Make Pc To Pc Call On Lan

vvvSoft MP3Finder 2.31 vvvSoft Ltd 

If your PC is in the LAN containing 10 computers - MP3Finder can be useful to you, if your LAN contains about 50 PCs - you may need MP3Finder, if more - MP3Finder is absolutely necessary to you. The first thing that you possibly will want to find is MP3-files in your LAN, second one - video-files, third one - some installations (to avoid. Free download of vvvSoft MP3Finder 2.31, size 605.18 Kb.


ThinVNC Remote Access Server SupportSmith 

ThinVNC Remote Access Server grants full-external HTML5 Remote Desktop Access to any PC within the corporate LAN/WAN, administering and redirecting ThinVNC's HTTPS/WebSockets traffic. With the ability to define users and PCs, ThinVNC Remote Access Server is the perfect tool for secure telecommuting, remote support and administration.

. Freeware download of ThinVNC Remote Access Server, size 8.18 Mb.

CCFile 3 31 

CC File Transfer is a software intended to transfer files from PC to PC, designed for people who need to make PC to PC file transfers regularly. It is easy to use, reliable, quick and safe. It eliminates the FTP and e-mail services inconveniences. The best part is that it allows files transference through Internet and networks (private or domestic). Freeware download of CCFile 3 31, size 65.64 Mb.

Logitech Vid HD 1.8.7259 Logitech 

You’re ready to make a video call as soon as your webcam is. Invite friends using their email address. Now crisp, full-screen video calling is fast, fun, and easy.

Logitech Vid HD is the easiest way to see the people you want to talk to using your webcam and an Internet connection.

We designed Logitech Vid HD to help. Free download of Logitech Vid HD 1.8.7259, size 0 b.

CamLAN 1.2 CrazyPixels 

With CamLAN you see your WebCam video on all PC's within your LAN or from the Internet. The CamLAN Server sends the video from the connected Video Device to all activated CamLAN Clients. The CamLAN Clients must be connected to the server through a network. You can use a local network (LAN) or the Internet. On the Client side you can see the video. Free download of CamLAN 1.2, size 655.36 Kb. xatshow 5.0 

Make PC, TV, CD/DVD, Web slideshows and screensavers. Make five types of slideshow using your PC, DVD player, Web page or digital camera to display your photos. Email to your friends or upoad to your web site. Make a CD that can play in a PC or a DVD player. If you have a widescreen TV xatshow will crop and reformat the images to make the most of. Free download of xatshow 5.0, size 3.24 Mb.

Bier gewinnt rc 

Bier gewinnt ist ein Vier gewinnt-Spiel fr Windows, das sowohl an einem PC als auch ber LAN oder Internet gespielt werden kann.. Freeware download of Bier gewinnt rc, size 904.78 Kb.

Emergency Beacon 3.0.0 Nicholas Entin 

Do you know that during an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, you may not be able to make a phone call due to overloaded networks or weak signal strength? However, you are often able to send a text message or email due to the smaller demands on bandwidth. This app is designed to provide emergency survival information as well as a. Free download of Emergency Beacon 3.0.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Eurotaxis Limited 1.8.1 Trapeze Group (UK) Ltd 

The Eurotaxis free iPhone app is here to revolutionise the way you book and track your taxi in the Bristol area. Bookings are processed through Eurotaxis main dispatch system with out the need to make a telephone call, giving you the standard benefits of reliability and minimal lead times in and around Bristol and South Gloucestershire. You can. Freeware download of Eurotaxis Limited 1.8.1, size 5.98 Mb.


Gurucom SIP Client is designed specifically to leverage the iPhone's unique capabilities and easy way to make iPhone voip call by using iPhone devices. Featuring a comfortable and simple user interface iPhone sip client lets you connect your iphone to standard landline or mobile phones.

The iPhone sip client is meant for service. Freeware download of Gurucom 1.1, size 3.15 Mb.

