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Ionia Student Online rc.0.5.0 Ioniastudent 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

The new Ionia Student Online is a student information system for high schools, run from a web environment.

Ionia Student Online rc.0.5.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of Ionia Student Online rc.0.5.0, size 223.09 Kb.


AgentOWL 1.0 

Education \ Science

AgentOWL library support RDF/OWL ontology models in JADE agent system. The library use Jena for ontology model manipulation.. Freeware download of AgentOWL 1.0, size 9.88 Mb.

PSCafePOS 2.0.5 

Business \ Finance

PS Cafe is a POS (Point of Sale) designed for a school cafeteria or lunchroom, it integrates with nearly any Student Information System including PowerSchool 5.0 and Pentamation. It takes into account free and reduced lunches and student credit.. Freeware download of PSCafePOS 2.0.5, size 6.03 Mb.

The R Commander 8. 5. 2005 John Fox 

Education \ Mathmatics

The R-Commander GUI consists of a window containing several menus, buttons, and information fields. (The menu tree, etc., are shown below.) In addition, the Commander window contains script and output text windows. The R-Commander menus are easily configurable through a text file or, preferably, through plug-in packages.
The menus lead to. Freeware download of The R Commander 8. 5. 2005, size 9.65 Mb.

Result Assessment System 1.0 

Education \ Science

RAS is the acronym for Result Assessment System. The primary purpose of RAS is helping users manage, visualize, assess and report results obtained from experimental search algorithms.. Freeware download of Result Assessment System 1.0, size 481.48 Kb.

CoreASM 1.0.3 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The CoreASM project focuses on the design of a lean executable ASM (Abstract State Machines) language, in combination with a supporting tool environment for high-level design, experimental validation and formal verification of abstract system models.. Freeware download of CoreASM 1.0.3, size 587.39 Kb.

DLearn 0.1 

Home & Personal \ Parenting Tools

A group of specific modules that allow to create and manage a simple distance learning system including audio/video and slide synchronization (in live streamed session too), slideshows, content management, teacher/student chat.. Freeware download of DLearn 0.1, size 7.84 Kb.

Enhanced Content Models 1.0 

Home & Personal \ E-books & Information Databases

Enhanced Content Models add new features to the Fedora 3.0 content models.. A more elaborate specification of the data objects. The repository view system. The object creation templates, for creating new objects. Freeware download of Enhanced Content Models 1.0, size 29.75 Mb.

GAMS Development Environment 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The intentions of this project are as follows:1; Determine the potential interest level in developing a basic interface for creating models in GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System).2; To create a sounding board for what should be added to the exist. Freeware download of GAMS Development Environment 1.0, size 10.17 Kb.

IceIDS rc 

Internet \ Networking

IceIDS is heuristic Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) based on calculating Student's distributions of network traffic.. Freeware download of IceIDS rc, size 28.70 Kb.

MASyV 0.11 

Education \ Science

MASyV (Multi-Agent System Visualization) enables one to write agent-based models/cellular automata, eg. in C, visualize them in real time & capture to movie file with MASyVs GUI & message passing lib. Includes examples: Hello World, ants, viral infection. Freeware download of MASyV 0.11, size 430.24 Kb.

Merlin - Modulo de Seguimiento 1.0 

Home & Personal \ Parenting Tools

Student tracking modules based on Liferay Portal and Pentaho BI tools to get a educational system oriented to do a more useful analysis of student marks than actual student tracking plattforms seems to perform.. Freeware download of Merlin - Modulo de Seguimiento 1.0, size 169.46 Mb.

STM: Student/Teacher Manager 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Student Center is a web based student and teacher portal with the ability to organize homework assignments, display news, and show other relevant information. This project includes the use of PHP5, MySQL, a template system, and LDAP authorization.. Freeware download of STM: Student/Teacher Manager 1.0, size 61.58 Kb.

SystemDynamics 1.3 

Education \ Science

SystemDynamics is a graphical Java application for modeling, visualization and execution of System Dynamics models.. Freeware download of SystemDynamics 1.3, size 1.94 Mb.

simtrain 1.20 Simtrain 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

This is an web based tuition center management system with features like manage student info, employee/tutor info, tuition class and registration, product & services, payment, generate official receipt, cash onhand, stock.

simtrain 1.20 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of simtrain 1.20, size 2.61 Mb.

Class Scheduling System 1.0 StivaSoft Ltd 

Business \ Vertical Markets

Tune up your education and training business by upgrading your site with a smart course scheduling system! Our smart yet simple script will enable you to make a better presentation of the classes and group activities that you provide. The class scheduling software can be installed on any website and fits all mobile devices since it has a responsive. Free download of Class Scheduling System 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.

My System Security 1.0.1 My System Security 

Utilities \ Security

Ultimate collection of security and system software. My System Security accept PAD or manual submissions from developers. Provides detailed information for security and system related software applications covering major operating systems. Users reviews and free, instant software download.. Freeware download of My System Security 1.0.1, size 326.66 Kb.


Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools


XP System Suite 7 2 Xp system suite 


XP System Suite is a fully-integrated suite of utilities that lets you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. The XP System Suite - Registry Cleaner module provides you with a safe and simple way to clean Windows Registry. To keep your computer always at top performance, we recommend to clean your registry at. Free download of XP System Suite 7 2, size 6.14 Mb.

Vista System Suite 6 3 Vista System Suite 

Utilities \ Maintenance

Vista System Suite is a comprehensive set of 25+ tools to boost up your system's performance. Its powerful optimizing features like Disk Defragment and Memory Optimizer make your computer always perform like new. The security tools like Privacy Protector and File Encryptor ensure that your private data is always safe. Vista System Suite gives you. Free download of Vista System Suite 6 3, size 6.25 Mb.