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PushToSmart 1.0.165 ESTOS GmbH 

Mobile \ Productivity

Push to Smart is a dialing aid and assistance, which smartly connects Microsoft Windows PC functionality with your Smartphone.

Download the Windows Software from

Tag a telephone number on your PC, press the corresponding function key and your Smartphone calls the selected phone number automatically.

SmartPCDialer Lundin Consulting 

Mobile \ Productivity

SmartPCDialer is an Windows Phone 7 app that enables you to make calls from almost any applicaion on your PC, without dialing the phone numbers on your phone. Entering (or capturing) phone numbers can instead be done from the PC app - EasyDialer - in several different ways. You can, for instance, hover with the mouse cursor over a phone number in. Freeware download of SmartPCDialer, size 1.05 Mb.