Magic Db Explorer

Sheelapps DB Explorer 2.0.3 Sheelapps 

DB Explorer is an easy-to-use application that lets you manage any JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) compliant database. It provides connectivity to wide-range of SQL databases through their JDBC drivers. This makes it completely different from other single database centric applications.
Features like simple tabbed-interface to run SQLs query,. Freeware download of Sheelapps DB Explorer 2.0.3, size 17.27 Mb.


Magic DB Explorer 2.5 Magic Software 

ADO based database explorer for all databases.Features: Connects to any database, via OLE DB or ODBC driver.Shows database information, Tables (Columns, Relations, Indexes, Check constraints, Triggers, View definition),Procedures (Parameters, Body), Functions (Parameters, Body).Executing SQL commands.Multi SQL results.Native database support for. Free download of Magic DB Explorer 2.5, size 3.28 Mb.

More Magic DB 1.0 Moremagicdb 

A p2p based network management tool/database. The intention of the project is to create a flexible, improvable network interface to higher-level applications, such as a distributed database. The project may contain libraries and applications.

More Magic DB 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of More Magic DB 1.0, size 0 b.

Paradox to MS Access converter 1.27 Scalabium Software 

This tool allow to save the records from Paradox table (.db) into MS Access database.This application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup/install.All field types supported (including MEMO, BLOB, graphic, array/group, date etc)Command line parameters allows. Free download of Paradox to MS Access converter 1.27, size 61.59 Kb.

Paradox to Text converter 1.27 Scalabium Software 

This tool allow to save the records from Paradox table (.db) to text file.This application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup/install.All field types supported (including MEMO, BLOB, graphic, array/group, date etc)Command line parameters allows to execute. Free download of Paradox to Text converter 1.27, size 56.82 Kb.

DB Explorer 3.0.0 SLIK Software Ltd 

DBExplorer is a powerful database utility that allows you to compare any two databases and report the structural and/or data differences between them. It then enables you to synchronize the differences. DBExplorer supports any OLE DB or ODBC compliant database which includes all the mainstream databases including MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access. Free download of DB Explorer 3.0.0, size 9.43 Mb.

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer 3 85 SharpPlus Software, Corp. 

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer , a powerful database manager that will manage sqlite3 database!
SharpPlus Sqlite Developer features:
* Power SQL Editor supports Sqlite Sql Syntax Highlight, Sql history, Sql autocomplete, drag drop and can edit , load , save unicode , ansi text.
* Supports utf8 and utf16 Databases.
* SQL. Free download of SharpPlus Sqlite Developer 3 85, size 0 b.

SQL Management Studio 2011 for Oracle EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. 

EMS SQL Management Studio 2011 for Oracle is a complete solution for Oracle database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical Oracle database management tasks, SQL Studio is a single workbench that provides you with must-have tools for administering Oracle databases, managing database schema and objects as well as. Free download of SQL Management Studio 2011 for Oracle, size 127.93 Mb.

EMS SQL Manager Lite for SQL Server EMS Database Management Solutions 

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a high performance tool for Microsoft SQL Server database development and administration. SQL Manager works with any MS SQL Server versions from 7 to the newest one and supports the latest SQL Server features including new data types (datetimeoffset, hierarchyid, geometry, geography and more), table types and. Freeware download of EMS SQL Manager Lite for SQL Server, size 58.11 Mb.

Stereogram Explorer 2.4 olej 

Stereogram Explorer is user-friendly design software for creating high-quality hidden 3D graphics, also known as Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS) or Single Image Stereograms (SIS) known from the "Magic Eye" series. Stereogram Explorer uses advanced algorithms and can render animations from 3DS models.Stereogram Explorer enables. Free download of Stereogram Explorer 2.4, size 1.74 Mb.

Context Magic 1.0.b3 

Context Magic is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks. You can easily copy or move files to your favorite folders, open them with your favorite programs, send by email and lot more. To invoke it, just right-click a. Freeware download of Context Magic 1.0.b3, size 158.72 Kb.

Bible Explorer Limited Edition WORDsearch Corp 

Bible Explorer Limited Edition 4.1 is a tool that helps to find the exact paragraphs, illustrations, and Biblical language notes.

The software has a mouse over magic feature. Whenever the user moves the cursor over the scripture reference, the entire verse or passage will pop up for the user to see. The windows can be combined into. Free download of Bible Explorer Limited Edition, size 28.53 Mb.

Magic Desktop EN Toolbar Magic Desktop EN 

The Magic Desktop EN toolbar is compatible with a lot of browsers, like: Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems. Also, the Magic Desktop EN is compatible with Mozilla Firefox versions 1 and above, including beta versions, on Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000), Mac, and Linux operating systems.. Freeware download of Magic Desktop EN Toolbar, size 2.15 Mb.

Bible Explorer Premium 4.0 WORDsearch Corp 

Program Features

Mouse over Magic - You're going to love this. In Bible Explorer, whenever your cursor is over a Scripture reference (whether in the text of a book or an index), the entire verse or passage will pop up for you to see.

Dock your windows - You can combine windows into tabbed groups on the fly to better. Free download of Bible Explorer Premium 4.0, size 0 b.

Bookmark Magic 2.32 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. 

Bookmark Magic is an Internet bookmark conversion utility. It can convert Internet Explorer favorites, including subfolders, into Netscape bookmarks. Bookmark Magic can also load html files. Html can be viewed as source or hypertext. Duplicate bookmarks can easily be removed. If desired the bookmarks contained in the html can be sorted by. Free download of Bookmark Magic 2.32, size 857.09 Kb.

InfoTag Magic 1.0.b5 

InfoTag Magic is a Windows shell infotip extension that displays the title, artist, album, year, bit rate, duration and other information stored in the tag fields of MP3, WMA, Monkey's Audio and Ogg Vorbis files in a tooltip window when mouse pointer is hovered over a file in Windows Explorer.
Also it provides quick preview for plain text. Freeware download of InfoTag Magic 1.0.b5, size 140.29 Kb.

Context Magic beta 5 

Context Magic is a free and light application you can add to your PC to expand the functions that normally appear in the contextual menus of different versions of Windows.
We really can not say that this is a very novel nor very powerful tool, because most of the functions included in the extension of the contextual menu are already. Freeware download of Context Magic beta 5, size 20.52 Mb.

Description explorer 0.5.2 Optima SC Inc. 

Description explorer is a collection of tools for metadata and file management for Windows operating systems.

Main features:

- New Version 0.5.2 released, this version contains major bugfixes that makes the overall software much more stable.

- Easily classify and search multimedia files (pictures, audio. Free download of Description explorer 0.5.2, size 11.28 Mb.

SQLitePlus Database Explorer and COM DLL 1.0 EzTools Software 

It consists of 3 tools: SQLitePlus Database Explorer, the SQLitePlus COM DLL and the SQLitePlus Grid ActiveX component (free tool). SQLitePlus Explorer is a program for viewing and administering your SQLite databases. The SQLitePlus COM DLL is for use by your programs to easily access SQLite databases programmatically. This COM DLL gives you. Freeware download of SQLitePlus Database Explorer and COM DLL 1.0, size 4.04 Mb.

Magic Forest 3D Screensaver 1.1 Astro Gemini Software 

Let this extraordinary screensaver take you to the deepest part of the magic forest, where the trees resemble chubby goblins and careless fireflies rush around in their night dance. Mysterious creatures move in the dark cloaked by the dense fog and only the bright campfire seems to welcome you with its friendly light. There is plenty of firewood. Free download of Magic Forest 3D Screensaver 1.1, size 7.86 Mb.