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8-Bit Music Maker 1.0 Gluten Free Games 

Mobile \ Music

Remember the retro chirping sounds of your childhood video game adventures? It's time to turn those sounds into electronic jams with 8-Bit Music Maker! Select a drum track, play with the chiptunes, and make awesome video game themed hit! There are millions of combinations to mix and match and create your own unique sound!

Awesome. Free download of 8-Bit Music Maker 1.0, size 26.53 Mb.


Electronic Music Maker 3.0 Jochen Heizmann 

Mobile \ Games

Make cool electro, eletronic, house & dance music with your iOS Device that will captivate your audience! The Electronic Music Maker puts the hottest song construction kits, samples and drum kits at your fingertips.

Produce impressive results in no time even without any prior knowledge. Just by tapping the sample blocks you can. Freeware download of Electronic Music Maker 3.0, size 14.68 Mb.

QQ Piano - Cute Animals Sheet Music, Kids Can Follow To Play - Free 1.8 KWOK YU KIN 

Mobile \ Education

***Top 100 Education More Than 68 stores***

QQ Piano offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.

QQ Piano is first have color patterns sheet music, kids can follow to play the piano music.

Colorful 8-key piano, when the piano key is pressed, it displays a lovely animal.

1960's Rock 'n' Roll: A Quiz Deck 1.1 AA+ 

Mobile \ Education

Everybody went surfing, and to Woodstock. R&B morphed into Motown, gaining power all the way. America fell to an invasion of Britons in beautifully cut suits. Overexcited musicians bashed their instruments to kindling. Vietnam could get kids killed in America, too, but could also inspire great music.

Music is a key to memory, and. Free download of 1960's Rock 'n' Roll: A Quiz Deck 1.1, size 943.72 Kb.

Babar & Badou's Musical Marching Band 1.0 Cupcake Digital 

Mobile \ Education

*** The FIRST-EVER deluxe story app experience for the hit TV show, Babar and the Adventures of Badou by award-winning developer Cupcake Digital

***Featured as a Best New App in Kids' Books

*** A musical adventure story bursting with educator-approved learning and creative activities for kids ages 3-6

On the day. Free download of Babar & Badou's Musical Marching Band 1.0, size 76.97 Mb.

Gulf & Main Magazine 1.2 TOTI Media, Inc. 

Mobile \ News

Gulf & Main is the edgy, stylish vanguard of vision when it comes to the Fort Myers scene. Between our covers youll meet the movers, shakers and image-makers that live and work in this revitalized riverfront enclave. Whether its the latest in fashion trends, the hottest new artisan or music maker or the best option for a romantic fine dining. Freeware download of Gulf & Main Magazine 1.2, size 1.47 Mb.

Exploring Music: Key Signature Flash Cards 3.14 Elijah Hibit 

Mobile \ Education

If you are a music student of any capacity, this app is indespensible. Review music key signatures on the go, no matter what your location. Features over 90 different flash cards, including isolated sharp and flat key signatures, sharp/flat numbers, as well as randomized shuffles. I used to drill music notes whenever I could and it made me a better. Free download of Exploring Music: Key Signature Flash Cards 3.14, size 1.78 Mb.

10-Key Timer 1.0.0 MNEMONIC JAPAN 

Mobile \ Business

This is a countdown timer app that can set time quickly using the numeric keypad(10-Key). In addition to the notification of sound, vibration, this supports sleep mode which can stop playing music.

- Quickly time settings By using the picker and the numeric keypad.
- The numeric keypad layout is similar to the. Freeware download of 10-Key Timer 1.0.0, size 1.78 Mb.

An Epic Giant Cake Maker : Cake Stacker Story 1.1 AppDeli 

Mobile \ Games

Make a giant endless cake.
Endless fun for the whole family.
Endless Cake Maker puts you to work stacking the biggest cake ever! Catch the next cake stack as they fall from the sky. Gain points and groove along to the upbeat music.
* Iphone 5
* Retina Ipad support
* Beautiful retina quality graphics
* A whole range. Freeware download of An Epic Giant Cake Maker : Cake Stacker Story 1.1, size 20.97 Mb.

Rap Song Maker 1.2 Eric Simpson 

Mobile \ Music

You got raps? We got beats!
Make songs on the go with Rap Song Maker for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can record your voice to a selection of 9 different bangin' music beats that are included in the app. You can make a rap or sing any type of song you like. You can also save your song and play it back to your friends plus the app includes. Free download of Rap Song Maker 1.2, size 40.58 Mb.

