Mood Castingsmood Castings

Microsoft Research Mood Board 1 Microsoft Research 

Microsoft Research Mood Board is a useful application that encourages creative activities by providing a simple means of finding images and stitching them together in a collage.

With Microsoft Research Mood Board you can find digital pictures using Bing's dedicated image search function, add the images to the editing area and move them. Free download of Microsoft Research Mood Board 1, size 0 b.


Cure Wild Mood Swings 2.1 Footnote Fonts 

Cure Wild Mood Swings is an OTF character that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you. Free download of Cure Wild Mood Swings 2.1, size 0 b.

Mood Disorder Questionnaire 1.0 Bipolar Symptoms 

The Mood Disorder Questionnaire is a professional scale used in the diagnosis of manic symptoms in bipolar disorder. Bipolar spectrum disorders frequently go unrecognized and untreated, which results in health and psychosocial problems later on. The Mood Disorder Questionnaire is a useful screening instrument for bipolar spectrum disorder in a. Freeware download of Mood Disorder Questionnaire 1.0, size 4.47 Mb.

MSN Mood Avatar Display Pack 1.0 Chunky Pig 

MSN Messenger Mood Avatar Packs are fun and include many different images to use to show all your friends. These MSN Messenger Picture packs are themed so you get the best pic. This is just one more way to have more fun with MSN Messenger. MSN Avatars packs are not only fun but they are free. And don't forget to tell your friends about these free. Freeware download of MSN Mood Avatar Display Pack 1.0, size 692.06 Kb.

Mood MSN Display Pictures 1 MSN Display Pictures 

The Moods display picture set for MSN Messenger 6/7 includes high-quality display pictures for displaying your current mood, for example being in love, happy, angry or sleepy. Be sure to check this amazing display picture set out! . Freeware download of Mood MSN Display Pictures 1, size 149.50 Kb.

Mood Desktop Photo Albums 1.0 Desktop Photo Albums 

Now, everybody in the computer with many digital photos.For a long time,these experience may be dismissed.For many good things, it's a pity. Desktop albums this software can help you find these beautiful memories. It can show you the computer switch time of digital photographs. And it has eight beautiful frame for your choice. You can try, Feel. Free download of Mood Desktop Photo Albums 1.0, size 15.48 Mb.

Mood Mouse 1.0 Black Box Development 

Mood Mouse is a program Remote Mouse and Keyboard for PC and MAC.
Mood Mouse morphs your iPhone/iPod Touch into a groovy wireless keyboard and mouse. Mood Mouse can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a trackpad or it can utilize the onboard accelerometer to control your mouse by tilting your iPhone left, right, up and down. Additionally, Mood. Freeware download of Mood Mouse 1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

SYNTPARSE German 2.0 Langsoft (Sprachlernmittel) 

Parses the German sentence showing its grammatical and syntactical constituent elements: subject, object (direct, indirect), complement (subject, object, infinitival complement), verb and verbal tense ( present tense, past tense, future tense), mood, dependent clause, etc.. Free download of SYNTPARSE German 2.0, size 2.57 Mb.

Mind Relax 1.0.0 Loop Ray 

Mind Relax will help users change their mood while listening to their favorite music tracks.

It utilizes sequences of binaural, isochronic and monaural beats that can be combined with ambient nature sounds to stimulate specific mind states that guide you to relaxation, sleep, memory improvement, focus, concentration and mediation.

Absolute Finger Scan ~ Mood Finger Scan Prank for Entertainment 1.0 Andrew Gronek 

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true mood detection functionality.

"hours of fun..."

Are you ready?

To start the prank, place your left index finger over the mood detector. Pay attention and then wait for the response.

Try it out with your. Freeware download of Absolute Finger Scan ~ Mood Finger Scan Prank for Entertainment 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Happiness - Mood Tracking Journal 2.4.1 Good To Hear 

Happiness is a mood tracker and journal app that helps you track your happiness and presents this with clear visualisations. In this age of self quantification, what is more important to measure than our happiness?

You can also enjoy the benefits of a being a dedicated diarist without the hassle of relying on willpower alone -. Free download of Happiness - Mood Tracking Journal 2.4.1, size 23.80 Mb.

How was your mood 1.1 DevJockeys 

Everybody experiences moodswings in some way or another, it is a natural thing. There can be a lot of reasons for wanting to get an insight in your moodswings, from simply being interested to being diagnosed bipolar.

'How was your mood' is a friendly app, which helps you to document your mood swings on a daily basis, by asking you a. Free download of How was your mood 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Radio Mood 4.2.0 Kostis Grigoriadis 

Radio Mood - Your Music Your Mood Bambaska bir radyo deneyimi yasay?n. Hem Rock hem de bir cok baska turde muzigin nas?l en iyi sekilde harmanland?g?na sahit olun.. Freeware download of Radio Mood 4.2.0, size 15.83 Mb.

Planetary Dreamscapes 1 Digital Dreamscapes 

Planetary Dreamscapes 1Featuring eleven amazing scenes to choose from, six musical compositions to set the mood, blazing stars, swirling nebula, and galactic vista await you as we bring you spectacular images from deep space, both real and imagined. . Free download of Planetary Dreamscapes 1, size 3.02 Mb.

DeskDeco 1.4.2 Pantera Designs 

Ever wanted to have an ever changing picture on your desktop which reflects your mood? Ever had a directory full of pictures which you don't know what to do about, but maybe would look good as a wallpaper on your desktop? Then DeskDeco is just the program for you. DeskDeco was designed to let you choose one such directory full of pictures and it. Freeware download of DeskDeco 1.4.2, size 3.13 Mb.

MoodBook 2 Argentum Corporation 

MoodBook is a tiny Windows utility that brings art to your desktop and sets a tone for your daily mood and emotions! With MoodBook your desktop looks like an art gallery changing art expositions either automatically, at regular time intervals, or manually, with a click. Each exposition has either a tranquil, neutral or vivid background and a. Freeware download of MoodBook 2, size 2.56 Mb. FlashChatS 

Flash Chat ScriptsWeb Based Visitor Chat Window Supports unlimited simultaneous chats Smiles enabled, Mood icons Customizable Chat Window Multiple moderators Block Visitors From Chats Browser based moderator Client Push URL on visitor browser Chat History Emails Audio alerts Visitor ability to change bg /font color of their posts. Free download of FlashChatS, size 17.41 Kb.

Autumn Motives Screensaver 1.1 Altix Soft 

Seasonal Screensaver for the autumn mood: foliage, wood, landscapes. The best qualitative images. It is available 30 images. All images in resolution 800*600 and High Color (24-bit). The screensaver also comes with 2 possibilities is "ScreenSaver Control" and "Wallpaper Control".. Free download of Autumn Motives Screensaver 1.1, size 5.41 Mb.

Happy Bavarian 1.5 HBF eSolutions 

Good mood guaranteed! This extraordinary 3D screensaver gives you a feeling for real Bavarian way of life and brings you instantly good mood. Watch the happy Bavarian at his home, where he is drinking beer and dancing the slap dance (Original Slap Dance Figures) with his dachshund on real Bavarian country music. Through the window you have a look. Free download of Happy Bavarian 1.5, size 10.94 Mb.

Autumn Time Screensaver 1.0 Altix Soft 

The Autumn Time screensaver will brings truly autumn mood for you. Autumn landscapes, mountain lakes, calm forest nature, golden foliage is a beautiful pacification by the Nature. Mainly, all images contains golden, red and orange colours. Further to splendid scenes You see little poetries with autumn themes of such authors as Anne Reeve Aldrich. Free download of Autumn Time Screensaver 1.0, size 7.99 Mb.