Movie List Manager

IP Guest List Manager 1.01 Information Packaging 

IP Wedding Planner is a guest list manager for windows. Use it to record your wedding list. Monitor your progress and RSVPs with quick reports. . Free download of IP Guest List Manager 1.01, size 975.87 Kb.


Inout Mailing List Manager Ultimate 4 1 Inoutscripts 

Inout Mailing List Manager Ultimate is the most powerful version of the popular script inout mailing list manager. It is equally good for small,medium businesses as well as for large corporations and univerisites. It has all the features of inout mailing list manager and some cool advanced features like multple administrators, activity monitoring,. Free download of Inout Mailing List Manager Ultimate 4 1, size 2.84 Mb.

Free Mailing List Manager 1.82 flashfindmail 

Free List Manager is a tool designed to help you merge smaller e-mail lists into one big list. It is a full featured professional mailinglist manager software.

for WindowsAll

. Free download of Free Mailing List Manager 1.82, size 0 b.

DragNDrop E-mail List Manager 1.0 Gilmore Software Development 

Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager is a free full featured professional mailing list manager made simple. It automates the entire process of extracting, importing, merging, cleaning, removing duplicate, & sorting addresses. Ideal e-mail marketing tool for small businesses or clubs. Makes it easy to keep you in constant contact with subscribers,. Freeware download of DragNDrop E-mail List Manager 1.0, size 996.15 Kb.

FastSender mailing list manager 1.2 CoolScriptz 

FastSender is a Powerful yet very easy to use PHP mailing list manager that helps you sending professional looking emails or newsletters to lists of subscribers in No time, it apos;s also a great solution for email marketing that helps you managing your email campaigns with so many advanced features like: email templates, CMS based newsletters,. Free download of FastSender mailing list manager 1.2, size 3.07 Mb.

Free List Manager 1.67 FlashFindMail Inc 

List Manager is a free and simple Email List Manager software.

There are some features of Free List Manager:

Split huge email lists into smaller ones
Merge smaller email lists into one big list. Freeware download of Free List Manager 1.67, size 754.97 Kb.

Email List Manager by Emailsmartz 1.01 Email List Manager by Emailsmartz 

Emailsmartz Email List Manager is mailing list management software to collect unsubscribed user email ids, sort mailing lists, merge email lists, and remove duplicate email addresses. The Email List Manager can be used to easily handle management of newsletter subscriptions. The email manager can manage and sort e-mail lists on the basis of domain. Free download of Email List Manager by Emailsmartz 1.01, size 5.88 Mb.

Atomic List Manager 1.5 AtomPark Software 

E-mail marketers know that fresh “quality” mailing lists are the key to success of any campaign. While there are some good and few excellent tools that help you manage your mailing list, none comes close to List Manager if you have several active e-mail lists to maintain. In-house and independent studies show that using List Manager. Free download of Atomic List Manager 1.5, size 1.36 Mb.

Priorganizer 1.6 RiaForm Technology, LLC 

Finally a To-Do List Manager that Doesn't Get In The Way! With subtasks, a knowledge base, calendar, address book, journal, scheduled tasks, full text search, and much more! Priorganizer offers an Outlook-like interface that is both familiar and intuitive. When it comes to managing tasks, Priorganizer offers a number of features that you just don't. Free download of Priorganizer 1.6, size 1.03 Mb.

ListManager 7.5 Email Business Software 

Whether you want to sort URL- or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge and substract unsubscribed lists, our List Manager can do it all! Particularly it stands out by its brilliant filtering function. With the filtering function, you can for example sort out all email addresses with the ending ".de". Or you create a list,. Free download of ListManager 7.5, size 16.14 Mb.

Easy List Manager EasySoftMade Inc. 

Easy List Manager is a powerful but easy to use organizing tool for Internet marketers. It is designed for managing large lists of email addresses. It has the following useful features: easy combining of several lists in one file, removes duplicates, splits large lists into several files, extracts the addresses from any text file, removes addresses. Free download of Easy List Manager, size 100.65 Mb.

LinkRoller - Link List Manager 1.0 Random Mouse Software 

LinkRoller was designed to assist with the ranking of domains in MSN/Live search. In other words, it can be used to gain tons of free traffic. But it is also just a simple link list manager. LinkRoller allows you to create lists of hyperlinks of any length. Sub-lists of random links can then be extracted with a simple web page request. These. Freeware download of LinkRoller - Link List Manager 1.0, size 25.60 Kb.

FastSender (mailing list manager) 3.0 CoolScriptz 

FastSender is powerful yet very easy to use mailing list manager that helps you sending your newsletter in no time. Complete with many advanced features such as: Detailed message personalization, email templates, newsletter editor, advanced campaign tracking identifying the effectiveness of your campaigns, detailed reports and charts analyzing and. Free download of FastSender (mailing list manager) 3.0, size 2.04 Mb.

Java Todo List Manager 1.0 

Java Todo List Manager is a web based application that can be used for creating, editing and maintaining a todo list. Todo lists can be shared with others as well.. Freeware download of Java Todo List Manager 1.0, size 33.16 Mb.

PHP Mailing List Manager 1.0 

An easy to use, scalable, extendible mailing list manager created in PHP. Has user management, job queuing and staggering. Uses ADODb Lite access layer for fast effecient access to your database, (currently only MySQL support included).. Freeware download of PHP Mailing List Manager 1.0, size 391.88 Kb.

PHP Todo List Manager 0.8.1beta 

A full-featured Multi-User ToDo List manager supporting RSS feeds, custom categories, and more.. Freeware download of PHP Todo List Manager 0.8.1beta, size 91.78 Kb.

Elite PHP Mailing List manager 1.0 Elitemaillist 

A simple PHP Mailing list manager with ability to group email address in custom groups. Supports HTML emails with upto 5 embedded images in the email.

Elite PHP Mailing List manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Elite PHP Mailing List manager 1.0, size 0 b.

MaLiMa mailing list manager 1.0 Malima 

A mailing list manager written in Objective C, with a web interface similar to Mailman and a web archive similar to MHonArc. Primary platform Linux with Exim and Apache.

MaLiMa mailing list manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MaLiMa mailing list manager 1.0, size 0 b.

ListWizard 1.5.1 Virdi Software 

ListWizard is a simple-to-use mailing list manager. Lists can be configured as simple distribution lists or full-featured mailing lists. There is no limit to the number of lists or members that can be managed. The program is simple to use yet has many advanced features like subscription verification, password protection, list moderation, feature to. Free download of ListWizard 1.5.1, size 807.40 Kb.

Jump List Manager Software 1.0 MurGee Dot Com 

Jump List Software to create new jump list on windows 7. Right click on the taskbar icon of the jump list software to display the jump list. Use the Jump List Manager Software to add new jump list items to the jump list or edit existing items easily. Download and try out the Jump List Manager Software for free and the registration fee is only. Free download of Jump List Manager Software 1.0, size 4.56 Mb.