Make Good Image

Do you make good first impressions? Movisol 

Find out if you make good first impressions on people

You think you aced your job interview... but they never called you back. You think you got along great with your blind date... but now he/she never picks up the phone. Maybe you are failing at FIRST IMPRESSIONS.
People form first impressions by creating a composite of all the. Free download of Do you make good first impressions?, size 3.15 Mb.


Easy Image Stretcher 1.2 

Easy Image Stretcher is a powerful tool to make your image processing easily and quickly.Just collect your images and add them to the list, with a few minutes you will finish all the work.You can change the images size, add colorful border to each image, add texts you wanted to each image, you also can add image logo to images, you can specify the. Free download of Easy Image Stretcher 1.2, size 1.89 Mb.

Axara Free 3D Image Creator AxaraMedia 

A unique program for make 3D image. Two creation mode: manual mode use two images created with different angles and offset and fully automatic mode when 3D stereoscoping image created from one image with help special 3d algorithms. 3D Image Creator converts an ordinary 2D image, photo into 3D stereoscopic anagliph image with special effects,. Freeware download of Axara Free 3D Image Creator, size 12.76 Mb.

Seamless Border 2.0 Mehdi 

This plugin allows to make any image seamless. (No discontinuities when image is repeated several times).
* Since the Version 2 , this plugin offers 3 Join Mode:
*Compact : Seamless transition is deduced by overlapping borders of two successive tiles, and blending them in a linear way. Advantage: usually, provide the best apparent. Freeware download of Seamless Border 2.0, size 325.06 Kb.

Memes+Demotivators Life Ideas 

Take advantage of viewing latest memes and demotivators from different sites in one application by using good image slide show with pinch zoom, share with friends via email, sms and social networks.

Features 1.1:
- Desiagn changes, added social buttons instead of menu text to make posting faster
- Small fixes.

Wire Pilot Lite 3.0.4 Two Pilots 

This tool is a really good image editor to help you clear various unwanted linear objects from your digital photos. When taking a snap of monuments, buildings, birds, etc. outside, it is likely that you end up with wires, poles or antennas getting in the way. You will find this tool highly useful to enhance the final appearance of your shots.
. Freeware download of Wire Pilot Lite 3.0.4, size 2.59 Mb.

StoxEV StoxEV 

Those who are familiar with poker simulation tools, analysis programs and heavy-duty calculators might find StoxEV a bit less complex, but it will still help many players make good decisions in specific situations. It entered the industry in the analysis and odds calculator section, along with being a simulation program.. Freeware download of StoxEV, size 22.49 Mb.

Simple FTP Library 1.0 Sftplib 

SFTP Library is an extremely powerful FTP library for java that is simple enough that even beginners can make good use of it.

Simple FTP Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of Simple FTP Library 1.0, size 0 b.

311HELP 1.0.1 42 Inc. 

311HELP is app for disaster victims to request the support by posting "voices" and "photo". Our mission is to deliver their's VOICE, and make good relationships between victims and supporters.

You can post your needs (supplies, volunteers, new customers) without any constraint.

Awful! -unappetizer- 1.1 Exfrontier Co., Ltd. 

"Awful! -unappetizer-" will <span>spoil</span> your appetite!

It make delicious image Awful.

It helps you to lose your weight.

* We strongly recommend that you DO NOT use this on dishes cooked by your wife or girlfriend. She may get angry.. Freeware download of Awful! -unappetizer- 1.1, size 314.57 Kb.

Barcode Scanning 1.0 TechInvo 

Barcode Scanner - Find Lowest price & make Good buy.

Scan barcode and find items of same type with all information like price, product logo, brand etc all details. You can search effective item in low cost. This makes your shopping easy and effective.

Make a good buy.

for help contact us Free download of Barcode Scanning 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Celebrity Clicks 1.2.1 TechJini Solutions 

Ever wanted to be with a celebrity!! Well, now you can and share with your friends too.
With effects tuned to make the image as real as possible, you can zoom in and out and set the brightness, saturation and contrast of the image on live camera and after clicking add even more effects to get the perfect picture.
First, choose a. Freeware download of Celebrity Clicks 1.2.1, size 18.87 Mb.


An educational and informational tool kit created to raise drunk driving safety awareness, so you can make good choices when out drinking. This app is for educational / entertainment purposes only and the calculations should not be used to determine whether a person is able to drive. Do not drink and drive.. Freeware download of ENDWI 1.2, size 3.25 Mb.

Enrich Your Life 1.5 Prachi Pimpalkhare 

Push yourself to make good principles an integral part of your life with help of Enrich. Cultivating good habits and following key principles will help you to enrich your life.

This iPhone application has more than 60 principles in below categories:
- Your School or Work
- Your Personality
- Your Health
- Your. Free download of Enrich Your Life 1.5, size 838.86 Kb.

Guy Food 1.1 Reflare 

"Anyone looking for an app to quickly and easily cook something that actually makes you full should get this." - Sebb91, Germany

"Excellent. Indispensable for cooking novices." - Luxy57, Mexico

Food that's either quick to make, good for your body or impressive to girls - Guy Food.
This app is all about. Freeware download of Guy Food 1.1, size 38.90 Mb.

Habitual Free 1.0 Andrew Davis 

Habitual is the iOS app that helps you make good habits and break bad ones. Cross out a day on the calendar and get cheered every day you are successful. Share achievements with friends and followers. Break down your habits and make plans to help yourself be even more successful.. Freeware download of Habitual Free 1.0, size 3.67 Mb.

Healthy Fast Food 1.3 Steven Gammon 

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Healthy Fast Food? lets you make good choices while enjoying a visit to your favorite fast food restaurant. Take this easy to use reference app with you every time you go out. It covers the most popular chains, so youll always know the. Free download of Healthy Fast Food 1.3, size 419.43 Kb.

HotBooth 1.9 BahnTech 

HotBooth is dress-me-up entertainment for the entire family. Start with any snapshot and make the image HOT and FUN by adding backgrounds, accessories, makeup, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, tattoos, etc. It's easy and fun. Tired of that tired old Facebook, twitter, or Linked In image? Then make it hot and fun using HotBooth!

We know you are. Free download of HotBooth 1.9, size 15.10 Mb.

Puzzle16/9 1.0 newface09 

It is a simple slide puzzle.

Two kinds (3?3 and 4?4) can play.
Either mode can make the image in iPhone a puzzle.

Clear time to 5th place can be preserved in the ranking.
The alphanumeric character and space can be used for the name within three characters.. Free download of Puzzle16/9 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Puzzle31 1.1.0 Nob 

The Puzzle-31 is a easy-play-puzzle with flick.It's like a puzzle-15.Low-flicks-count and/or Short-minutes can be make good score. You can bring nearly-number cells for same-time with flicking. You can send ranking for this puzzle and you can check monthly and all ranking.

It's seems that talking high-score is difficult.
If you. Freeware download of Puzzle31 1.1.0, size 1.57 Mb.