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Explore India in a cool desi truck! Amritsar, Lucknow, Kolkata see them all with Happy Singh! Drive on death-defying roads, avoid mad drivers who keep crashing into you, and visit awesome Indian destinations on this action-packed road trip!

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The DESI Labeling System is a handy two-part solution for printing your own telephone labels.
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WIFE is a Java framework for managing SWIFT ( messages. It implements messages parsing, writing, XML transformation, and persistence for all SWIFT message categories. The project is active, production ready and commercially suppo. Freeware download of WIFE - open source SWIFT 6.1, size 9.50 Mb.

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Welcome to 101 Ways To Tell Your Wife I Love You. This useful and amazing iPhone app presents various creative, powerful and romantic ways to tell your wife that you love her. This little application is probably a paradise for husbands/boyfriends, where you can learn unique and different ways to impress and love your wife/girlfriend much more by. Free download of 101 Ways To Tell Your Wife I Love You 1.0, size 3.46 Mb.

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Now Absolutely Free!! Download Now!!! Play & Record Best Desi Radio Live from all over the India & United States

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Desi News Kuldeep 

Desi News is an application which pulls news from RSS feeds of different Indian News channels. Currently the app pulls the information from the RSS feeds of Hindu, NDTV and IBN Live Times of India, Economic Times news channels.

Desi News app can post RSS feed URLs to Facebook and Twitter. You can also email it.

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Welcome to Desi world. This pack contains following four games. Teen Patti (flash), Thaayam (Ludo), Bollywood puzzle & Snake and Ladder. All these games are well tested in Android platform with 30000+ downloads.
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