HooToCall 1.0.0 SERDesignArt LLC 

Finally you do not have to remember your electricians or plumbers name to make that necessary call. The only App that organizes property service providers by category. Organize one property or multiple in multiple locations as well as accessory items like boats and campers. Manage your parents home information as well.

-Share contact. Free download of HooToCall 1.0.0, size 2.83 Mb.

ProtectCELL Mobile Protection 1.0.1295 ProtectCELL 

- Protect your phone or tablet, your data and your identity
- We'll buy back your device for a worthy price
- Pick a protection plan that's right for you
- Make just one call and we'll have you reconnected quickly and conveniently
- Get Protected, Stay Connected

Protect your phone or tablet, your data and your. Freeware download of ProtectCELL Mobile Protection 1.0.1295, size 58.30 Mb.

TRx Pocket PC Phone Call Recorder 4.11 NCH Software 

TRx is a phone call recording program for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. This phone recording software allows you to manually or automatically record telephone calls on your portable device.Designed to help you meet legal call recording requirements for business the TRx phone recorder is simple to install and easy to use and you'll be ready to record. Free download of TRx Pocket PC Phone Call Recorder 4.11, size 1.43 Mb.

DeSleeper, Wake-On-Lan Proxy and Tools 1.0 Desleeper 

Wake-On-Lan allows off or sleeping machines to be started remotely, but is difficult to make work in many network environments. These tools will provide workarounds to make use of Wake-On-Lan easier, more reliable, and up to security standards.

DeSleeper, Wake-On-Lan Proxy and Tools 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of DeSleeper, Wake-On-Lan Proxy and Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

Remote Power Manager 2.0.0 S.K. Software 

Remote Power Manager is a power management solution for networks. The program allow network administrators to centrally manage network PCs and make remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, lock, log off, sleep, hibernate, reboot, power off and other operations for Windows and Linux PCs.. Free download of Remote Power Manager 2.0.0, size 854.67 Kb.

Cloud System Booster 3.5 Anvisoft 

Cloud System Booster is a small and efficient utility based on Cloud technology which is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Cloud System Booster consists of four main function including Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Optimizer and PC Repair to maximize your PC performance. It also can protect your privacy by cleaning browsing history,. Freeware download of Cloud System Booster 3.5, size 16.52 Mb.

MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition 2.4 MultiCalendar Technology Limited, LLC 

Need to make every arrangement clear?Then tap into the power of MultiCalendar. MultiCalendar contains powerful tools for make every appointment/call/meeting or task in an easy and intuitive way. Manage Appointment / Event Calendar and Task Print Day View, Workday View, Week View, Month View calendar and task Edit Appointment / Event and Task. Free download of MultiCalendar Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition 2.4, size 6.05 Mb.

Skylook 2.0.3 Netralia 

Skylook 2.0 is a program that connects Microsoft Outlook with Skype.

The program installs as an Outlook plug-in, allowing Outlook to make PC-to-PC calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS. The phone calls are recorded in MP3 format in order to storage them.

Skylook is also able to combine email, reminders, calls,. Free download of Skylook 2.0.3, size 10.20 Mb.

PacketsDump 1.0 Ax3soft 

Packetsdump is a general purpose network diagnostic tool for LAN administrators, security professionals, programmers and students who are interested in network traffic transmitted between PC and the whole LAN. There are some typical uses of Packetsdump:

1. Packet Capture and Playback
2. In-depth Packet Decoding
3. Network. Freeware download of PacketsDump 1.0, size 3.41 Mb.

Auto Mute 4.0 KARPOLAN 

Has your child ever been awakened with the loud "Ta-Dam!" sound your laptop played when you opened it at late evening? Did you ever open notebook on conference and the computer loudly notifies you about new messages or something? I bet, you wanted to smash the computer into smithereens then. Each time this happens to me, I promise myself. Freeware download of Auto Mute 4.0, size 560.12 Kb.