Molecular Weight Excel

Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0 Chemiasoft 

calculate molecular weight of any chemical formula, easy to use and accurate, embeded periodic table inside for easy insert elemnts fromperiodic table,for student, chemist, scientist, teachers and analyst.. Freeware download of Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0, size 2.13 Mb.


Unit Conversion 1 J. A. Peters and Associates, LLC 

Unit Conversion is shareware that converts values from one set of measurements to another. Simple to use, but with advanced features including a molecular weight calculator, the program includes both standalone Windows and MS Excel versions. Behind its simple interface, Unit Conversion includes a flexible parser that allows an infinite number of. Free download of Unit Conversion 1, size 2.45 Mb.

Chemiasoft Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0.1 Chemiasoft 

Easily calculate weight of molar mass withChemiasoft Molecular Weight Calculator.
Some features:
-Easy to use molecular weight calculator
-Calculate molecular weight or molar mass of any chemical formula
-Insert elements from an embedded periodic table. Freeware download of Chemiasoft Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0.1, size 2.13 Mb.

Mendeleev Molecular Weight Calculator rc.1.09b 

Mendeleev is a molecular weight calculator for PalmOS devices. Operation is simple -- just enter the formula for the molecule, and the molecular weight will be displayed.. Freeware download of Mendeleev Molecular Weight Calculator rc.1.09b, size 17.40 Kb.

Molecular Formulas 1.1 Epina GmbH 

If we know the molecular weight of a substance we implicitely know the atomic composition of that substance - provided that the molecular weight is known to an accuracy which is sufficient to distinguish between molecules having the same nominal mass.

To explain this, let's have a look at a very simple example: suppose we know that our. Freeware download of Molecular Formulas 1.1, size 272.63 Kb.

Dhaatu: The Periodic Table of Elements 3.0.3 Dhaatu 

Get vast information regarding all the elements of the modern Periodic Table. Download this one and you'll never find yourself short of information about the elements that make this universe.
This Periodic Table contains the following information about the 116 elements known to man.

* Name
* Symbol
* Atomic Number. Freeware download of Dhaatu: The Periodic Table of Elements 3.0.3, size 432.13 Kb.

MolComp 1.0 

MOLecular weight and atomic COMPosition calculator. Runs in simple command-line or web interface (as CGI). A visual Tk interface is planned.. Freeware download of MolComp 1.0, size 88.93 Kb.

MolWgt 060315 

Given the chemical formula, MolWgt calculates the molecular weight of a substance.. Freeware download of MolWgt 060315, size 2.53 Kb.

MWCalc 1.3 

This software is a molecular weight calculator.. Freeware download of MWCalc 1.3, size 138.11 Kb.

wio-gpc 1.0 Wio-gpc 

Wio-gpc is a command line driven perl application designed for polymers molecular weight calculations based on chromatographic data. Results of GPC, SEC or GFC analysis can be converted to Mn, Mw and molecular weight distributions (MWD).

wio-gpc 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of wio-gpc 1.0, size 0 b.

ChemCalc 2.2 

This is a convenient chemistry tool for students and professionals to calculate molecular mass (molecular weight) of compounds and learn basic properties of chemical elements on iPad.

Main features:
1. Unique elements keyboard and digits keyboard are provided for user to input a chemical formula and then calculate its molecular. Free download of ChemCalc 2.2, size 15.73 Mb.

ChemWeight 1.1 Akkyra Systems 

ChemWeight is a high-quality molecular weight calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

With ChemWeight, you enter chemical formulas using a convenient, customizable keypad. The keypad format makes formula entry simple and quick. (Infrequently entered symbols are accessed from a pop-up list.)

You can use both atomic symbols. Free download of ChemWeight 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Engineers Calculator 1 discretedevs 

Welcome to Engineers Calculator, an Engineering Calculator for Engineers and Students worldwide, Through our Application, you are able to solve complex equations like Pressure, Temperature, Charles Law, Half-Life, Boyle's Law, Molecular Weight, Arrhenius Equation, Spectra Library, Mass Length, Gravitational Force, and many more.... Free download of Engineers Calculator 1, size 524.29 Kb.

HAKARI.mol 1.0 Takayuki Yonemura 

HAKARI.mol is a simple Molecular mass calculator. It can use molecular weight from H to Bi (excluding Tc and Pm) and Th, Pa, and U defined by IUPAC. In addition to this, it can also use idioms of substituent (for example COOH and EtO) and decimal point number. It doesn't distinguish Capital letters and small letters.. Freeware download of HAKARI.mol 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

AminoXpress Inc. 

Multifunctional Biochemistry Software Package Integrated With: Amino Acid Analysis, Building Block Composition, Digestion, Elemental Analysis, Fragmentation, Isotopic Distribution, Combinatorial Library, Molecular Weight, Motif, and Helix Wheel/Net.. Free download of AminoXpress, size 5.42 Mb.

CHEMMOL 1.0 Wolf van Heeswijk 

CHEMMOL (V1.0) is a freeware program for the calculation of molecular masses and chemical analyses of compounds. It was written with the organic chemist in mind.
Thus, apart form (most) of the elements a number of organic functional groups and some protecting groups were added. Likewise, all naturally occuring amino acids were added to the. Freeware download of CHEMMOL 1.0, size 263.17 Kb.

Dhaatu The Periodic Table of Elements 3.0.3 Dhaatu 

Dhaatu gives you the following information about each of the 116 elements of the modern Periodic Table:
- Name
- Symbol
- Atomic Number
- Atomic Weight
- 1st Ionization Potential
- 2nd Ionization Potential
- Electronegativity
- Atomic Radius
- Boiling Point
- Melting Point
-. Freeware download of Dhaatu The Periodic Table of Elements 3.0.3, size 43.31 Mb.

UN-SCAN-IT gel 6.1 

The UN-SCAN-IT gel software turns your scanner into a high speed digitizer/densitometer system that converts scanned graphs and gels into digital data. UN-SCAN-IT gel works with any full page or hand scanner to automatically determine (x,y) point Locations, peak heights, band densities, band locations, molecular weight values, and other graphical. Free download of UN-SCAN-IT gel 6.1, size 13.21 Mb.

LabCal 3.0.1 iSheepSoft 

The Laboratory Calculator is an utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of stock solutions.


- Slider-controlled SI-prefixes

- Automatic adjustment of values to SI-prefixes

- Switch the molecular weight between Dalton and kilo-Daltons. Freeware download of LabCal 3.0.1, size 1.57 Mb.

Calculator for Science Students 2.9 Dot Point Learning Systems 

This is a very useful calculator for students. The system is designed to quickly carry out calculations and find commonly used reference data. The system contains a scientific calculator that can also calculate molecular mass, and from this main calculator over 80 other calculators and science tools can be called.These include a triangle. Freeware download of Calculator for Science Students 2.9, size 1.66 Mb.