Mobile Java Files

AdaptAir LITE - Mobile Java Producer Colovare srl 

AdaptAir LITE is PC/Windows software for mobile publishing. With AdaptAir LITE you can compose and create Java ME content (MIDlets) from text and image files and/or from the internet links, WITHOUT any programming.Creating mobile Java midlets with AdaptAir LITE is as simple as creating PowerPoint presentations, just inserting and editing the text. Free download of AdaptAir LITE - Mobile Java Producer, size 19.06 Mb.


AdaptAir - Mobile Java Producer Colovare srl 

AdaptAir is PC/Windows software for mobile publishing. With AdaptAir you can compose and create Java ME content (MIDlets) from wide range of file formats (text and images) and/or from the internet links, WITHOUT any programming.Creating mobile Java midlets with AdaptAir is as simple as creating PowerPoint presentations, just inserting and editing. Free download of AdaptAir - Mobile Java Producer, size 26.48 Mb.

Ebook readers guide 1.0 Tricks4Phone 

Complete user's guide for mobile java ebook from Tricks4phone online service. Java e-book install, text navigation, create and use bookmarks, text search. Custom settings: full-screen and portrait/album modes, time indicating, screen highlight, font size, color schemes.. Freeware download of Ebook readers guide 1.0, size 25.60 Kb.

bill consolidation java squeeze 1.30 bill consolidation java llc 

Compress your java files to save space and download time. With Java squeeze you can take any java file and compress it to less than 10%, imagine the download time off your site. sharing files etc.. Freeware download of bill consolidation java squeeze 1.30, size 1.61 Mb.

Create Java Logger 0.2 

Add logger code to all java files recursively from a given directory. If directory is not defined, the current directory is used. System.out.println are defaultly replaced by logger.fine but you can change the lever or do not replace.. Freeware download of Create Java Logger 0.2, size 2.11 Kb.

JAVA - PRC automate compilation (Linux) 0.5 

Bash script that uses various Linux tools regarding Java programming for PDAs and Palm devices to automate the process of creating a PRC file out of the JAVA files.. Freeware download of JAVA - PRC automate compilation (Linux) 0.5, size 3.53 Kb.

ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile 6.0.0 

Ajax+Mobile Java Web framework. With 200+ Ajax components and event-driven, Ajax/RIA apps are as effortless and rich as desktop apps and HTML/XUL pages. Support JSP/JSF/JavaEE/Spring, Ajax Push and Client-fusion; also Java/Groovy/Python/JavaScript.. Freeware download of ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile 6.0.0, size 8.42 Mb.

Mobile 12C 1.0 Mobile12c 

This project aims at developing a mobile Java app that simulates the functionality of the HP12C calculator.

Mobile 12C 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Mobile 12C 1.0, size 0 b.

Java2Rtf New DocJava, Inc. 

Java2Rtf was developed as a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to convert your Java files into RTFs.

Java2Rtf is an instrument that has been developed with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of Java2Rtf New, size 0 b.

RunJava 1.0.1 Juan Hernandez 

RunJava was developed as a small and accessible Notepad++ plugin that uses the Java compiler to compile Java files.

RunJava also allows the user to run the files from Notepad++. Now, you can make use of this small plugin to quickly compile all your Java files.

. Freeware download of RunJava 1.0.1, size 0 b.

JavaPad 2.53 Kedar Kanitkar 

JavaPad is a lighteight but very useful application that was designed in order to provide you with an easy to use means of editing your Java files. It has dialog boxes for convenient creation of classes and addition of methods.

This program also includes keyboard and menu shortcuts for many of the commonly used (and often tedious). Free download of JavaPad 2.53, size 0 b.

Pairs memory game 2.3 

Pairs memory game for mobile Java enabled devices let's you play the popular card game for free on your mobile phone. Download now and see if you can make a high-score in our hall of fame. It is a very addictive game, be warned, you will find yourself spending hours playing it with your mobile, don't say we haven't warned you.

Our. Freeware download of Pairs memory game 2.3, size 206.85 Kb.

iPFaces Community Edition 1.1 Edhouse s.r.o. 

iPfaces is a framework for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Mobile Java). The aim of the solution is to screen the programmer completely out from the mobile platform itself, and transfer the entire application logic to the central application server level.

Developers. Freeware download of iPFaces Community Edition 1.1, size 7.38 Mb.

C and C++ Code Counter 3.1.4 

CCCC is a tool which analyzes C++ and Java files and generates a report on various metrics of the code. Metrics supported include lines of code, McCabe's complexity and metrics proposed by Chidamber&Kemerer and Henry&Kafura.. Freeware download of C and C++ Code Counter 3.1.4, size 632.01 Kb.

Ewe Virtual Machine 1.0 

Mobile Java VM for PocketPC, WindowCE, Linux and Zaurus based portable devices, PDAs and SmartPhones, as well as Desktop Windows and Linux systems.. Freeware download of Ewe Virtual Machine 1.0, size 3.77 Mb.

JadAlign 0.0.1 

Aligns java-files, which are decompiled by jad. Freeware download of JadAlign 0.0.1, size 64.83 Kb.

JComment - Comment Generator 1.0 

The JComment comment generator will create javadoc compliant comments inside of java files.. Freeware download of JComment - Comment Generator 1.0, size 1.84 Kb.

Ojb/Struts GUI alpha 

Ojb/Struts GUI generates java files and database entry's. It can also update java source files without overwriting existing code and alter database tables.. Freeware download of Ojb/Struts GUI alpha, size 3.26 Mb.

JavaParser 1.0 Javasemantic 

Java files semantic analyser tool

JavaParser 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JavaParser 1.0, size 0 b.

sjcf 1.0 Sjcf 

The Secure Java Code Filter (SJCF) provides an ICAP-based filter mechanism for mobile Java code and the signatures applied to it. Administrators can define a centralized policy determining which applications and signatures respectively are allowed.

sjcf 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of sjcf 1.0, size 12.43 Mb.