Mp3 Collection Huge

MP3Quicksort 1.0 Mp3quicksort 

This is a little tool to categorize a very huge MP3-Collection by zapping through the files, moving them by drag & drop into six, freely definable drop- targets, which will be automatically created in a subfolder of the files former location.

MP3Quicksort 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MP3Quicksort 1.0, size 0 b.


Abee Compare MP3 0.91 AbeeTech 

This program allows you to create mp3 collection from files on your disks and then compare mp3-files and detect files with the same tags (mp3 duplicates). It also can determine similar mp3 files. For example if one file has 'The Beatles' in the author-tag but another file has 'The Beetles' in this tag this program will discover such alike mp3. Freeware download of Abee Compare MP3 0.91, size 1.04 Mb.

Ogg Encoder Decoder 1.2.3 XFilez Inc. 

Vorbis is a new audio format that may well be the end off your mp3 collection. This is not the feeble attempt by the RIAA or other agencies or companies to introduce a way to limit your music; on the contrary this is an absolute freedom. As consumers of mp3's we don't see the requirements to license the technology from the original developer. Free download of Ogg Encoder Decoder 1.2.3, size 525.31 Kb.

MP3Toys Robert Frahm 

MP3Toys is a program that enables you to manage your MP3 collection in a very easy way. The program comes with some useful features that will simplify the way you get your Mp3 files. You can set the program to automatically download album art and lyrics. The application comes with a fast search engine that will let you find anything you want in a. Free download of MP3Toys, size 7.36 Mb.

Mp3 Scanner Light unknown 

This program helps you to control your MP3 collection. It scans all over your computer drives and creates list of your music files. You can edit MP3 tags in a spreadsheet-style format (single file and multiply modes are supported), play music using external MP3 player, rename and remove files. The program has nice easy to use interface. Hard drive,. Freeware download of Mp3 Scanner Light, size 0 b.

RoadRunn's MP3 Server Search Engine 1.0 

RoadRunn's MP3 Server Search Engine is a web based search engine to search a personal MP3 collection and download and/or queue it in a streaming server. Please read the Notes for each release for version specific features.. Freeware download of RoadRunn's MP3 Server Search Engine 1.0, size 14.34 Kb.

Xine mp3 Db 1.0 Xmp3db 

A Xine mp3 player with MySQL fronted for organizing and searching mp3 collection. Based on DDJ and uses same DB as DDJ so it works with DigitalDJ.

Xine mp3 Db 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Xine mp3 Db 1.0, size 0 b.

jMp3Lib 1.0 

A Java Application designed to manage a large Mp3 Collection including a player, intelligent playlists and search-capabilities. Freeware download of jMp3Lib 1.0, size 806.29 Kb.

Move My Music 1.0 

A simple utility to organize an MP3 collection in a logical structure.. Freeware download of Move My Music 1.0, size 3.98 Kb.

SBMP 3.0.001 

SBMP is a free webbased MP3 managment and player software which let's you access your MP3 collection locally and remotely with any webbrowser.Multiple ways to organize your MP3 collection are provided.Local and remote/streaming playback is supported.. Freeware download of SBMP 3.0.001, size 2.90 Mb.

Zina is not Andromeda 2.0b22 

Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 collection, a personal jukebox, an MP3 streamer, a Podcaster. It can run on its own, embeded into an existing website, or as a Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress/etc. module.. Freeware download of Zina is not Andromeda 2.0b22, size 756.49 Kb.

JamDB b.0.9.9 Jamdb 

JamDB (Just another music DataBase) is a fast PHP/DB based mp3 collection management software with many interesting features.

JamDB b.0.9.9 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of JamDB b.0.9.9, size 99.18 Kb.

Groovy Tagger 1.0 Groovytagger 

Groovy Tagger let you simply edit all the ID3 fields of your mp3 collection, like artist, album, title, year, lyric and cover artwork. Import your mp3 list and Groovy Tagger will search all the missing information asking the most known on line databases.

MP3, tag, id3, tagger, music, rename

Groovy Tagger 1.0 License - GNU. Freeware download of Groovy Tagger 1.0, size 0 b.

Bunghole Jukebox 1.0 

Bunghole Jukebox is a web interface to your MP3 collection. Use it to access your music collection wherever you are, publish in your website/blog and share with friends.

Bunghole Jukebox 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Bunghole Jukebox 1.0, size 0 b.

IceZing 0.5b Icezing 

IceZing is a web-based front-end for icecast/ices0 that allows control of your own internet radio station based upon your mp3 collection. Features include A web-based playlist editor/viewer and the ability to archive your mp3's via ID3 tags into a MySql

IceZing 0.5b License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of IceZing 0.5b, size 14.10 Kb.

WebTunes 1.0 Webtunes 

Online music library to stream your mp3 collection to any browser.

WebTunes 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WebTunes 1.0, size 0 b.

ARMP - A Random Music Player 2011a ASTP 

(FREEWARE version 2011) Music non stop, play all your mp3 collection , random Mp3 player that allows you to listen your favorite music without having to worry about anything. Just tell the program where the songs are located in your computer and it will play them randomly. You can also be the DJ and at any time select a music on mp3 list playing. Free download of ARMP - A Random Music Player 2011a, size 587.20 Kb.

Houdini ID3 Tagger 1.6 Dojotech Software 

This powerful tool is used to view, edit, and manage your MP3 collection. In addition to standard ID3 tag editing, Houdini provides special batch functions, internet-enabled lookup services, and album normalisation. It's free, it's new, and it's powerful! Houdini Edit Window exposes all of the selected mp3's editable fields. You can also update an. Freeware download of Houdini ID3 Tagger 1.6, size 786.43 Kb.

PIPL 2.50 D Programmed Integration 

PIPL is not only a lean and quick MP3 player and playlist editor, it also has built in peer-to-peer networking and ID3 tag editing. New in this version is the ability to print your MP3 collection. You can evaluate PIPL for 14 days, after which peer-to-peer networking, ID3 tag editing and printing are disabled, but you can still use all the other. Free download of PIPL 2.50 D, size 1.05 Mb.

AllMyMusic Kryszat Guide & More 

This software MP3 player gives fast acces to all your MP3 songs in your collection. Shows your own MP3 collection the same way as the download websites. Various Artist albums are recognized and shown differnet then single artist albums. Keyconcept is the alphabet toolbar that lets you select the bands starting at the desired character. Use the. Freeware download of AllMyMusic, size 7.62 Mb.