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Mini Pig Song HAUS HOPPE - ITS 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This is the most funniest (and useless) drum machine ever.

You have one hilarious background sound and three lovely mini pigs that make three different grunts. Now it's your turn to sample your favorite mini pig song.

Rock da house, Deejay Minipig!
. Freeware download of Mini Pig Song, size 1.05 Mb.


Multiplayer Mini-Games noOne 

Mobile \ Games

This collection of mini-games will bring you fun & amusement with friends or alone with classic mini-games you can play thanks to the multitouch screen.
Interface and games use a very simple and clear black&white theme.
This is absolutely the app to take a few minutes for fun with your friends.

Future updates. Freeware download of Multiplayer Mini-Games, size 1.05 Mb.

u.n.i MINI BBALL (FREE) .NET Architects, Inc. 

Mobile \ Games

Greetings fellow Earthlings! 

One of the u.n.i MEGA PACK (FREE) games, this is an addictive mini basketball game. See how many times in a row you can throw the mini basketball into the basket! Be sure to check out the rest of the games in u.n.i MEGA PACK (FREE).

- strive to continuously provide 5-star. Freeware download of u.n.i MINI BBALL (FREE), size 3.15 Mb.

Angry Dogs HAUS HOPPE - ITS 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Plays the sound of two angry barking dogs. A funny mini pinscher and a dangerous pit-bull will amuse your friends and colleagues.. Free download of Angry Dogs, size 1.05 Mb.

Bar Map LA Dan Parker 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Bar Map LA locates the closest bar in Downtown Los Angeles to your current location.

If you care close to Downtown LA and you select a downtown bar or all bars, your location will show up on the mini map along with the bar.

This is a list of bars with phone numbers and web links of ones I personally like. I will update new. Freeware download of Bar Map LA, size 1.05 Mb.

Box the Gopher Greendou 

Mobile \ Games

A tricky, addictive mini-game. Your goal is to drop bombs around the gopher to box him in! Don't let him escape! Once he's boxed in, we'll drop a bomb on him! It's harder than it looks. Freeware download of Box the Gopher, size 8.39 Mb.

Bunny Massacres Episode 1 Team Mango 

Mobile \ Games

Those pesky bunnies, they get everywhere! Eradicate the bunny hordes in a series of mini-games that will test your reflexes to the max. Each game has weekly and all-time scoreboards.. Freeware download of Bunny Massacres Episode 1, size 2.10 Mb.

Christmas Ease Jiri Danihelka 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Discover the bundle of handy mini-applications for good Christmas mood. You can find here a Christmas snowing ball, advent mistletoe for kissing, an advent calendar and a tree decorating simulator and Christmas jokes and recipes. The app will also tell you how many days are remaining to Christmas Eve.. Freeware download of Christmas Ease, size 2.10 Mb.

CountThrees! Michael E. Riches 

Mobile \ Games

Have fun with math in this addictive, educational mini-game! Choose the numbers that divide by 3 and beat the clock. By playing CountThrees!, you'll teach your brain to quickly recognize numbers that divide by 3.

Fun for kids of all ages. Starts off easy and gets harder with higher levels.

This game tracks and saves your. Freeware download of CountThrees!, size 1.05 Mb.

Doodle Doodle pukachupenn 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Use your finger to create a mini-Picaso on your Windows Phone! Doodle from scratch, or load a picture from your photo album or take a new one straight from the camera. Create and capture the funny, happy, or random moments in your life, and then share your doodles with your friends!

* New in Ver 1.1:
- Landscape support. (UI and. Free download of Doodle Doodle, size 1.05 Mb.

Electric PianoPhone7 JEFBCreating 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Electric PianoPhone7 are two mini-Electric Piano for your Windows Phone 7. Simply select your octave with arrows and play with multitouch and real sounds of :
**** Rhodes MK1
**** Clavinet E7
Have fun with multitouch!!!
In V1.2 Update we've :
*** Enhanced sound quality
*** Updated the App to Mango

Fart Machine EdgeWay Software 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Thanks for making Fart Machine the No1 downloaded Fart App for Windows Phone 7, now Fart Machine just got a little bit more ridiculous with new mini game simon farts !
. Freeware download of Fart Machine, size 6.29 Mb.

Fireplace XXL EBS 

Mobile \ Entertainment

This app provides a portable mini-fireplace combined with a mini-campfire. Included are eight different fires in a fireplace and four campfires. You can use it in a hotel, a train or on holiday. Unfortunately, it does not really warm you up - but perhaps there are some drinks which may help you :-)

Using the settings, you can specify. Free download of Fireplace XXL, size 164.63 Mb.

Fruity Slots Mobile Amusements 

Mobile \ Games

Fruity Slots, the fruity themed 5 reel casino slot machine where you can win a virtual cash fortune!


* 5 Reels.
* Holds.
* Nudges.
* Feature Trail.
* Wild Symbols.
* Free Spin Feature.
* Mini Cash Bonuses.
* Mega Melons Skill Climb.
* Line Bets.
* Min. Bet & Max.. Free download of Fruity Slots, size 2.10 Mb.

HarpsichordPhone7 JEFBCreating 

Mobile \ Music

HarpsichordPhone7 is a free mini-Harpsichord for your Windows Phone 7.
Simply select your octave with arrows and play with multitouch and real sounds of a Harpsichord.
Have fun!!!
You love our Apps? Please visit :
or join us on Facebook. Freeware download of HarpsichordPhone7, size 2.10 Mb.

Los meses del ano TouchyBooks, S.L. 

