Manage Your Contacts

Manage Your Contacts NorthStar Solutions 

Manage Your Contacts is a tried and true (award-winning) program that will help you easily store and manage contact information (names, addresses, phone #'s, etc.). It is so easy to use that you'll have virtually no learning curve, yet it sports a variety of powerful features to help you efficiently manage your contact list: * Search, filter, and. Freeware download of Manage Your Contacts, size 1.67 Mb.


ReadyToPrint Organizer 5.027 NSN Software 

Manage calendars, contacts, and tasks. Synchronize with Microsoft or Google calendar/contacts. Subscribe to internet calendars such as Facebook's birthdays, Yahoo, Google, or MS Live calendars.

Access your data through any third-party cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive, or Sky Drive; or share your data in home/office local. Free download of ReadyToPrint Organizer 5.027, size 2.02 Mb.

TSC Free Address Book 2. 10. 2002 TurboSystemsCo, LLC 

TSC Free Address Book is an easy to use address book to manage your contacts, addresses and print letters, labels and lists. The program allows you to create an
unlimited number of letters using the built-in letter writer that includes spell checking and mail merge. With this program you can assign your contacts to one or more lists, such as. Freeware download of TSC Free Address Book 2. 10. 2002, size 5.02 Mb.

Insight Contact Management Pro 3.1.11 Welborn Software, LLC. 

Manage your contacts, set follow-up reminders, and track history with this customizable multi-user program.
Perform e-mail Merges, print envelopes, labels and custom reports. List, sort and search contacts with any combination of fields. Perform SQL query to create dynamic lists of contacts. Each contact has unlimited notes, phone numbers,. Free download of Insight Contact Management Pro 3.1.11, size 16.24 Mb.

AgendaSIC PRO 2014 Infocamp Sistemas 

Manage your contacts easily with AgendaSIC PRO. With AgendaSIC PRO you can register your contacts with various information and organize your own phonebook. Allows you to split your contacts into different categories, which can be registered with description and color, making the visualization of groups much more practical. The software provides. Free download of AgendaSIC PRO 2014, size 5.43 Mb.

CARTHAGO Groupware 2005 atrium software international 

CARTHAGO Groupware 2005 is a application server for MS Windows platforms to manage email, contacts, groups, appointments and tasks using a standard web browser. Through a regular webserver, you have access to your personal data from everywhere in the worldwide internet. All data is stored in a SQL database and is available very fast. Each user has. Free download of CARTHAGO Groupware 2005, size 8.05 Mb.

PersonalDataMyDB 1.0 MYDB-ONLINE 

Combining 3 applications, PersonalData MyDB lets you manage your contacts, bookmarks and appointments in 1 powerful and easy to use application.Build on MS-SQL Compact Edition, PersonalData MyDB is a must-have for those who have a large contact database and need to keep their contacts up-to-date.Key Product Features: -GoogleMap Integration (easy. Free download of PersonalDataMyDB 1.0, size 980.99 Kb.

MyPhoneBook 1.11 HomeProduction 

MyPhoneBook makes it easy for you to manage your contacts due to his categories classification and his tree view.Each contact record stores plenty of data such as name fields, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, birthdays, job and family information . A powerful search feature helps you to find desired information in the database.If you have a. Free download of MyPhoneBook 1.11, size 1.70 Mb.

PhoneFile PRO 2. 2. 2005 Pipistrel Software Ltd. 

PhoneFile PRO provides a convenient and universal way to access and manage the contacts database stored in your GSM mobile phone. Edit names and numbers, add new ones, reorganise using drag and drop, automatically convert to international format. Save, print and exchange your contacts data with other popular software packages.
Advanced. Free download of PhoneFile PRO 2. 2. 2005, size 4.42 Mb.

LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar is a little and simple application that allows you to build your LinkedIn network from frequent contacts easily, manage your contacts in Outlook, and always stay connected to the network. One of the things I like in this program is its intuitiveness and ease of use, since it suggests you which people you should invite based. Freeware download of LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar, size 4.48 Mb.

ContactsDB b 

Do you manage your contacts in a spreadsheet? Are there too many to manage? This application will allow you to manage them in a true database by importing from the spreadsheet and saving to a Java database.. Freeware download of ContactsDB b, size 37.65 Kb.

WEBPARK 1.0 Webparkrvgs 

This project is mobile and web base content management tool which helps to manage user contacts form different platform like mobile device ,google account and so on.

WEBPARK 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WEBPARK 1.0, size 0 b.

osFaktura 1.0 Osfaktura 

Osfaktura provides you a platform to manage your contacts, customers, products and much more. Some features: Creating invoices, providing functions to manage your ebay auctions, interface to web-shop and much more..... Freeware download of osFaktura 1.0, size 0 b.

Realty Manager 1.0 Realty 

Realty Manager is designed to cut down the time your business takes to manage property, contacts, appointments, sales, advertising and everything in between. With emphasis on being user-friendly and intuitive, you will find it easy and efficient to use.

Utilising software techniques such as CQRS, Event Sourcing and Domain Driven Design,. Freeware download of Realty Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Dm Address Book 1.0.00 Marius Samoila 

Dm Address Book is an easy to use application that allows you to manage your contacts easily. You can add as many records as you want and the data is stored in xCard format.

You can use this application to store home and work information about your contacts and create your own address book.

. Free download of Dm Address Book 1.0.00, size 0 b.

In My Diary 1.75 Kevin Edwards 

In My Diary is a small application that can help you organize your important events, keep your journal, write notes and manage your contacts.

The main display is based on a traditional diary format but, although all entries appear as one line of text, each actual entry can contain as many lines as required. Diary entries can be set to. Free download of In My Diary 1.75, size 0 b.

WWS Easy SMS WinWebSoft 

WWS Easy SMS is a useful application that will enable you to send bulk messages, manage your contacts and get reports for each task you perform. This utility helps you communicate important messages to your clients or simply keep in touch with all your friends. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7

. Free download of WWS Easy SMS, size 0 b.

ABLocation 1.0 Armand DOHM 

With ABLocation you can manage your contacts :
create groups
assign contacts to groups
add geocoding information to each contact
add "last visit date" information to each contact

Off course, all data are replicate over iCloud.

Then, you can request ABLocation for contacts near your current. Free download of ABLocation 1.0, size 838.86 Kb.

Hornbill Mobile 1.7.1 Hornbill Technologies Limited 

The app provides you mobile access to Hornbills flagship business collaboration and application platform Hornbill ESP. Manage your contacts, co-workers, have real-time conversations, collaborate with each other, share ideas and interact with your customers.. Freeware download of Hornbill Mobile 1.7.1, size 9.96 Mb.

LabiSync - Sync Everything, Any Device 1.1.1 Beijing Gozap Technology Co., Ltd. 

LabiSync is the easiest and safest way to sync, backup and manage your contacts, calendar, photos, SMS & MMS and call logs across your computers, phones and tablets.
Update contacts, calendar and other content on any device, your other devices will automatically stay in sync with LabiSync. Edit contacts, arrange schedules, read messages. Freeware download of LabiSync - Sync Everything, Any Device 1.1.1, size 2.94 Mb.