Make Text

MotionText Gif 3 Km Software Inc. 

MotionText Gif make Text or logo with no restricted edges,shadows and 3D Style border.You can easily apply deformations with a simple mouse drag to any image or text.Play Text or logo with many deformations/caricatures effects in real time. Appwizards is used to create basic animation.Timelines is used to define deform,transform, transparent. Free download of MotionText Gif 3, size 1.99 Mb.


EditPad Pro 5.4.6 JGsoft - Just Great Software 

EditPad Pro is a powerful and versatile text editor or word processor, designed to make text editing as convenient as possible. Write and edit all your plain text files such as source code, scripts, web sites, logs, letters, memos, reports, articles, etc.Edit text documents more comfortably with EditPad Pro's tabbed layout, live spell checking,. Free download of EditPad Pro 5.4.6, size 1.94 Mb.

LargeType - full screen text Final Extra Thought 

LargeType is an app that allows you to quickly make text go fullscreen - so that it's easy to read from a distance, or when you are in a moving car or wherever it might be helpful!

A few of the features that we think make LargeType most helpful:

- A big button to go fullscreen, right next to the keyboard
- Paste from. Freeware download of LargeType - full screen text Final, size 3.57 Mb.

Wyvern 1 

Wyvern is a console tool to make text adventures. It is programmed in C, and developed for Windows and Unix-like operating systems. Official site currently @: http://www.jonathantoddskinner/wyvern.html. Freeware download of Wyvern 1, size 7.17 Kb.

Picturizer 1.0 Thomas Plesko 

Colorize or picturize text. Create unique and colorful emails, web pages, and flyers using this simple to use program. This program allows you to make colorized text, or to make text with a unique effect in which an image of your choice is overlaid on the text body. The resulting file is still a text file, but you can see the imprint of the image. Free download of Picturizer 1.0, size 356.35 Kb.

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text 2.0 eMagMaker Ltd. 

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text is very easy-to-use freeware that you never meet before! It's have a easy-to-understand operate interface, just drag the PDF files to the file list which you want to convert into PDF file and click the “extract text” button, then you can convert to Text files. In the converting process, you can choice any. Freeware download of Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text 2.0, size 10.69 Mb.

AFP to Text Converter 2 2 IPDS Printing Solutions Inc 

AFP to Text Converter allows users to quickly convert AFP documents IBM MO:DCA (AFP, IOCA and PTOCA) to plain text files. Features: Convert AFP to Text Convert AFP to TXT Transform AFP to TXT directly without conversion to IPDS by the PSF (Print Services Facility) Optimize AFP transform either by speed or by quality Speedy conversion to efficiently. Free download of AFP to Text Converter 2 2, size 2.45 Mb.

TEXT and WORD Joiner 1.0 Fronoh 

With TEXT and WORD Joiner you can join TEXT and WORD-supported files quickly and easily. Of course, TEXT and WORD Joiner does not touch your valuable files and preserves your long-worked formatting layout. TEXT and WORD Joiner has a self-explaining interface that makes it easy to use. We guarantee you, that you can start using TEXT and WORD Joiner. Free download of TEXT and WORD Joiner 1.0, size 1.69 Mb.

Active TTS Component 4.0.2013.1111 Guangming Software 

Do you ever want to convert text to audio? Active TTS is what you want. It can convert text to mp3, text to wma or text to wav on the fly using the state of art text to speech (TTS) system. It converts text to mp3 or text to wma directly without generating any other temporary files. This is the unique feature of Active TTS. You have full control on. Free download of Active TTS Component 4.0.2013.1111, size 1.57 Mb.

SL Talking Notepad 

SL Talking Notepad is a useful and easy to use application which reproduces your text and helps you find the mistakes.

SL Talking Notepad is very helpful and suitable for anyone who has reading difficulties or low vision. Also, it can be used by students or anyone who wants to make text revisions.

. Free download of SL Talking Notepad, size 0 b.

