Logic Circuit Simulator Using C

edifice 1.0 hugekilla.sourceforge.net 

3d, multiplayer game, made using c++, OpenGL, Winsock (UDP), and DirectSound. Visual Studio.. Freeware download of edifice 1.0, size 10.12 Mb.


ElectroMimic 1.3.1 electromimic.sourceforge.net 

ElectroMimic is an electronic circuit simulator in Javaa„?. The simulator is focused on the piecewise-linear models normally used by undergraduate students, but can also be linked with external simulation software for more realistic results.. Freeware download of ElectroMimic 1.3.1, size 106.76 Kb.

fly_earth_chung 1.0 chungswebsite.blogspot.com 

fly_earth_chung is a free 3D flight / car / shoot simulator using google earth geplugin, javascript and freebasic. Explore the world in plane,car or feet. Include a freebasic exe application for sound/joystick interface and web launcher.. Freeware download of fly_earth_chung 1.0, size 5.35 Mb.

Galaxy Foes V2 rc galaxy-forces.com 

A fun, playable, 2D network multiplayer space shooter game, written from scratch using c/c++ and OpenGL. Inspired by the Amiga classic Gravity Force. Play race, mission or dogfight. Single player, with friends or against AI. There are now 50+ levels and a map-editor included.The game features online hiscore and replays on the website. Also there is. Freeware download of Galaxy Foes V2 rc, size 26.73 Mb.

GeoLith 1.0 geolith.sourceforge.net 

Geolith is a Tetris like game being developed for my MSc dissertation using C++ and OpenGL ES 2.0.. Freeware download of GeoLith 1.0, size 16.52 Kb.

helimech 1.0 helimech.sourceforge.net 

This is a side scrolling game using C++ and sdl 2d graphics.It is about a helicopter that transforms into a robot with a sword and shield.Gameplay will be like a fighting game in robot mode and a shooting game in helicopter mode.. Freeware download of helimech 1.0, size 1.95 Mb.

MusicEd 007 musiced.sourceforge.net 

Music editor intended for Linux, but written using C and SDL and hence portable to other platforms.. Freeware download of MusicEd 007, size 36.36 Kb.

ngspice 24 ngspice.sourceforge.net 

Ngspice project aims to improve the spice3f5 circuit simulator.. Freeware download of ngspice 24, size 6.55 Mb.

Ngspice Extensions 20051020 ngspice-ext.sourceforge.net 

Extensions to the circuit simulator Ngspice. One extension is the integration of the next generation build system SCons.. Freeware download of Ngspice Extensions 20051020, size 7.51 Mb.

Oceanux 1.0.1 oceanux.sourceforge.net 

The program is a text editor(in the future a source editor) using C++ and ncurses library, it is made at the first moment for linux, but in the future for other systems too. It is suposed to work like EDIT(DOS EDITOR).. Freeware download of Oceanux 1.0.1, size 5.87 Kb.

OpenGL Class Library 0.0.1 glcl.sourceforge.net 

The OpenGL Class Library (GLCL) is intented to be a set of C++ classes,available through static and dynamic libraries, that will allow thedeveloper to create OpenGL applications using C++ quickly.. Freeware download of OpenGL Class Library 0.0.1, size 121.43 Kb.

PlatTrem 1.0 plattrem.sourceforge.net 

I am making an open source 2D tremulous using c# 2 and XNA 2.I have completed v0.1. Freeware download of PlatTrem 1.0, size 28.70 Kb.

QCdBase 0.1 qcdbase.sourceforge.net 

A CD database/library program, written using C++/Qt4. This is a fork from cdfly project. Supports keyboard navigation, wildcard/regexp searchs for a file, and is very fast when creating cd/dvd snapshots.. Freeware download of QCdBase 0.1, size 75.67 Kb.

Qlogico 1.0 qlogico.sourceforge.net 

Qlogico is a digital circuit simulator.True table, manipulation of boolean expresions, schematic capture and simulation, finite state machines, table of transitions, VHDL.. Freeware download of Qlogico 1.0, size 348.80 Kb.

Rule 110 rule110.sourceforge.net 

An elementary cellular automaton simulator using a glider-based model to easily identify and insert gliders and repeating patterns.. Freeware download of Rule 110, size 219.99 Kb.

seduKtion - 3D Engine 1.0 seduktion.sourceforge.net 

seduKtion 3D engine: First/Third person Shooter targeting Beginner 3D programmers using C++, DirectX 8.1, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop. Features: Space partitioning, frustum culling, Collision Detection, Keyboard/Mouse, .wav files, .avi files, .x files.. Freeware download of seduKtion - 3D Engine 1.0, size 21.78 Kb.

SemiMulator 000090 semimulator.sourceforge.net 

A simple simulator using obstacles and vehicles with different behaviors. You can observe the simulating process via a 2d-graphical user interface.. Freeware download of SemiMulator 000090, size 108.55 Kb.

Simple Smtp Client 1.2 smtpclient.sourceforge.net 

A Simple Smtp Client to use to send e-mails using C#, please read the docs for more information about sending e-mail. Requires .Net framework 2.0 (see doc). Freeware download of Simple Smtp Client 1.2, size 43.47 Kb.

tacticalSpace 0.1.2 tacticalspace.sourceforge.net 

Hard science fiction 3d space combat simulator, using Newtonian and later on Einsteinian physics.. Freeware download of tacticalSpace 0.1.2, size 2.80 Mb.

The Daggerwind Scrolls 1.0.4 daggerwind.sourceforge.net 

Daggerwind Scrolls is a traditional 1st/3rd person CRPG dungeon crawl game written using C# for Mac OS X. Its a fan based project inspired by 'The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall', Bethesda Softworks 1996. The project isn't an attempt to faithfully recrea. Freeware download of The Daggerwind Scrolls 1.0.4, size 23.46 Mb.