Logic Puzzles Solving


PuzzBlock is a different puzzle game, the pieces don't move, they slide! This will require more logic than solving traditional puzzles.

Puzzblock Museum is the first in the collection and you can learn art while having fun solving puzzles of the most famous paintings in history.

Come in and enjoy our museum!. Freeware download of PuzzBlock 1.0, size 5.77 Mb.


Puzzle_Huddle 1.1 InApp Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

Puzzle Huddle is a game designed for kids to improve the logic for solving puzzles. Each game shows a different set of jumbled images. The player needs to solve the puzzle by moving the image tiles in proper order to form the final picture. The player will get a score which will be updated on the top 10 players list.. Freeware download of Puzzle_Huddle 1.1, size 8.91 Mb.

League Logic Puzzle 2.0 Pzgame 

Freely play logic puzzles with two mode, freely choose picture. If you pass a test success your name will be engraved on score board. You can create new puzzles with your private image It can nicely exercise your intelligence, thinking ability, observation ability. The current edition registers customer will free upgrade to later edition.. Free download of League Logic Puzzle 2.0, size 4.34 Mb.

Elimination 2 Knowledge Probe Inc 

Elimination is six educational/logic puzzles in one game of various levels. The goal is to get rid of tiles by forming forming words, math equations, card runs, or matching blocks. Tiles contain letters, numbers, cards or colored blocks. This is a unique game that is also educational and helps reinforce vocabulary and mathematics skills. Additional. Free download of Elimination 2, size 0 b.

Puzzle Games - Free Puzzles for Kids 1.1 Irina Schens 

Puzzles for Kids is a new classical Jigsaw Puzzles solving games for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and even more!

Inside the game there are 8 packs with more than 100 beautiful handmade puzzle pictures collected on the popular kids themes.

? Princess and Pony
? Cars and Trucks
? Funny. Freeware download of Puzzle Games - Free Puzzles for Kids 1.1, size 35.86 Mb.

Aargon Deluxe 10.1 Twilight Games 

Bend Lasers, scatter light, and change color to solve these laser logic puzzles. Aargon Deluxe is the mind twisting sequel to Aargon! This addictive game will test your skills on over 180 mind bending levels. Tutorials get you started, but expert levels will test any genius! Aargon is better than ever! Now features a fully integrated level editor,. Free download of Aargon Deluxe 10.1, size 2.84 Mb.

EKS Sherlock 5.0 Everett Kaser Software 

Sherlock is a computerized version of logic puzzles, where you're presented with a series of clues that help you to determine the exact locations of all of the images on the playing board. On the 6.0 version of the game, depending upon the puzzle size, the playing board can have anywhere from 3 up to 8 rows of images and from 3 up to 8 columns. Free download of EKS Sherlock 5.0, size 1.79 Mb.

1001 Crystal Mazes HD 1.1 Selectsoft 

Top 100 Board Games on App Store!
"1001 Crystal Mazes will stump brainiacs young and old.... Highly recommended." - Appdigity

Over 1000 different logic puzzles will test your skills and push your brain to the limit! It's quick to learnjust push the jewels forward to their target destinationsbut takes a lifetime to. Free download of 1001 Crystal Mazes HD 1.1, size 68.79 Mb.

3E Nurikabe 1.0 Ataja 

Enjoy the top quality nurikabe logic puzzles for beginners and experts.
All 3E Nurikabe puzzles are handmade which enhances solvers' experience leading them through the variety of problems to solve. All puzzles can be solved logically without guessing and each of them has only one solution.
They are categorized in three levels of. Freeware download of 3E Nurikabe 1.0, size 44.98 Mb.

EPICYCLE 1.01 Mykyta Gaydukov 

Minimalistic game in which you have to solve logic puzzles. Be smart and inventiveness, combining circles in arcade mode. And quick thinking and reaction in endless mode.
- Minimalistic graphics
- Intuitive gameplay
- Randomly generated backgrounds
- Great musical accompaniment
- Leaderboard
-. Freeware download of EPICYCLE 1.01, size 17.83 Mb.

