Mah Jong Play Against Computer

T3 Pocket PC 1.01 Two Brothers Software 

T3 Tic Tac Toe, play against computer with 4 levels of play, random,blocker, grabber, and T3 toughness, with sound. Challenge the T3 toughness on your pocket PC. See if you have what it takes to break though and beat the computer in T3 Tic Tac Toe! Free version has random only, while registering the product allows to play with all levels of. Free download of T3 Pocket PC 1.01, size 1.34 Mb.


T3 Tic Tac Toe 1.01 Two Brothers Software 

T3 Tic Tac Toe, play against computer with 3 levels of play, random, smarter, and T3 toughness. Free to use, with sound. . Freeware download of T3 Tic Tac Toe 1.01, size 181.25 Kb.

Net Durak 4.0 NetIntellGames 

Net Durak is probably the most popular card game in Russia you can play against computer or real-life opponents. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that every Russian who plays cards knows this game. "Durak" means fool, the fool in this game being the loser - the player who is left with cards after everyone else has run out. Differ. Free download of Net Durak 4.0, size 4.84 Mb.

DKM CardSharp 2 1 DKM Software 

DKM CardSharp includes six games to play against computer opponents.

Hearts - Classic game where you avoid winning Hearts and the Queen of Spades.

Spades - Popular game where you try win as many tricks as you and your partner bid. Spades is always trumps.

Oh Hell - Predict how many tricks you can take and try. Free download of DKM CardSharp 2 1, size 1.51 Mb.

Fourth Power 

Yet another Four-In-A-Row game, written in Java - Can play against computer (multiple levels) - Network mode available - Available in French and English. Freeware download of Fourth Power, size 487.54 Kb.

Kamakura 1.0 Kamakura 

A single player board game for play against computer AI.

Kamakura 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Kamakura 1.0, size 166.38 Kb.

ChessApplication 1.0 Chessapppc 

A chess application in order to play against computer or to play with another human. No network playing is planned (neither FICS, nor between two computers).

ChessApplication 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of ChessApplication 1.0, size 0 b.

4 In A Row (FREE) 1.0 TapMedia Ltd 

Download the FREE 4 In A Row game for your iPhone and iPad.

Play against the computer or your friends.

- Attractive graphics
- Play against computer
- 2 player mode
- Enter names for players
- Change difficulty of computer

. Freeware download of 4 In A Row (FREE) 1.0, size 7.34 Mb.

5 XO 1.0 Koskea Software Oy 

This is a game-center enabled version of the classic Five-in-a-Row game. Play against computer or challenge your friends over the network. Features chat and voice-chat. The single player mode has three difficulty levels.. Freeware download of 5 XO 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Checkers 10x10! 2.2 UAB Target Works 

Checkers 10x10 - classic game played by "International Draughts" rules that you can play with your friends, online, or against challenging computer opponent.

* Play against computer with 6 levels of difficulty
* Online game with Game Center, leaderboards and voice chat
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Freeware download of Checkers 10x10! 2.2, size 16.88 Mb.

Checkers and Draughts 1.5 Uwe Meier 

Game Highlights:
- Variety of different Checkers/Draughts games from all over the world
- Play against computer
- Play against others on same device
- Connect to other players via the GameCenter

available games:
(1) Free Package
- American Checkers
- Philippines Draughts
- Pool Checkers
. Freeware download of Checkers and Draughts 1.5, size 30.09 Mb.

Hosn Obe - 31 1.0 DonkeyCat GmbH 

The famous card game known by many names such as Hosn Obe, Bull, Whammy, Clinker, Schwimmen, Thirty One, Wutz or Skat. Play against computer opponents or against friends using the WiFi or bluetooth multiplayer option.

The rules are simple and easy to learn but still provide many strategical and tactical options for many hours of card. Free download of Hosn Obe - 31 1.0, size 52.95 Mb.

My Hockey Free HD 1.2 Adv Webbing, Inc. 

Absolutely amazing, beautiful, fun and FREE! My Hockey is fascinating to watch and even more fun to play with!

Play against Computer! My Hockey outclasses every air hockey game available on the iPhone and iPod touch with the fastest animations possible and it's FREE!
. Freeware download of My Hockey Free HD 1.2, size 6.50 Mb.

My Hockey HD Pro 1.0 Adv Webbing, Inc. 

Absolutely amazing, beautiful and fun. My Hockey is fascinating to watch and even more fun to play with!

Play against Computer! My Hockey outclasses every air hockey game available on the iPhone and iPod touch with the fastest animations possible

You able to enjoy multiple themes and able to listen Music of your own choice. Free download of My Hockey HD Pro 1.0, size 5.03 Mb.

Paraben's Mah-jong 2.4.2 Paraben Corporation 

Paraben's Mah-jong is an easy playing version of the classic game. Play it in English, French, German, or Spanish while listening to music. With features like "shadows" and "3D" play, the only challenge comes from the game itself. 3D play using your choice of DirectX 8.1 or OpenGL. Improved rendering speed in 2D version.. Free download of Paraben's Mah-jong 2.4.2, size 1.56 Mb.

Mah Jong Medley 1.0 

Super Mah Jong now has a big brother: Mah Jong Medley. Now you can choose from over 300 layouts, all distinctly original, ranging from super easy to extremely challenging. There are 4 exciting ways to play Mah Jong: Classic mode allows you to play like you've always played Mah Jong Solitaire. Select two tiles that add up to ten in Ten mode. Move up. Free download of Mah Jong Medley 1.0, size 5.20 Mb.

Mah Jong Quest 1.0 

The creators of Jewel Quest bring you more than an addictive puzzle game -- they deliver a true cinematic experience. After three dragons wreak havoc over the empire, young Kwazi must use an ancient set of Mah Jong tiles to restore balance. Enjoy sweeping animations as you help Kwazi journey through the Orient, meet wise animal guides, and use an. Free download of Mah Jong Quest 1.0, size 8.66 Mb.

Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo 1 2 Play Buddy 

Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo is a great bot that assists with the centruies old game of Mah Jong. Whether you are a Mah Jong player who wants to earn a higher Yahoo rating, this Buddy is the Mahjong bot for you.
It is the perfect companion for those who want a helper with Mahjong strategy when that one tile can't be found, or for those who can. Free download of Mahjsol Buddy - Yahoo 1 2, size 1.14 Mb.

Four Winds Mah Jong 2.09.0084 Lagarto 

Traditional Chinese Mah Jong for 4 players (human vs.3 computer players) with a wide variety of rule options. Several customizable rule presets, including classical Chinese (European), Hong Kong and Japanese, gorgious graphics, moody sound, excellent playability. Tutorial available as a separate download.. Free download of Four Winds Mah Jong 2.09.0084, size 2.79 Mb.

MadJong 4 3 BadgeHelp, Inc. 

MadJong will run your Mah jong Garden game for you on Play your free online Mah jong Garden automatically with MadJong. MadJong is a pogo mah jong garden cheat. It will complete Mah jong Garden games in 2 minutes.. Free download of MadJong 4 3, size 847.87 Kb.