Little Wings

Hoppy Floppy Blue Bird 1.1 Nicholas I. Dodge 

Flap your little wings and get "Hoppy" through this magical forest adventure!

Meet Hoppy, the floppy bluebird in need of YOUR help! Guide him away from poisonous mushrooms as his clumsy features steer him otherwise. An easy and fun game for all ages---challenge friends and family for the high score!

Game Features:


Pudgy Budgie 1.1.1 Aaron Warbinek 

IT'S TIME TO FLY! Flap Pudgy Budgie's little wings in this #1 pulse pounding and exciting flappy adventure.

Pudgy Budgie has been told he can't fly but that is all he wants to do. He needs all the help he can get to flap and fly through the obstacles. The faster you tap the faster he flaps. Avoid the obstacles for as long as you can in. Freeware download of Pudgy Budgie 1.1.1, size 23.49 Mb.

Puffy Dragon - Jumpy Bouncy Dragon 1.1 LAI SYSTEMS, LLC 


It's a bird, it's a plane, no - it's Puffy Dragon! Fun, free game for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Help Puffy Dragon fly through obstacles. Tap to make him flap his little wings, but make sure you time your taps correctly. Train hard!


* Tap to flap. Freeware download of Puffy Dragon - Jumpy Bouncy Dragon 1.1, size 27.89 Mb.

Qoobee & Friends 1.1 Lyxite 

This is a is fun comic book about Qoobee and his friends, a group of angels from the ancient Rome. They live in the clouds and attend "The Little Wings Magic Schools" everyday. Like all the other angels, they are the guardians of all the living things on earth, except that each of them have their own little problems to worry about...

Hungry Piggy : Little Wings 1.0 BIG WOOD GAMES LIMITED 

Fly into freedom!
A parody of the #1 smash hit game!
The IMPOSSIBLE piggy flight game!

> Tap to flap your wings and fly
> Dodge the colored walls
> Compete with your friends
. Freeware download of Hungry Piggy : Little Wings 1.0, size 15.83 Mb.

HoneyComb & The Little Mouse 1.0 Marcio Morais 

Meet the HoneyComb Family and their magic adventures. These tiny characters have wings on their feet and magical little antennas, and they are always ready to help their friends and entertain the children.
Honeycomb is the leader of the gang and Chantilly is his girlfriend, Cookie is the cook. And we still have Pudding, Brigadier and Kissy.. Free download of HoneyComb & The Little Mouse 1.0, size 8.91 Mb.

A Amazing Voxel Bird Saga 1.2 Cherry Darling 

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga

Tap to flap the wings of our cute little bird in this #1 thrilling and action packed 3D challenge.

Enjoy the Amiga and MorphOS hit on your iOS device!

The little blue bird needs your help passing the 3D landscape of Voxel-Land. Collecting as many coins. Freeware download of A Amazing Voxel Bird Saga 1.2, size 6.82 Mb.

My Fat Flying Dragon 1.0 Eurisko Mobility 

Guide the little fat flying dragon through the obstacles.
Collect points, invite and challenge your friends to increase your score and achieve a higher rank.

"This game is inspired by Flappy Bird & Flappy Wings & Hoppy Frog & Flying Cyrus Wrecking Ball & Splashy Fish". Freeware download of My Fat Flying Dragon 1.0, size 31.46 Mb.

Little Black Book 1.01 Information Packaging 

Little Black Book is a contact management system that allows you to store all of your fav contacts. Store all your favorite contacts in this one easy to use contact manager. . Free download of Little Black Book 1.01, size 1.49 Mb.

Little Soldiers 1 Phelios computer games 

Little Soldiers is a mind bending, strategic-puzzle game that places you and your compatriots on a range of challenging, classified military missions. Armed with rocket missiles, bullets, building materials, pick axes, and your own mind muscle strength, you must build carefully placed fortification, explode bombs, plan cautiously thought out routes. Free download of Little Soldiers 1, size 4.31 Mb.