TransPad 2.0 SoftBattery 

With pairs of strings specified, TransPad lets you quickly copy or run one of them, and also lets you transform a text according to the pairs. Make text files called "mappers" in which pairs of strings are listed, and start to keep TransPad always running while you are computing, to do the followings.TransPad lets you switch to it's. Free download of TransPad 2.0, size 202.75 Kb.

AudioBookMaker 1 6 VectorSoft 

Audiobookmaker - is a text reading software which can speak to you any texts using different human voices installed on your computer and also able to save text to WAV or MP3 files.
-Aloud text reading with different voices and different languages.
-Converting text to audio files (*.WAV, *.MP3) with high speed.
. Free download of AudioBookMaker 1 6, size 768.00 Kb.

Make Barcode Barcode Maker 

Barcode Label Creator software is cost effective and easy to use application which designed to create multicolored customized barcode labels for various industrial usages. Professional barcode software efficiently and effectively generates barcode labels, stickers, asset tags, security tags, postal stickers, in any font, style, color, text,. Free download of Make Barcode, size 3.95 Mb.

AFP2Text Transform Server 2 1 IPDS Printing Solutions Inc 

AFP2Text Transform Server enables users to convert AFP documents IBM MO:DCA (AFP, IOCA and PTOCA) to plain text files via input folder and output folder on Microsoft Windows. Features: Convert AFP to Text Batch convert AFP to TXT files Transform AFP to TXT directly without conversion to IPDS by the PSF (Print Services Facility) Monitor hot folder. Free download of AFP2Text Transform Server 2 1, size 2.47 Mb.

IE Surfgear 1.0 Sofmos 

It looks like web design became a trouble for web surfers. Each web designer tries to make his web site to look bright, amazing and cool. Unfortunately, too often all that cool design features make text on web site too difficult to read.IE Surfgear is a simple Internet Explorer add-on, which helps to remove some of such glitches. It creates 3. Freeware download of IE Surfgear 1.0, size 127.11 Kb.

MP3Detective 5.7.0 Chequers Software Limited 

A powerful program which searches all your selected music folders, drectories and drives for MP3 music, by user criteria and choice. e.g. 'qu', (plays all queen songs, masquerade and all words with 'qu' in) 'z', 'frampton' 'qu+bo' (finds 'Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody') etc. Play by clicking the result's name or all of the results on your default. Free download of MP3Detective 5.7.0, size 1.94 Mb.

Informatik Image Markup 2 77 Informatik Inc 

Informatik Image Markup allows you to change and edit graphics files such as single or multipage TIFF, or JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. You can make text annotations, redact areas, highlight areas, make drawing, add arrows, lines, boxes, add watermarks, text balloons, and more.. Free download of Informatik Image Markup 2 77, size 1.38 Mb.

pptXTREME moreEdit for PowerPoint 3.0 pptXTREME 

moreEdit allows you to format, edit, collaborate and save your presentations faster and with fewer clicks than ever!
moreEdit makes editing and formatting slides easy with just a few clicks! Do you have to "un-string" files assembled from various sources? Tired of spending hours taking presentations from others and formatting them. Free download of pptXTREME moreEdit for PowerPoint 3.0, size 4.57 Mb.

TIFF FixIT 1 18 Informatik Inc 

Tiff FixIT is a Windows program that lets you fix multi-page TIFF files. It is an ideal companion to any document management and document archival system that uses TIFF files. The program allows you to add pages, re-arrange pages, exclude pages of multipage TIFF files. You can also make text annotations, like Bates stamping, and add watermarks to. Free download of TIFF FixIT 1 18, size 2.28 Mb.

Shotty 1.0 Thomas Baumann 

Shotty is an application to take pictures from your computers screen (called screenshots) or from one application only.
Unlike other applications that does this Shotty provides various other features that are useful to modify the taken screenshot.
Key benefits:
* Shotty takes screenshot in high quality, including aero glass frame. Freeware download of Shotty 1.0, size 440.32 Kb.