Mobile \ Reference

** Cada mes del ano tiene algo que lo hace unico y especial **

Descubrelo con este cuento rimado. Es sencillo de leer, esta lleno de ritmo, y viene acompanado de graciosas ilustraciones, animaciones, elementos interactivos y mini-juegos.

Desde el frio y nevado ENERO hasta el festivo y navideno DICIEMBRE, pasando por el alegre. Free download of Los meses del ano, size 22.02 Mb.

Memry MetroGuy 

Mobile \ Productivity

What if you dont have to plug in your pendrives to know your remaining capacity in your pen drive
or switch on your laptop to know your remaining memory in each drive
In this app you can add the remaining space at the end of every day of your work of at time you think you want to update and you can refer it later
Whatz more is its. Free download of Memry, size 1.05 Mb.

Metro Wall RogueCode 

Mobile \ Music

Create stunning wallpapers for your WP7 from your music and pictures!
This is a very simple-to-use app that will randomly select album art or pictures and create a wallpaper for your lock-screen. If you don't like one of the albums/pictures that comes up, just tap the tile and it will flip around to a different one!

You can specify. Free download of Metro Wall, size 1.05 Mb.

mGolf lite curosarea 

Mobile \ Games

mGolf is a 2D mini golf game. It is composed by 12 different holes, that you have to complete with less shots as possible.

The V1.1 I've update done an update accordingly with the review. In the v1.1 I have been solved many collision problems (when ball got out the field, etc). Now the arrow to shot is composed by two sub arrows. The. Freeware download of mGolf lite, size 1.05 Mb.

MIHthematical MIHSoft Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

MIHthematical is a simple but effective maths game to keep your brain ticking and memory sharp. Choose from either Maths or Memory games (More mini-games to follow) and a selection of difficulty levels to test even the brainiest brainiacs.

Version 1.6 Update

■ Added Normal mode scores to history page.
■ Bug. Freeware download of MIHthematical, size 1.05 Mb.

More Brain Exercise by Namco NAMCO BANDAI Games 

Mobile \ Games

Dr. Kawashima is back with a brand new assortment of exercises for your brain in More Brain Exercise. Supervised by Dr. Kawashima, the mastermind behind the original brain training game, these new mini games are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain!

Choose one of several different game modes which will provide a great workout to. Free download of More Brain Exercise by Namco, size 24.12 Mb.

Movie Poster Wallpapers Appetize 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Find posters of all your favourite movies to use as background wallpaper on your lock screen. For most movies you'll find multiple posters to choose from. It will save them to the Pictures Hub in your phone, and from there you can use them as wallpaper or even share them with your friends!. Free download of Movie Poster Wallpapers, size 1.05 Mb.

Orbit Jump Tom Cassady 

Mobile \ Games

Orbit Jump is a fun, physics based set of mini-games following our hero, Space Cadet Cornflour and his frollicks through space. Use this life-like orbital gravity simulator to bound between planets, selecting one of three different modes of gameplay:

Space H.A.Ms - Collect as many rotating "Space Hams" as you can in one leap.. Freeware download of Orbit Jump, size 14.68 Mb.

PhotoDom LappdevV 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

PhotoDom is a free, easy and fast app for viewing your online Flickr photos. You can also get inspired by looking at the 'Interestingness' photos from Flickr. Save your own and interestingness photos to use as wallpaper. Not only is PhotoDom still free it is also ad-free!

Added in version 1.2:
- Update for Windows Phone 7.5. Freeware download of PhotoDom, size 1.05 Mb.

Police Trainer Jeff Cretin (Bartlebee) 

Mobile \ Games

Police Trainer brings you great First Person Shooter action too your Windows Phone 7 with its collection of 3 shooting gallery mini games.

* 3D environment with a first person shooter perspective
* 3 different mini games to test your Speed, Accuracy, and Survival
* Saves your stats
* increase your stats and. Free download of Police Trainer, size 7.34 Mb.

Pot Panic Joy-inn 

Mobile \ Games

Pot Panic, the new action packed sorting game !

50 levels will challenge your reflexes and your nerves in this non-stop action arcade game!

And for the best players, collect all items, unlock mini-games, challenge the chef in Sushi mode and MORE!. Free download of Pot Panic, size 12.58 Mb.

Pumpkin Face Free Shazaml Design, LLC 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Make a fun or spooky pumpkin face without the mess. Save your jack-o'-lantern to the Pictures Hub to use a wallpaper or share with others.

New in Version 1.1
ability to undo points and shapes
. Freeware download of Pumpkin Face Free, size 1.05 Mb.

Puste kafelki Monika Tyszkowska 

Mobile \ Productivity

Zbyt duzo tresci na ekranie domowym? Od teraz dzieki tej mini aplikacji mozesz dodac puste kafelki, aby Twe oczy i dusza mogly odpoczac od nadmiaru informacji.. Freeware download of Puste kafelki, size 1.05 Mb.

Seattle Traffic Map Redback Consulting 

Mobile \ Travel

Seattle Traffic Map allows you to easily view traffic you care about most, at a glance right from your home screen!

Using "mini maps" that are pinned to your home screen live tile, you can quickly see current traffic for a selected area and "glance and go".

Over 150 local traffic cameras with the ability to. Free download of Seattle Traffic Map, size 1.05 Mb.

Smiley Skulls Smashy Smashy Apps 

Mobile \ Games

Pop, zap, shatter, extinguish, detonate, and tilt your way through 121 bite-sized, fast-paced levels. This full version features unlockable expert modes, an unlockable mini-snake game and level editor, and is free from any advertising.. Free download of Smiley Skulls, size 7.34 Mb.