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123 Synchronizer 2010 for ACT! and 13 8 123-Addons.com 

123 Sync Facts:
- Every smartphone and tablet syncs with Outlook or Exchange. Hence, if you sync ACT! with Outlook or Exchange, you are able to sync your Smartphone with your ACT! Data.
- It is faster to sync from ACT! to Outlook and to a smartphone than to sync directly to the phone (in some cases by a factor of 50).. Free download of 123 Synchronizer 2010 for ACT! and 13 8, size 77.29 Mb.


4Team Plug2Sync 1.10.223 4Team Corporation 

Why is it so complicated to synchronize or share files, documents and media between your PC, notebook and smartphone? Sync of large files, such as Microsoft Outlook .pst or video files via Internet or local network takes extremely long time. Plug2Sync, the latest 4Team file synchronization software solves this problem with ease. Plug2Sync is. Free download of 4Team Plug2Sync 1.10.223, size 5.02 Mb.

PocketMirror for Outlook 4. 3. 2002 Chapura, Inc. 

The Outlook synchronization software bundled with over 25 million Palm OS handhelds.

Using PocketMirror Standard synchronization software, you can keep personal information accurate and up-to-date in both Outlook and your Palm OS handheld.

And you only have to update information in one place. Synchronize just the. Free download of PocketMirror for Outlook 4. 3. 2002, size 15.64 Mb.

4Team SyncWiz 2.22.0053 4Team Corporation 

Export, Import, backup, and synchronization of your Outlook Contacts and Calendar events has never been easier.
With SyncWiz convert selected or all of your items to vCard, iCard, iCalendar (iCal), or vCalendar file format. This file is so portable and compressible, that you can easily send the whole folder to anyone (4000 contacts in a. Free download of 4Team SyncWiz 2.22.0053, size 0 b.

Outlook4Gmail 4.0.4 Scand Ltd 

Outlook4Gmail supports synchronizing of multiple accounts. You are able to define and synchronize a set of address books in real-time. When you select two-way synchronization, the data will be read in two iterations and contacts will be synchronized in all address books – both for Outlook and Gmail accounts.

You could automate. Free download of Outlook4Gmail 4.0.4, size 10.40 Mb.

Altsync for Outlook 2.5 Topalt.com 

Use Altsync for Outlook to synchronize, share Outlook folders on multiple PCs in an easy way. No server is required.
Synchronize, share all types of folders (calendars, contacts, emails, journals, notes and tasks).

Automatically transfer all changes using only e-mail account.
Just add email addresses which should receive the. Freeware download of Altsync for Outlook 2.5, size 3.21 Mb.

Outlook Manipulator Productive Computing, Inc. 

The Outlook Manipulator plug-in allows FileMaker Pro to exchange data with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, Notes and Journal for the "user’s" default folder, public and shared folders within the Exchange Environment. By using this plug-in your users can become more efficient through the elimination of double. Free download of Outlook Manipulator, size 2.83 Mb.

Public Contact After Reply for Outlook 1 2 SDMD GmbH 

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR for Outlook) is an addon for Microsoft Outlook, which create automatically Outlook contacts after reply to a received E-Mail. This function is supported in Outlook-Express but not in Outlook. In Outlook-Express you can find this function under "Options" as "Add addresses. Freeware download of Public Contact After Reply for Outlook 1 2, size 756.74 Kb.

GooOut.Net 1.0.4393 GooOut.Net 

With GooOut you can automatically synchronize your Outlook Calendars and Contacts with Your Google Account. All entries will be updates automatically. so it is possible to sync Your mobile phones with Outlook easily .Sync Smartphones as Iphone, Androids with Google Calendar & Contacts and sync outlook with your Google Account - also vice versa.. Free download of GooOut.Net 1.0.4393, size 1.63 Mb.

