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BurnInTest Standard edition 6.0 Build 1014 PassMark Software 

PassMark BurnInTestd-OC?D? is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

* Assists in PC Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.
* The best value professional burn-in tool on the market!
* Avoid delivering D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival). Free download of BurnInTest Standard edition 6.0 Build 1014, size 5.42 Mb.


E-Z Contact Book Dmitri Karshakevich 

E-Z Contact Book is an easy to use yet powerful Windows program to store and manage contact information. You can use it as a business directory, customer database, or a personal contact address/phone/email book. Phone numbers, emails, web pages, faxes, business and home addresses, customer notes - you can maintain all this data in an organized. Free download of E-Z Contact Book, size 8.11 Mb.

PassMark BurnInTest Pro 6.0 Build 1023 PassMark Software 

PassMark BurnInTestd-OC?D? is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

* Assists in PC Troubleshooting and diagnostics.
* The best value professional burn-in tool on the market!
* The hottest, fastest CPU Burn In tool. Free download of PassMark BurnInTest Pro 6.0 Build 1023, size 6.03 Mb.

Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker 2.2.4 Robin Barooah 

As featured on NPR's "All Tech Considered" - 12th March 2013

"It's a great timer with super extras. I recommend it highly." - TUAW Review, 26th July 2010

Note: This version is iOS7 compatible. A free update with upgraded design is coming soon.

Equanimity has been very carefully designed to help. Free download of Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker 2.2.4, size 3.98 Mb.

EduKids Connect 2.1 EduKids Connect Systems 

EduKids Connect Systems provides a mobile and web based information system for childcare centers to connect with parents, improve compliance and reduces costs. Our goal is to facilitate parent, teacher and childcare center involvement in early childhood learning and bring peace of mind to parents through timely communications between parents and. Freeware download of EduKids Connect 2.1, size 6.61 Mb.

Punch Sales 1.0.5 Punch Technologies, Inc. 

Punch for Sales
Automatically log meetings and notes in Salesforce.com.

Punch for Sales integrates with your local calendar and Salesforce.com to help you capture and share every important customer interaction. Chat with co-workers, punch into meetings, take notes, voice recordings, images, and share your location all from your. Freeware download of Punch Sales 1.0.5, size 24.85 Mb.

Windows Server Solutions Log Collector 1 Microsoft 

The Windows Server Solutions Log Collector obtains data from multiple sources that is used by Microsoft Customer Service and Support to assist you in solving problems that occur with your server and computers that are connected to the network.

Get Windows Server Solutions Log Collector and try it for yourself to see what it's all. Free download of Windows Server Solutions Log Collector 1, size 0 b.

Log Analyzer 1.1 NetPromoter 

No matter what your goal is – to simply measure your Web site traffic, to evolve your Web site into a more effective business channel, or to revolutionize your business using customer intelligence correlated from all channels — Log Analyzer will be an integral part of your success. . Free download of Log Analyzer 1.1, size 3.58 Mb.

Job Log 4. 2. 2000 Lazy Bayou 

Job Log is designed for the small business that wants to track calls coming into their help desk and/or the customer service department for follow up after assigning support personnel to resolve the issue. Tickets are issued as the call is taken by the support desk. Once the issue is resolved the resolution is saved to the knowledge base where. Free download of Job Log 4. 2. 2000, size 34.98 Mb.

CRM Stream 2.1 it-stream.com 

CRM Stream a€” budget, flexible A«Customer relationship managementA» for small and medium business on platfrom Lotus Notes / Domino, N? with the ability to adapt for your requirements. CRM Stream gives you ability to: * manage client information and their employees and relations; * assign responsible managers; * track managers activity; *. Free download of CRM Stream 2.1, size 3.07 Mb.

Notes for Pokki 1.0 SweetLabs, Inc. 

Notes for Pokki is a stylish desktop application designed to enable you to keep your notes organized.

The usage is simple. Just write the note. You can check the notes you entered so far from the History log.

. Free download of Notes for Pokki 1.0, size 0 b.

Sage ACT! Pro 2012 SP1 Sage Software, Inc. 

Somewhere between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, and the complexity of CRM solutions lives an alternative - a Contact and Customer Management solution.

Imagine something that keeps all your phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents for everyone you do business with in one place.

Sage ACT! is the. Free download of Sage ACT! Pro 2012 SP1, size 0 b.

Handy Service for Palm 1.5 Handy Solution Software 

Sales and Shopping on Palm, Job management, Work log tracking, Waiter assistance.Also useful for tracking other items and activities, i.e. home inventory, physical trainings, etc.Intended for service staff, contractors, salesmen, home users and business owners. Convenient assistant at the restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, car service centers, hair. Free download of Handy Service for Palm 1.5, size 495.62 Kb.

Snare Micro Server 1.2 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd 

The Snare Micro Server is a program that provides a central collection facility for a variety of log sources, including Snare Agents for Windows, Solaris, AIX, Irix, ISA Server, IIS Server, Lotus Notes (and others), plus any device capable of sending data to a syslog server.Snare is currently used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, and. Freeware download of Snare Micro Server 1.2, size 449.54 Kb.

Log researcher 1.0 Loockar 

Web Log Viewer and Analyzer.With this program you can find out, who, when and from where comes to your site.What do you know about people, who visit your website? Log Researcher is your new assistant, which is able to provide you with the most accurate and exhaustive information about this. It reads your web log and then presents a detailed report. Free download of Log researcher 1.0, size 1.02 Mb.

Win Firewall Log Analyser 1. 4. 2002 ZedLan 

Win Firewall Log Analyser is a free utility that will read and analyze your native Windows (XP, Vista or Win 7 32/64 bit) Firewall Log.
The tool comes with its own database of network protocols and ports, and can offer suggestions on what to do when particular packets are discovered.

Using the Win Firewall Log Analyser can help. Freeware download of Win Firewall Log Analyser 1. 4. 2002, size 29.40 Mb.

Customer Support Organizer Pro 2 8 PrimaSoft PC 

Customer Support Organizer Pro,database software for Windows. Simple database management system that helps you to organize, track, and manage your customer support activities. 4 simple databases included in Customer Manager Pro: Personnel manage your customer support personnel. Customers: manage your customers. Issues: catalog, manage, and track. Free download of Customer Support Organizer Pro 2 8, size 9.99 Mb.

Atodos - Customer and Vendor 1. 6. 2001 iEXE - Executable Information 

Atodus - Customer and Vendor is a complete, multi-user, customer database, and help-desk solution. Atodus - Customer and Vendor keeps track of your valuable customer information. You can enter products purchased and/or services subscribed to by each customer. You also can log issues encountered by your customers and their resolutions. Logged issues. Freeware download of Atodos - Customer and Vendor 1. 6. 2001, size 1.11 Mb.

Reflect Free CRM Customer Database 1.13 NCH Software 

Reflect CRM Software - Customer Relationship Management & Business Customer Database Software. Increase sales, customer retention, and profitability with Reflect CRM database solution. Track accounts, contacts, leads, meetings, compelling events, phone calls, notes, things to do, priorities and the status of your sales pipeline. Reflect. Freeware download of Reflect Free CRM Customer Database 1.13, size 467.97 Kb.

editlog 2.5.2009.10.12 editlog.sourceforge.net 

A very simple utility in which to keep a to-do list and a log of actions taken with an option to track costing and notify a team or customer of work done. All data is written to text files on the server.. Freeware download of editlog 2.5.2009.10.12, size 21.49 Kb.