Mobile Call Time Limit Freeware

Fortres Time Limit Manager 4.0.362.8 Fortres Grand Corporation 

Fortres Time Limit Manager provides a convenient and reliable method to implement custom Usage Policies for public access computers, such as currently deployed in public libraries. Also the program enables all necessary infrastructure to display a Usage Policy on each computer screen, to require and obtain patron’s digital assent to the. Free download of Fortres Time Limit Manager 4.0.362.8, size 14.08 Mb.


Mobile TimsSync Expert 1.4 yesmobile 

Windows Mobile platform time synchronization tools. Support gps, gprs, sms, wifi, usb, sntp, http, and other forms of time synchronization. Support SmartPhone, PPC and PDA evices.. Free download of Mobile TimsSync Expert 1.4, size 41.94 Kb.

Gyro Space Ball DX 1.0 Andrey Balakin 

GYRO SPACEBALL a game for people, who likes to exam speed of own reaction. Control motion of the spaceball and catch light anomalies as much as possible for the time limit. Move the ball with the gyroscope in your mobile. For this purpose you just need to rotate phone in the hands. This option makes your game more difficult and interesting. Lets go. Free download of Gyro Space Ball DX 1.0, size 43.83 Mb.

PC-Time Manager 1.2 Virtual Software LTD 

PC-Time Manager is considered a parental control software that limits computer time. If your children are spending a lot of time chatting on the internet (MSN, AOL, ICQ), or most of their time playing games, you have to set a computer time limit in order to keep them safe from computers affecting their school work and social life. PC-Time Manager. Free download of PC-Time Manager 1.2, size 671.74 Kb.

Time Stoper 1.0.3 DilSoft 

Time Stopper is a tiny utility which eliminate the time limit existing into trial software usage period.

Time Stopper works with any software executable file and practically will extend the trial period of the program for an unlimited amount of time.

Time Stopper is very easy to install and use: you just have to browse for. Freeware download of Time Stoper 1.0.3, size 1.05 Mb.

Proficy Mobile 1.5.11085 GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. 

Mobile Real-Time Operational Intelligence

GE Intelligent Platforms is pioneering a paradigm shift in the Industrial World - a shift to Real Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI): A series of applications that arms industrial operations with abilities to intelligently monitor assets and rapidly take corrective actions driven by real time. Freeware download of Proficy Mobile 1.5.11085, size 17.93 Mb.

Zultys Mobile 3.1.4 Zultys, Inc. 

The Zultys Mobile real-time Unified Communications mobility solution for the iPhone gives mobile employees real-time access to their corporate Zultys Unified Communications system.

Zultys Mobile integrates mobile workers into the corporate Voice and Unified Communications IP phone system, providing critical functionalities such as. Freeware download of Zultys Mobile 3.1.4, size 4.09 Mb.

Play Freddi Fish 3:stolen conch shell 

While this children's game is quite appealing, the trial's time limit may put off potential players. Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell stars a female fish and her friend Luther. Young children will find the mouse-based navigation easy to figure out, though some of the puzzles take a little thinking. The cursor changes when it's. Freeware download of Play Freddi Fish 3:stolen conch shell, size 2.04 Mb.

CCARs Duty Time Calculator 1.0 Christopher Valsamopoulos 

CCARs Duty Time calculator

Calculate the Duty, Flight limit and Rest Requirements for Flight Deck And Cabin Crew according to CCAR 121 Chapter P.

Included features:
Duty time limit calculation with detailed explanation,
Flight time limit with detailed explanation,
Minimum Required Rest with detailed. Free download of CCARs Duty Time Calculator 1.0, size 943.72 Kb.

Happy PopHorse 1.0.1 jian fang 

This is a very funny game, enjoy yourself.

Game introduction:
Just tap two or more cats of the same color.
There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.
Magic-horse can help you to change the color of horses during playing.
The more horses you pop, the more score you will get.. Freeware download of Happy PopHorse 1.0.1, size 20.55 Mb.

HDsign Time 1.0 NullPointer Tecnologia Ltda. 

Until now you were limited to clocks.
If the passage of what we call Time has been ruled by the alternation of days and nights that brought light and darkness for mankind, didn?t something got lost on the way?
This is why we proudly introduce HDsign TIME.
Up-grade your iPhone to a new level in terms of visual perception of Time with. Freeware download of HDsign Time 1.0, size 6.19 Mb.

Totem Blocks 1.2.6 PlayReap Studios 

Once you pop, you can't stop!

Pop groups of Totem Blocks to reveal the hidden secret.

Addiction is guaranteed.


How to Play:

- Just tap two or more blocks of the same color.
- There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed. Free download of Totem Blocks 1.2.6, size 50.86 Mb.

Totem Blocks Lite 1.2.7 PlayReap Studios 

Once you pop, you can't stop!

Pop groups of Totem Blocks to reveal the hidden secret.

Addiction is guaranteed.


How to Play:

- Just tap two or more blocks of the same color.
- There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed. Freeware download of Totem Blocks Lite 1.2.7, size 58.51 Mb.

Not Now Document Craig Edgar 

Documents can only be read on a certain date and will expire after a time limit. Use this to send a special message to someone and they can only open it on a certain date. Prior to that date the document cannot be read or used. Sends via E-mail with instructions for the recipient. I wrote it because I was going away and wanted to tell my wife how. Freeware download of Not Now Document, size 881.66 Kb.

Disposable Email Script Pro 1.5 Alstrasoft 

Disposable Email Script Pro not only offers your users with disposable email addresses with pre-defined time limit which users can receive and reply to emails sent to the temporary email address within a timeframe, our script also offers a light-weight webmail with gmail clone style interface. The Disposable Email Script is also integrated with. Free download of Disposable Email Script Pro 1.5, size 557.06 Kb.

Marble'n'Madness 1.0.4 CI Project 

It is a platform game in which the player must guide an onscreen marble through six courses, populated with obstacles and enemies, within a time limit. The player controls the marble by using a trackball. Marble Madness is known for using innovative game technologies.. Freeware download of Marble'n'Madness 1.0.4, size 1.36 Mb.

Eye2eye Britain Panoramic 3.0 Eye2eye Software Ltd 

A complete application, with printable instructions and no time limit, this displays a sample of Eye2eye Britain's panoramas and images of one place - Snowdon, Gwynedd in Wales. It includes panoramic views from the top of England and Wales' highest mountain on a sunny day. Imagine how effective this will be on your whiteboard when. Freeware download of Eye2eye Britain Panoramic 3.0, size 3.11 Mb.

Pixfer 1.0 Glass Lantern 

Download from a single storage card to your PC, rename your files, and automatically organize them into folders for FREE with no time limit or annoying ads. Or, purchase an inexpensive license key to transfer from three storage cards at once, verify every byte, backup to a second drive, and check your hard disk for problems before each transfer.

Bomb Squad 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited 

Being a member of an elite bomb disposal team, you are given a task of locating all 5 bombs hidden in a 8x8 grid within the time limit. Before locating the bombs, you can send probes into the grid by clicking the boxes outside of the grid one at a time and observe the paths of the probes. After sending a probe, the result will be shown on the. Freeware download of Bomb Squad 1.0.0, size 269.31 Kb.

FunCViz 1.0 

FunCViz is a profiling tool generating function call graph, performance statics data,like function call time cost histogram,which may help you identify the bottleneck of the program's performance.. Freeware download of FunCViz 1.0, size 410.81 Kb.