Hidato: Puzzle Pack 1 Lite 1.0 Gameblend Studios 


A new challenger to the Sudoku throne has arrived! HIDATO, already a worldwide sensation, is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Already found in newspapers, books, magazines, calendars and more, Hidato is fast becoming the hottest puzzle addiction.

With its simple. Freeware download of Hidato: Puzzle Pack 1 Lite 1.0, size 3.36 Mb.

IAmDungeon 1.2 GameWulfe.com 

Now free...hope at least some of you have fun with it...


"IAmDungeon is a fun twist on a tried-and-true, addictive game of logic puzzles. It is easy to learn if you have never played a game like this before and it has fun, fantasy-style graphics and well-placed audio. At such a reasonable price it is. Freeware download of IAmDungeon 1.2, size 21.29 Mb.

Cyclanoid 8.3 Getfreefile 

This is a set of challenging logic games and puzzles. The objective is to arrange the tiles in the center of the board to match the ones displayed along the game-area border. However, you move the tiles in groups of four or more by spinning them with a control located in the corner where four tiles touch. Similar to a 2D Rubik's Cube, Cyclanoid is. Freeware download of Cyclanoid 8.3, size 545.78 Kb.

PairABox 1.0 KPixGames 

Play PairABox, a logical mystery puzzle game! Put each PAIR of tokens in a BOX of just the right size. Solve logic puzzles to get the jigsaw puzzle pieces, then put all the pieces together to solve the mystery. 100 mysteries - easy to expert. You can also make your own puzzles from YOUR photos. Many special features - autocomplete, hint, zoom,. Free download of PairABox 1.0, size 5.22 Mb.

Griddlers Deluxe 2006 v6.1 Puzzlehome.com 

Griddlers Deluxe is a high-quality logic game for puzzle lovers. The game is based on famous in all the world and extra cool japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).To play this puzzle is simple as black and white, yet the game play is challenging and deductive. You must use the given numbers and paint the given grid in a certain way, so. Free download of Griddlers Deluxe 2006 v6.1, size 1.78 Mb.

AbcPuzzles 8.3 Getfreefile 

AbcPuzzles offers two variations on a tile-based puzzle game. Each uses the same basic engine, in which you move the tiles in groups of four or more by spinning them with the control located in the corner where four tiles touch. Much like Rubik's Cube in two dimensions, the games are harder than they first look since you must get the tiles properly. Freeware download of AbcPuzzles 8.3, size 725.24 Kb.

NonoGrid 1.0.1 Bitz & Pixelz Games 

NonoGrid is a puzzle game that lets you play and solve nonograms/griddlers on your computer. Nonograms are logic puzzles, in which you need to uncover a picture consisting of black and white squares. You start out with an empty grid and you use clues and logic to find out which squares in the grid. This computer version includes 150 puzzles, and. Free download of NonoGrid 1.0.1, size 1.76 Mb.

Recon Battle Ships Deluxe 2.1 Puzzles By Joe 

Recon Battle Ships is a fun, addictive solitaire battleship computer game based on the traditional paper-and-pencil logic puzzle. The object of each puzzle is to use logic to deduce the locations of each of the 10 battle ships, (the Fleet) which are hidden either vertically or horizontally in the 10-by-10 ocean grid. Individual ships are oriented. Free download of Recon Battle Ships Deluxe 2.1, size 1.80 Mb.

Griddlers Deluxe 2006- 6.1 Puzzlehome.com 

Griddlers Deluxe is a high-quality logic game for puzzle lovers. The game is based on the famous and very cool Japanese logic puzzles - griddlers (nonograms).

To play this puzzle is as simple as black and white, yet the game play is challenging and deductive. You must use the given numbers and paint the given grid in a certain way, so. Free download of Griddlers Deluxe 2006- 6.1, size 1.78 Mb.

LunaPix 0.900 KPixGames 

It's easy to learn to play LunaPix.
Place lights to light up all the dark squares.
Clues tell you how many lights surround the clue squares.
Lights can't shine on one another.
Logic puzzles, each with a unique solution.

Each LunaPack includes 27 puzzles, Easy, Medium, and Hard, based on 9 pictures that. Free download of LunaPix 0.900, size 9.31 Mb.