Mak Connections

MITCalc - Welded connections 1.10 MITCalc 

The calculation is intended for the geometrical design and strength control of statically loaded welded connections of machine structures manufactured from carbon steels. The program enables you to design over 50 of the most common types of welded connections stressed by various combinations of load. The calculation deals with the following tasks:. Free download of MITCalc - Welded connections 1.10, size 4.00 Mb.


Manage Connections 1.3 Digital Banquet Inc. 

Manage Connections allows you to easily edit the database connections in an excel workbook. It searches the workbook for data connections and lists them in a sheet that is added to the workbook. Edit the sheet to update the data connection details. Works with Excel 2000 2002 2003 2007.. Free download of Manage Connections 1.3, size 883.89 Kb.

ThinkVantage Access Connections 5 84 Lenovo 

ThinkVantage Access Connections is a connectivity assistant program for your ThinkPad computer.You can connect to the network instantly without reconfiguring your settings when you move from office to home or on the road.It enables you to quickly switch the network settings and Internet settings by selecting a location profile.. Freeware download of ThinkVantage Access Connections 5 84, size 27.94 Mb.

X-NetStat 5.1 Fresh Software 

X-NetStat is a program that displays information on your current Internet and network connections, much like the console netstat.exe program, but in a graphical interface. These connections are established each time you visit a web page, send an ICQ message, check your email, or anytime you do network activity that requires you to connect to. Free download of X-NetStat 5.1, size 451.58 Kb.

CyD NET Utils 2008 SP1 CyD Software Labs 

Is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections.Package include: CyD NET Utils and CyD Careful Observer. CyD NET Utils offers many TCP / IP utilities in one program. CyD NET Utils include: Net designer, Ports Scanner, Share Scaner, ARP table manage.... Free download of CyD NET Utils 2008 SP1, size 4.33 Mb.

MasterKey: Moment Connections 2009.05 Civil & Structural Computer Services Ltd 

MasterKey Moment Connections is the leading Structural Steel Moment Connections design program in the UK. Design of Eaves, Apex, Base-plate, Beam Splice and Column Splices in multi-storey and portal frame buildings.. Free download of MasterKey: Moment Connections 2009.05, size 244.97 Mb.

HSLAB Free HTTP Monitor Apache Monitor 

HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a complete solution for connections visualization and performance data for Apache HTTP servers Web in real time. The information is collects remotely, the server and the HTTP Monitor can works from different places without any restrictions. This software connects to the server and receives information from it about connections. Freeware download of HSLAB Free HTTP Monitor, size 1.70 Mb.

Ericom Blaze Client 1. 4. 1984 Ericom Software 

With Ericom Blaze, you can deliver a superior local PC-like experience and up-to 25 times faster performance over remote desktop connections, while reducing RDP bandwidth consumption - across WANs and congested LANs.

For SMBs and larger organizations, Ericom Blaze makes it possible and productive to roll out desktop virtualization. Free download of Ericom Blaze Client 1. 4. 1984, size 7.53 Mb.

Family Connections 3.0 

Family Connections is a private social networking website designed specifically for families to be as easy to use as possible. Key features are: message board, photo gallery, family tree, calendar, blog, chat room, address book and more.. Freeware download of Family Connections 3.0, size 3.23 Mb.

Monocaffe Connections Manager 0.9.3 

Is a complete GUI replacement for the gnome terminal which allows you to manage your connections, cluster mode (for sending commands for several servers at the same time) and support for ssh, ftp, telnet, vnc and rdesktop.. Freeware download of Monocaffe Connections Manager 0.9.3, size 236.71 Kb.

Thinstation Connections Manager 1.0 Ts-cm 

Thinstation connections manager (CM) is project extender of famous project which let to create simple terminal working by the next scheme:Start->CM->Open terminal session->Exit session->CM->Power off terminal

Thinstation Connections Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Thinstation Connections Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Essential NetTools 4.3 Build 267 TamoSoft 

Essential NetTools is a set of network scanning, security, and administrator tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. It's a Swiss Army knife for everyone interested in a powerful network tool kit for everyday use. It includes:

* NetStat: displays a list of your computer's inbound and. Free download of Essential NetTools 4.3 Build 267, size 6.76 Mb.

Is-It-On 2.300 eRightSoft 

A tiny FreeWare program showing Details of all Network connections running on your PC.

o Is-It-On is a tiny single exe file requiring a very low amount of system resources.
o Is-It-On shows ALL your Intranet/Internet IP / DNS / DHCP / WINS / Adaptors name & description etc...
o Is-It-On detects your LAN connection.

Simple TCP proxy/datapipe 0.4.6a Luigi Auriemma 

Simple DataPipe for TCP Connections with multiple options and features.

A datapipe is like a minimalistic proxy which acts as a bridge for connecting to a specific host, so the input connection can be any TCP client while the output is ever the same IP:port (clients->stcppipe->target).

It supports multiple clients at the. Freeware download of Simple TCP proxy/datapipe 0.4.6a, size 419.43 Kb.

SupportSmith Remote Desktop & VNC 2.0 Build 2.0.0 Cybele Software Inc. 

SupportSmith is an integrated platform that provides remote desktop access and online customer support, establishing secure SSH/2 AES 256-bit encrypted connections between computers, through NATs, firewalls and proxies. SupportSmith also complements the functionality of the most popular remote control and access solutions, such as MS Remote Desktop. Free download of SupportSmith Remote Desktop & VNC 2.0 Build 2.0.0, size 36.43 Mb.

Password Recovery Engine for Network Connections 1.1 Bimesoft 

If you are reading these lines, it probably means that you are connected to the global network. You may have a number of connection options - you can either be sitting in a park using the nearest hot spot, or browsing from your office workstation with an ADSL connection, or enjoying a cup of Cappuccino in front of your broadband-enabled home PC.. Free download of Password Recovery Engine for Network Connections 1.1, size 660.60 Kb.

Skype Proxy 0.2.2 Jonathan Verner 

A program for forwarding TCP/IP connections over Skype.. Freeware download of Skype Proxy 0.2.2, size 5.65 Mb.

Trate GUI for Windows 1.4.1 mysteryfutura 

No port forwarding, DMZ, and others are required, Trate allows other applications - almost all applications(VNC,WinSCP,BitTorrent,Filezilla,ssh,Web/Ftp etc) - to auto-create dynamic connections between two peers behind two separate NATs and firewalls.. Free download of Trate GUI for Windows 1.4.1, size 1.75 Mb.

DummyServer 1.1 Lawrie Brown 

"DummyServer" is a simple TCP server program, written in Java, which can listen on one or more ports for client connections. On each connection it responds with a banner which includes an "ident tag" and the port its listening on, waits to read one line of text from the client, echoes it back and then closes the connection. If. Freeware download of DummyServer 1.1, size 10.48 Kb.

Octopus Unleashed 0.1.0 AYF 

Utility that takes advantage of multiple network adapters and alternates connections between them, by acting as a socks proxy for any program use.. Free download of Octopus Unleashed 0.1.0, size 374.34 Kb.