639Hz 1.0 807 Ks 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The 639Hz Frequency is the "FA" cord in music and it is believed to be a key for reconnecting and stabilizing relationships between you, yourself and you among other people.
With the '639Hz' sound frequency you will feel changes immediately, and by using it 3 to 5 minutes a day it will help you feel more relaxed, clear minded, and. Free download of 639Hz 1.0, size 18.77 Mb.

8Counts 1.2 Joe's Apps 

Mobile \ Sports

This app is the first ever 8 Count sheet maker and editor for your iphone or ipod touch!! This is for all of those choreographers, cheer music makers, and all star coaches that hate writing sheets by hand.

Features Included:

Creating and editing 8 count sheets
Emailing sheets that show up great
Adding your teams'. Free download of 8Counts 1.2, size 209.72 Kb.

Bar Call App 1.0 Mudpuppy Digital 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Have you ever tried to order a drink in a bar but the music was so loud that the bartender couldn't hear you? Bar Call enlarges the text of your drink order on your iPhone so your bartender can read it from far away.

Key Features:
-Order and display 5 drinks at a time
-Star and track your favorite drinks
-Keep track of. Freeware download of Bar Call App 1.0, size 11.11 Mb.

Chopin Project 2 2.5.0 CHOPIN PROJECT, LLC 

Mobile \ Music

Interactive Chopin music player
50 Chopin titles EXPANDING WEEKLY to more than 225 titles
Favorites and Rarities (and some rare editions)
Playlists by alpha, genre, key and date of composition
Easy to use search and sort features
Background Play
Share function
Exclusive New Recordings by International. Free download of Chopin Project 2 2.5.0, size 18.66 Mb.

ChordLead 1.0.4 Yohei Yoshikawa 

Mobile \ Music

You create the music chords on iphone, in your one hand.
upload to community and download from community.
ChordLead App will support sketches of your music.

- Easy transpose key of song
- Email the score
- Lyrics input feature
- The first version, about 100 songs on the server.
?lyrics are not. Free download of ChordLead 1.0.4, size 2.83 Mb.

Chord Progressions 1.0.1 MoodWorks 

Mobile \ Music

This handy tool will help you write music that is both highly original and distinctive. You can easily generate an almost limitless number of catchy chord progressions and have them played to you.

1. Select a key, chord style and pattern. For example you may choose Flamenco chords in an 8 bar blues pattern in the key of. Free download of Chord Progressions 1.0.1, size 3.88 Mb.

ElevenDrive 1.0.1 AXIM Communications 

Mobile \ Utilities

The ElevenDrive App allows you to access all the photos, videos, music and documents stored on your AXIMCom WiFi storage products.

App requires and only works with an AXIMCom WiFi storage device to access the stored data.

Key features
* Access your favorite music/photo/movies stored in AXIMCom WiFi storage products!

Estelle Asmodelle 1.0 Noisy Planet Inc 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Direct access to key links including iTunes, dedicated Facebook page, Twitter feed and more!
It's the easiest way to follow my music career!. Freeware download of Estelle Asmodelle 1.0, size 4.51 Mb.

Eurhythmic 1.02 Kevin Huang 

Mobile \ Music

A comprehensive music utility with colorful, easy-to-use user interface that will ease the life of the everyday musician by providing three key applications: metronome, tuner/tone generator, and record/playback.

***** Metronome *****
- Clear, easy to adjust tempo with corresponding names
- Allow custom key signatures up to 16th. Freeware download of Eurhythmic 1.02, size 10.59 Mb.

GUESS - IT SONG POP QUIZ 7.0.0 Tech With You 

Mobile \ Games

The Music Guessing Game

This is one of the most addictive games ever!

This is the only game that will quiz you on the top hits in your country.

The clock is ticking and time is the key. The faster you guess, the more points you get.

- Country to Rap and Hip-Hop
- Today's Hits to Classic Rock
-. Freeware download of GUESS - IT SONG POP QUIZ 7.0.0, size 4.19 Mb.

Guitar Tuner - Chromatic 2.1.3 Thomas Hoddes 

Mobile \ Music

Introducing Guitar Tuner, from the maker of the popular music app tomChord!

