Magnetic Stripe Sample Code

Nautilus VeriAge Wizz 2.9.3 Nautlus 

Nautilus VeriAge Wizz Program lets you read, display and save information from driver's licenses with a magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode.

List of Features:
- Reads Government issued Driver's Licenses
- Reliable Age Verification/ID Expiration
- Easy to install and use
- Collects customers' info such as name and. Free download of Nautilus VeriAge Wizz 2.9.3, size 17.14 Mb.


Print Studio 2E Jolly Technologies 

A complete office solution for all your labeling and printing needs (label, bar code, photo id badge with magnetic stripe, envelope, CD label, and more). Print Studio provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools (such as shapes, gradient, artistic text, layers and blending, watermark effect, and more). Whether you are looking for an. Free download of Print Studio 2E, size 16.00 Mb.

Shervin Emami website code 1.0 

File Host and Sample Code for Shervin Emami's website at Freeware download of Shervin Emami website code 1.0, size 74.05 Kb.

Example Code Manager 1.0 Examplecode 

Example Code Manager is an Eclipse-Plugin for managing sample code and sample data from repositories around the world. Mainly subversion repositories, but support for flat file or CVS repositories are planned.

Example Code Manager 1.0 License - Eclipse Public License; GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Example Code Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Redirect serial port RS232 to Keyboard 6.0B Bill Production 

BillRedirect Serial Wedge software enables serial port RS232 barcode scanners, RFID, magnetic stripe or any other devices to communicate with your Windows applications. This allows information to be entered directly into Windows programs as if it was typed in using the keyboard. Input serial data directly into EXCEL and POS Programs. It is. Free download of Redirect serial port RS232 to Keyboard 6.0B, size 4.31 Mb.

ID Innovations Programmer 2 8 ID Innovations Incorporated 

ID Innovations Incorporated it is used together with Magnetic Stripe Reader as a configuration and programmer utility.

Main features:

- Reads up to 3 tracks of data
- Interfaces USB & PS/2 Keyboard
- Lockout cloned reader
- Cloning. Freeware download of ID Innovations Programmer 2 8, size 2.99 Mb.

Adobe InDesign SDK CS5 B535 1.0 Adobe Systems 

The Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server SDKs provide a set of sample code and documentation that helps software developers access the functionality of InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server software. Download InDesign product and server SDKs and information for InDesign CS5, CS4, CS3, and CS2. The InDesign Tool Kit provides the documentation and. Freeware download of Adobe InDesign SDK CS5 B535 1.0, size 304.09 Mb.

Haxe Flash Tutorial 0.0.4 

Haxe Flash Tutorial is a tutorial on Haxe with sample code ready to run out of the box.A library with reusable functions completes the tutorial.. Freeware download of Haxe Flash Tutorial 0.0.4, size 245.13 Kb. Scroller 1.0 

A pure Java full-screen Isometric scrolling game intended as sample code for how to write high-performance 2D games in Java. Requires JDK1.4. Freeware download of Scroller 1.0, size 985.09 Kb.

Open Computer Vision Library 2.4.0 

The Open Computer Vision Library has > 500 algorithms, documentation and sample code for real time computer vision. Tutorial documentation is in O'Reilly Book: Learning OpenCV Freeware download of Open Computer Vision Library 2.4.0, size 47.16 Mb.

Pyrsstep 1.0 

SAS macros and sample code for stratifying (and aggregating) data according to time-varying covariates. Especially useful for Poisson regression, Cox regression and calculating standardised incidence ratios.. Freeware download of Pyrsstep 1.0, size 235.89 Kb.

VoluMill client 1.5.2 

Libraries and sample code for accessing remote toolpath delivery services such as VoluMill. Although much of the code is specific to the VoluMill service, it also defines open standards for exchanging toolpath information, parameters, and geometry.. Freeware download of VoluMill client 1.5.2, size 708.27 Kb.

sachinsamples 1.0 Sachinsamples 

Contains all the sample code that I am using in my day today life

sachinsamples 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of sachinsamples 1.0, size 0 b.

JRandOSample 1.0 Jrandosample 

Sample code for JRandO project. (testdata generator, test data generator, test object generator, simulation)

JRandOSample 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3); Other License. Freeware download of JRandOSample 1.0, size 0 b.

Crypto Samples 1.0 Cryptosamples 

Sample code demonstrating common and novel uses of cryptographic functions from various cryptographic toolkit packages.

Crypto Samples 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of Crypto Samples 1.0, size 0 b.

CommonThief MSR 1.0 Commonthiefmsr 

decoded data dumped from a magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card may be a little confusing to the average user. To make more sense of the data being displayed this simple parser can make any USB credit card reader user friendly.

Parse credit card data string

CommonThief MSR 1.0 License - GNU General Public License. Freeware download of CommonThief MSR 1.0, size 25.66 Kb.

msr206 206 Msr206 

Support for the msr206 series of magnetic stripe readers/writers.

msr206 206 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of msr206 206, size 0 b.

samplecode547 547 Samplecode547 

Provide sample code for open source products.There are few open source products with sample code that actually runs as an application.This project will provide an uniform build procedure forthe sample code by user "Maven 2".

samplecode547 547 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of samplecode547 547, size 0 b.

SharePoint Workspace 2010: Groove Web Services Software Development Kit June 2010 Microsoft 

The Groove Web Services SDK contains documentation, WSDL, and sample code for applications that use Groove Web Services.

Get the SharePoint Workspace 2010: Groove Web Services Software Development Kit and try it for yourself to see just how useful it can actually be for you!

. Free download of SharePoint Workspace 2010: Groove Web Services Software Development Kit June 2010, size 0 b.

libmsb 0.2 Mansour Moufid 

libmsb is specially developed as an accessible and useful C library for encoding and decoding data.

The data is encoded to and decoded from magnetic stripe binary according to the format specified in the ISO/IEC 7811 standards.

. Freeware download of libmsb 0.2, size 0 b.

Magnetic Stripe Sample Code Web Results

DGA Houston

Offers receipt printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, pole displays, magnetic stripe readers and supplies for point of sale.

ID Tech

Manufacturer of magnetic stripe, smart card, and bar code swipe readers. Sells to OEMs, resellers and distributors.

ScanSource, Inc.

Distributes value-added automatic identification and point of sale products, including bar code scanners, portable data collection terminals and magnetic stripe readers. (Nasdaq: SCSC).

Java Developer Connection - Sample Code

Large list of code samples. Visual Basic Code

A collection of sample code and downloads for Visual Basic. Most of which cover varies topics and skill levels from COM/ActiveX, winsock, database.

FTP via ASP without 3rd-party components

Sample code primarily for shared IIS4 servers where the user cannot install 3rd-party components


Distributor of bar code font software, printers, and scanners, as well as magnetic stripe readers, decoders, and terminals.