Marker Efficiency

Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 3.0 ArcticLine Software 

Folder Marker Home is a powerful helper specially designed for home work. It enables you to quickly change folder color or mark folders to indicate priority (high, normal, low), level of project completeness (done, half-done, planned) by work status (approved, rejected, pending) and type of information stored in folder (work, important, temp and. Free download of Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 3.0, size 4.78 Mb.


Squid Efficiency Analyzer 1.1.0 Carsten Schmidt 

Squid Efficiency Analyzer, squideff.exe
Version 1.1.0; May 2005
Software by Carsten Schmidt

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How does it work and. Freeware download of Squid Efficiency Analyzer 1.1.0, size 266.24 Kb.

Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1 4 ArcticLine Software 

Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in a couple of different ways, either using the context menu (right click) or by starting the Folder Marker program and browsing. It enables you to quickly change folder icons to indicate a. Freeware download of Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1 4, size 1.01 Mb.

Presentation Marker Pro 2.4.0 GoldGingko 

Presentation Marker Pro is a reliable application designed to provide screen markers and zoom functions for live presentations.

The application bundles various tools to bring the audience's attention to a specific spot, and allows you to zoom in and annotate the screen. It also enables you to open documents or programs quickly, and play. Free download of Presentation Marker Pro 2.4.0, size 0 b.

Eclipse External Problem Marker 1.1.0 Wojciech Rygielski 

Eclipse External Problem Marker is a lightweight plugin for Eclipse designed to transform the stdout class into en Eclipse problem maker.

Eclipse External Problem Marker extracts the stdout class from a script of your choice and transforms it into a problem maker. In order to install it, you have to place the JAR file into the 'dropins'. Freeware download of Eclipse External Problem Marker 1.1.0, size 0 b.

Efficiency Calculator 4.0.0 sanjeewa 

Application designed in order to calculate the efficiency of chemical isotopes under different circumstances.

Isotopes are variants of atoms of a particular chemical element, which have a differing numbers of neutrons.

. Freeware download of Efficiency Calculator 4.0.0, size 0 b.

Solar Panels Cost Efficiency Kyle Ferriter 

Solar Panels Cost Efficiency is a simple, yet handy tool that enables you to calculate your yearly savings and the break even point when buying solar panels.

The application can compare the cost of your investment in solar panels with the amount charged by the energy utility company and determines the savings and the break even point. for Firefox 1.1 for Firefox is a browser addon designed to enable you to highlight text on the webpages and to share it. Point out important information and share the highlighted pages with others in Twitter and Facebook with the special link

Have you ever used a marker pen for highlighting your paper documents? will do the same for. Free download of for Firefox 1.1, size 0 b.

Advanced Web-Page Efficiency Analysis (AWPEA) 1.5.2 AKS-Labs 

Log-analyzers can tell you how many times where the page requested form you server and a lot of other interest but useless information. AWPEA tells you nothing besides the level of page efficiency. AWPEA was designed as a tool that helps software authors to find out the efficiency of some marketing steps, but now it can analyze the efficiency of. Free download of Advanced Web-Page Efficiency Analysis (AWPEA) 1.5.2, size 555.75 Kb.

Excel Automated Grader (Marker) 1.3 - Thomas G. Hill 

Excel Automated Grader is an automated grader/marker for use by instructors in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office application courses. Excel Grader performs static analysis on Microsoft Excel workbooks. The program compares a student workbook with the instructor’s correct version of the workbook. The student workbook is marked and a grade. Freeware download of Excel Automated Grader (Marker) 1.3, size 688.13 Kb.

Word Grader 08.07 

Word Grader is an automated grader/marker for use by instructors in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office application courses. The program uses Word's Compare and Combine feature to merge a student document with the correct version from the instructor. Error types are counted and a grade report is embedded. Word Grader includes a grading summary for. Free download of Word Grader 08.07, size 878.96 Kb.

Excel Grader 08.09 

Excel Automated Grader is an automated grader / marker for use by instructors in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office application courses. Excel Grader performs static analysis on Microsoft Excel workbooks. The program compares a student workbook with the instructor's correct version of the workbook. The student workbook is marked and a grade. Free download of Excel Grader 08.09, size 878.59 Kb.

XML Marker 1.1 Symbol Click 

XML Marker is an XML Editor that uses a synchronized table-tree-and-text display to show you both the hierarchal and the tabular nature of your XML data.

It automatically produces a tabular display of any selected tag by collecting repeating attribute and tag names and then arranging them into columns. The result is a clutter-free and. Freeware download of XML Marker 1.1, size 1.02 Mb.

Veqa Image Marker 1.0.2 Veqa 

Veqa Image Marker is a PHP tool to mark Web images on the fly. Features: watermark security, X/Y offset positioning, percentage positioning, opacity setting, and reformat. It supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image formats and works with GD or ImageMagick MagickWand for PHP. It makes for an ideal solution for sharing various marked images without a. Free download of Veqa Image Marker 1.0.2, size 23.55 Kb.

PolyNest 7.0 Polygon Software Inc. 

PolyNest software, created by experts who know the "cut and sew" industry, applies computer technology to pattern making, designing and marker making. Some of the special features are: an included Rule Library, plaid matching, rubber band boxes, slide functions, multiple ways to handle shrinkage, multi-tasking, special measuring tools,. Free download of PolyNest 7.0, size 8.28 Mb.

PrintPolisher Marker 1.0 CZSolution,Inc 

With CZ Print Polish Marker you can easily add headers, footers and watermark from all your applications. All of this can be incorporated with user login name, computer name, time, day and page count on the paper. You can also create overlay’s and multi-line watermarks and texts on each paper sheet. Also the program lets you control the. Free download of PrintPolisher Marker 1.0, size 7.00 Mb.

G-Calc 2010 2.0.21 Innervision Design 

G-Calc 2010 is based on the "The Water Efficiency Calculator for new dwellings - The Government's national calculation methodology for assessing water efficiency in new dwellings". It is now widely used by architects, designers and energy assessors across England.. Free download of G-Calc 2010 2.0.21, size 79.55 Mb.

Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator 2 3 Katmar Software 

This free program will calculate the steam consumption for a turbine of known power and efficiency. The required data are the inlet steam pressure and temperature, and the exhaust pressure. The program will determine the specific and actual steam consumption, and the outlet steam enthalpy, entropy, temperature and quality. The program is very easy. Freeware download of Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator 2 3, size 74.72 Mb.

Screen Markers 2 31 RollingData 

Create crosshair marker lines on your screen. Ever tried lining things up on your screen or tried to move something to the same place as last time. Screen Markers will let you do just that. Save and remember any number of lines.. Freeware download of Screen Markers 2 31, size 1.97 Mb.

HeyeLighter Commercial Edition 1.0 AureoSoft 

HeyeLighter is a screen marker software application that facilitates the analysis and completion of worksheets and tables, as well as the reading of texts directly on the computer screen.
* HeyeLighter uses dynamic horizontal and vertical markers that make filling out worksheets both more professional and enjoyable. Each marker has an. Free download of HeyeLighter Commercial Edition 1.0, size 11.74 Mb.