What the users are saying:
"This is the only chromatic tuner that I tried on here that actually works." - dharris (USA)

"Great app, love the noise cancellation thingy and it's probably the most accurate tuner on the app store". Freeware download of Guitar Tuner - Chromatic 2.1.3, size 18.87 Mb.

Headfirst Bristol 1.0 Harry Wiles 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

From Bristol's favourite what's on website comes the Headfirst Bristol app...

Key features:

* Bristol's largest database of music events.

* Super fast loading - for 3G connections.

* Offline mode - in case you go out of signal.

* Favourites - bookmark upcoming events.

The Headfirst. Freeware download of Headfirst Bristol 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

LeapFrog Songs: Toddler Rhythms 1.0.0 LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. 

Mobile \ Education

New & Noteworthy Educational App

From the award-winning maker of the Learn & Groove Musical Table, Alphabet Drum, and Counting Maracas, LeapFrog Songs: Toddler Rhythms introduces your child to music theyll love.

Join a sax-playing skunk, maracas-shaking moose, chirping chorus of birds and more wild friends in 15. Free download of LeapFrog Songs: Toddler Rhythms 1.0.0, size 86.51 Mb.

My Christmas Tree Blessings 1.0 For U Infotech 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Merry Christmas!
This app is designed for this festival season so you can design your own tree and share it with your loved ones with your message.

Key Features:
* Nice background music
* Capture your own picture and use in background of decorated tree
* Write your own message or blessings to share with the decorate. Freeware download of My Christmas Tree Blessings 1.0, size 18.14 Mb.

Pro Escape 2 2.0.0 zhenhe xue 

Mobile \ Games

This is A logical game once again try your best to find a way out of each locked room using naught but your wits. Use your finger to pick up useful objects and combine them into new items to retrieve the hidden key. Start off in the music room and tinker around with the instruments to find clues to the golden keys whereabouts.
. Freeware download of Pro Escape 2 2.0.0, size 19.08 Mb.

Radio EQu 1.2.3 elephantcandy 

Mobile \ Music

Radio EQu, Shape your sound!
The first complete equalizer for iTunes music and internet radio by TuneIn.

Need more pop or boom? A crispier hi-hat sound or pounding bass? Equalization is the key getting the perfect sound from your system.
You'll have access to your iTunes music and to most extensive library of radio channels in. Free download of Radio EQu 1.2.3, size 8.28 Mb.

Radio Souvenir 3.1.0 Nobex Technologies 

Mobile \ Music

Plays Radio Souvenir - France

RADIO MEMORIES is a general radio for you entertained disseminating pop music from the 1960s to 2000s.
We also distribute the musette for accordion fans.
News flashes at key times of the day.
Most sports news at 19:30, not to mention the horoscope at 8:30.. Freeware download of Radio Souvenir 3.1.0, size 19.19 Mb.

Rapid Cantonese for iPad 1.0.3 earworms Ltd 

Mobile \ Education

The Daily Telegraph: The Best Travel Apps
earworms MBT self-styled "revolutionary" language learning apps, these 70-minute audio lessons use mesmerising music and repetition to get your brain to remember key words and phrases. Weirdly effective.

FHM Magazine
An innovative way to learn foreign languages - Now imagine. Free download of Rapid Cantonese for iPad 1.0.3, size 95.73 Mb.

Rapid Arabic for iPad 1.0.3 earworms Ltd 

Mobile \ Education

The Daily Telegraph: The Best Travel Apps
earworms MBT self-styled "revolutionary" language learning apps, these 70-minute audio lessons use mesmerising music and repetition to get your brain to remember key words and phrases. Weirdly effective.

FHM Magazine
An innovative way to learn foreign languages - Now imagine. Free download of Rapid Arabic for iPad 1.0.3, size 204.47 Mb.

Rapid Brazilian Portuguese for iPad 1.0.3 earworms Ltd 

Mobile \ Education

The Daily Telegraph: The Best Travel Apps
earworms MBT self-styled "revolutionary" language learning apps, these 70-minute audio lessons use mesmerising music and repetition to get your brain to remember key words and phrases. Weirdly effective.

FHM Magazine
An innovative way to learn foreign languages - Now imagine. Free download of Rapid Brazilian Portuguese for iPad 1.0.3, size 293.60 Mb.