with All mobile phones like Nokia,. Freeware download of Quran Recitation for Mobile Phones 2, size 44.71 Mb.

Saw Player 0.1 bosslog 

Saw Player is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you listen to your favorite audio files. So, if you were looking for a software to play your audio files, give Saw Player a try and check out if its capabilities are enought to satisfy your needs. Features: play (with BASS lib) popular audio formats: mp3, ogg, aac,. Freeware download of Saw Player 0.1, size 5.66 Mb.

Poseidon - Live RTV Player 1.7.2 Beta 1.0 B.E.I.C. ELECTRONICS Inc 

Watch and listen Live TV & Radio brodcast on your PC! Poseidon a€“ Live RTV Player is an Internet television and radio tuner program that allows you to watch TV stations and listen online radio from around the world. Poseidon a€“ Live RTV Player is an internet television tuner program that allows you to view online TV stations and to. Freeware download of Poseidon - Live RTV Player 1.7.2 Beta 1.0, size 1.63 Mb.

Secret Keeper 1.5.2 Beta 1.0 Harold Schlegel 

Secret Keeper is a simple program designed to help you store the user names and passwords to the many websites and applications that you need them for. This information is protected with a password that you choose.. Freeware download of Secret Keeper 1.5.2 Beta 1.0, size 2.31 Mb.

Easy-Lang 2.5 ForceMem 

Easily to listen and understand movies in foreign languages In the program 'Easy-Lang' you can without tension: - to watch movie and listen clearly by phrases (step by step from subtitles) - to forget about using of separate dictionaries and translation services - the program will help to find subtitles for the movies - you can create effective. Freeware download of Easy-Lang 2.5, size 8.47 Mb.

Hypegram 1.0.1 Hypegram 

All the best music Listen to the greatest popular music on the web right now with our popular, latest and top Twitter playlists, or just search for your favourite tracks! Hype Machine handpicks a set of kickass music blogs which offer the most incredible music and commentary anywhere in the world. Beautiful browsing Hypegram offers the best. Freeware download of Hypegram 1.0.1, size 9.83 Mb.

LoopAuditioneer Beta 1.0 Lars Palo 

LoopAuditioneer is a software that allows users to listen to, create and evaluate loops and cues embedded in .wav file headers. The user can choose which ones to keep and easily autosearch for good natural loop points. It's mainly intended for audio samples being processed for virtual pipe organs. Features: Display loop and cue data from wav file. Freeware download of LoopAuditioneer Beta 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Nulloy 0.4.5 Alpha 1.0 Sergey_Vlasov 

Nulloy Music Player is a small, easy-to-use application specially designed to help you listen to your favorite music. Basically all that you have to do is load the files and press the Play button. So, if you were looking for a straightforward player for your media files, take Nulloy Music Player for a spin and check out its capabilities. Features:. Freeware download of Nulloy 0.4.5 Alpha 1.0, size 13.84 Mb.

Gaia's Secret 0.0.5 

Gaia's Secret is a 3d action RPG saga, with the thrilling story of a planet in a parallel universe where magic and modern technology rules the lives of every ones and where a deadly secret is about to be revealed.... Freeware download of Gaia's Secret 0.0.5, size 20.21 Kb.

Listen, a Music player and management 0.4.3 

Listen is a Music player and management for GNOME This site is not up to date, please see Freeware download of Listen, a Music player and management 0.4.3, size 376.44 Kb.

Secret Sharing 1.0 

Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme. Freeware download of Secret Sharing 1.0, size 5.14 Mb.

Secret Sharp 

Secret Sharp is a wizard based GUI for the Shamir Secret Sharing Algorithm provided by the crypto++ API. Secret Sharp replicates the functionality that 'ssss' provides on unix.. Freeware download of Secret Sharp, size 966.44 Kb.

My Little Secret 2 JP's Software 

My Little Secret is a password diary for Windows. Keep tract of your secrets with this software knowing that your information is safe. This is loaded with features such as adding pictures along with controlling the text and more. Change the color of the fonts, the font name, the size, and more. Keep tract of birthdays and other important dates.. Free download of My Little Secret 2, size 2.32 Mb.

DicTux Dictate Transcription Foot Pedal 1.0 Dictux 

Transcribe an mp3 file into a word processor with a foot pedal controlling pause play forward back & volume. Bookmark annotate & edit. Dictate with a hand device controlling record play back forward. Free open source Linux dictation and transcription

DicTux Dictate Transcription Foot Pedal 1.0 License - GNU General. Freeware download of DicTux Dictate Transcription Foot Pedal 1.0, size 0 b.

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