Little Dwarf 3D Screensaver 1.0 Astro Gemini Software 

Find yourself in the pristine kingdom of a cute little dwarf, a fairy creature preserving and caring for wildlife. Be the first one who visits this fantastic place nestled gently in the magical woods, among the magnificent old evergreen trees. Surrounded by lush greenery, gorgeous flowers and colorful fluttering butterflies you will be truly. Free download of Little Dwarf 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 17.92 Mb.

Little Soldiers for Mac 1.0 Phelios Mac games 

Little Soldiers is a mind bending, strategic-puzzle game that places you and your compatriots on a range of challenging, classified military missions. Armed with rocket missiles, bullets, building materials, pick axes, and your own mind muscle strength, you must build carefully placed fortification, explode bombs, plan cautiously thought out routes. Free download of Little Soldiers for Mac 1.0, size 4.31 Mb.

Little League Lineup 1.000 Yinzer Productions 

Little League Lineup is a spreadsheet developed to help put together a lineup for a Little League baseball (or softball) game. It visually helps set your players where you need them, and helps to equalize playing time for all your players.. Free download of Little League Lineup 1.000, size 149.50 Kb.

Little Registry Optimizer 1.0 Little Apps 

Little Registry Optimizer is a part of Little Apps` Little Registry Cleaner. This project is aimed to analyze the windows registry and (if needed) optimize it so it will be smaller and run smoother when the computer is rebooted.

Key Features:
- Decreases the registry's hard drive space
- Increases the computers hard drive. Freeware download of Little Registry Optimizer 1.0, size 2.02 Mb.

Little Registry Cleaner 1.5.1 Little Apps 

Little Registry Cleaner is an open source program that is designed to cleanup Microsoft Windows Registry. It removes obsolete or unwanted items that build up in the registry over time in order to improve the stability and performance of your computer.

Key Features:
- Make your computer more stable and increase performance
-. Freeware download of Little Registry Cleaner 1.5.1, size 3.63 Mb.

Little Fighter 2 2.0 Marti Wong & Starsky Wong 

Little Fighter 2 is the sequel to Little Fighter 1, a popular fighting game where the goal is to defeat different characters. It supports four players on a single PC and up to eight characters on screen in online mode. This new version has four Battle modes, a survival Stage, a game recording feature and background music.

If you. Freeware download of Little Fighter 2 2.0, size 0 b.

Wings 2 1. 3. 2006 Miika Virpioja 

Wings 2 is a 2D multiplayer network game. You fly small and agile ships in varied maps, choosing from a wide variety of different weapons and devices to use against your opponents. The game offers several game modes with different styles of play, and supports internet, LAN and splitscreen games.. Freeware download of Wings 2 1. 3. 2006, size 18.13 Mb.

Silent Wings 1. 10. 2001 Silent Wings 

Silent Wings brings a new level of soaring realism to your PC. Practice your flight techniques, fly online with your buddies, replay your real-flight GPS logs, or simply enjoy long distance soaring over detailed and magnificent sceneries.

The aerodynamics in the simulator is calculated by simulating the wing flow over each part of the. Free download of Silent Wings 1. 10. 2001, size 5.90 Mb.

LeagueWorks for Little League 1.0 LeagueWorks Software, Inc. 

LeagueWorks for Little League is recommended for organizations that are affiliated with Little League Baseball Incorporated. LeagueWorks for Little League includes the forms and other information that is required by Little League Baseball Incorporated. If your organization is NOT affiliated with Little League Baseball Incorporated, then LeagueWorks. Free download of LeagueWorks for Little League 1.0, size 16.02 Mb.

The Little Calorie 6.0 Syrsan Software 

The Little Calorie Deluxe is a health and fitness program for people that want to take control of their weight and training. The Little Calorie is an excellent program for people that want to lose weight in a controlled speed and in a fun way. A very helpful and fun feature in this calorie counter is the "Diet Diary Notes" that helps you. Free download of The Little Calorie 6.0, size 482.30 Kb.