Epicenter Server 7.0.418 Connected Software 

The Problem: BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad devices easily sync with each user's Outlook Contacts folder, but there is no built-in way to sync the GAL to BlackBerry devices or iPhones, or to sync a Public Folder containing contacts. This means that address book entries saved by users rapidly become out of date.
The Solution: Epicenter Server,. Free download of Epicenter Server 7.0.418, size 5.85 Mb.

Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro 1.0 RinjaniSoft 

Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro is an easy-to-use utility that can help you synchronize your Outlook Express mail and address book. Slicksync provides an easy to use wizard interface which will guide you through synchronizing your data to a local, network or removable drive.
Synchronizations are performed one-way and will update. Free download of Slicksync Outlook Express Synchronizer Pro 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

iCal Converter for Microsoft Outlook 1.00 4Team Corporation 

iCal Converter allows you to import iCal to Outlook Calendar, as well as to export to one or multiple iCal (.ics) or vCal (.vcs) files the whole Calendar folder containing unlimited number of events. If you need to sync, export or move your Calendar from Microsoft Outlook and share it with others, the easiest way is to use the iCalendar Converter. Free download of iCal Converter for Microsoft Outlook 1.00, size 3.88 Mb.

Easy2Sync fALr Outlook 5.1 ITSTH 

You have the same e-mails on notebook and PC? Easy2Sync for Outlook is the safe and easy way to make sure your Microsoft Outlook Profiles are in sync. contacts, e-mails, tasks, everything can be synchronized. It doesn't matter if you use PST files or profiles. An automatic synchronization is also possible when starting or ending windows or. Freeware download of Easy2Sync fALr Outlook 5.1, size 9.64 Mb.

Out2GCal rc.2 out2gcal.sourceforge.net 

Sync Outlook 2010 calendar to Google Calendar Account through a C# Add-In. Currently 1-way, 2-way coming in version 2 [v4.0]. Freeware download of Out2GCal rc.2, size 5.84 Mb.

BITFOX 1.0 Bitfox 

A little Multi-Sync-Tool to synchronize your Desktopselections, PDA, Thunderbird, Outlook etc. with a Online-Support-System.

BITFOX 1.0 License - IBM Public License. Freeware download of BITFOX 1.0, size 0 b.

RTM2Outlook 1.0 Rtm2outlook 

Tiny app to do a oneway-sync from RemembertheMilk to Outlook

RTM2Outlook 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of RTM2Outlook 1.0, size 0 b.

VCOrganizer SyncCenter 64-bit 5.135 Vecal 

VCOrganizer Pro for Android touch devices allows for secure storage of your important notes, tasks, contacts, and calendar events. VCOrganizer can sync your notes, tasks, events and categories with your MS Outlook client. It provides the industry-proven data AES encryption feature to better protect the information on your device.

To. Free download of VCOrganizer SyncCenter 64-bit 5.135, size 3.77 Mb.

Outlook Contacts Transfer Console 1.01 Ace Software 

Outlook Contacts Transfer Console is a handy application that allows you to synchronize the contact information between your Android device and Outlook. The application is designed to provide better control of the items that will be copied to or from the mobile device.

You can use the application to transfer contacts and to delete the. Free download of Outlook Contacts Transfer Console 1.01, size 0 b.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.2.4 CodeTwo 

CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables automatic synchronization of various Microsoft Exchange Server folders. It offers extended syncing options to Exchange Server users , e.g. synchronizing Public Folders with personal mailboxes or handhelds. While most smartphones do not allow syncing with Exchange Public Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Sync is capable of. Free download of CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.2.4, size 11.26 Mb.

Easy2Sync f+aT-r Outlook 5.02 ITSTH 

You have the same e-mails on notebook and PC? Easy2Sync for Outlook is the safe and easy way to make sure your Microsoft Outlook Profiles are in sync. contacts, e-mails, tasks, everything can be synchronized. It doesn't matter if you use PST files or profiles. An automatic synchronization is also possible when starting or ending windows or. Free download of Easy2Sync f+aT-r Outlook 5.02, size 9.64 Mb.