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Silverlight goo Baduk Online Game 10 

Games \ Strategy

Microsoft Silverlight v2.0 v3.0 Client Visual Studio 2008 Server C++ MS-SQL Database 2000 WEB 2.0 Online Baduk Game Open source services full source. Freeware download of Silverlight goo Baduk Online Game 10, size 39.78 Mb.


Navicat for SQL Server Database Client for Mac OS 9.1.3 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. 

Business \ Information Database

Navicat is an ideal solution for SQL Server administration and development. This is an all-inclusive mysql front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management, development and maintenance. Easy installation
and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for mysql on the web or your local desktop. Navicat. Free download of Navicat for SQL Server Database Client for Mac OS 9.1.3, size 17.51 Mb.

MightyQuery 1.0.2 Zlatko Matic 

Business \ Information Database

MightyQuery is a single user SQL database management software working with data stored as comma separated values (.csv, .txt) in plain, flat, textual files. It is serverless, self-contained, simple and effective SQL DBMS for querying CSV files. In contrast to most database systems, MightyQuery does not require neither server installation, neither. Freeware download of MightyQuery 1.0.2, size 2.56 Mb.

Completely Self-Contained Bug Database b.1.1 

Development \ Database

A bug database that requires no additional software--no web server, no SQL database! Cross-platform (written in Java). Data-driven from a simple text file describing the fields you wish to use in your bug database. Perfect for small project teams.<a href=""><img src="soft82_award_50x81.gif". Freeware download of Completely Self-Contained Bug Database b.1.1, size 50.67 Kb.

Emacs Photo Database b.0.5 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Emacs Photo Database provides functions to manage a collection of photographic films, negatives, and prints stored in a SQL database. It is targeted at fine-art photographers and other people who use a wet-process workflow instead of digital imaging.. Freeware download of Emacs Photo Database b.0.5, size 221.16 Kb.

Python Hyperschema Database Mapper 3.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Creates really cool and useful hypermaps from SQL database schema, consists of a small PL/SQL metadata extractor and a Python (or C) postprocessor file.. Freeware download of Python Hyperschema Database Mapper 3.0, size 28.97 Kb.

Transact-SQL Analyzer 2.6 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Transact-SQL Analyzer is a java-based client tool for Microsoft (MS) SQL Server. It is written in Java, so SQL Server client tool provides access to microsoft SQL Server from any platform with a Java VM installed.. Freeware download of Transact-SQL Analyzer 2.6, size 234.03 Kb.

bratsproc 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

bratsproc - a php dynamic html environment that manages SQL database recordsin a web browser. Form data is contained in supplied tables, and allows the user to create menus, forms (even header/body), searches, lookups, reports.. Freeware download of bratsproc 1.0, size 24.41 Kb.

CircleDB for CircleMud b.0.01 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

CircleDB is an sql database with a php frontend that can import, manipulate, and export CircleMud World database files (wld,shp,obj,mob,zon). The main purpose of this program was bring the power of sql/php to an offline CircleMud coding program.. Freeware download of CircleDB for CircleMud b.0.01, size 43.12 Kb.

clienteODBC 0.4.4 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

clienteODBC is an aplication for connecting to MS SQL Server databases via ODBC datasources It's based on Qt 4.5 Opensource edition. This application has been compiled under GNU/LiNUX and Windows. Now you can browse MS SQL Server databases from LiNUX!. Freeware download of clienteODBC 0.4.4, size 2.25 Mb.

DiscDB b.0.4 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

DiscDB is a little program that will use a SQL database to catalog all files in your CDs or DVDs, making it easy to find a file without having to switch discs until you find it. Useful for people who save all their downloads or backups to removable media. Freeware download of DiscDB b.0.4, size 21.29 Kb.

Easy Web Mail 0.1 

Internet \ Mail

A web mail service based on J2EE and open source sql database. It supported rules, addressbook, etc... Freeware download of Easy Web Mail 0.1, size 58.87 Kb.

flavianBoard 2 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

FlavianBoard is a forum that is a the product of a merge of php, SQL database management and java to build communities and help website administrators keep a close relationship with their visitors.. Freeware download of flavianBoard 2, size 2.20 Kb.

FM Archive Viewer 0.0.1 

Internet \ Mail

FM Archive Viewer allows easy access to MS SQL Server fax archives created by GFI FAXmaker.. Freeware download of FM Archive Viewer 0.0.1, size 24.82 Kb.

JCA Resource Adapter for 1C EIS System 1.0 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

This Resource Adapter enables you to connect your Java application to the 1C Enterprise Information System based on ActiveX and MS SQL Server. It should be compliant to JCA 1.0. Freeware download of JCA Resource Adapter for 1C EIS System 1.0, size 10.56 Kb.

Kowari 2 

Development \ Database

Kowari is a Java based, non-SQL database for the storage of RDF providing a lightweight, highly scalable, transaction-safe environment.. Freeware download of Kowari 2, size 58.72 Mb.

Lightweight Data Object 2.0.1 

Development \ Code Management

LDO's are lightweight data objects, Java classes that provide query and update access a single table or view in a SQL database. The LDO utility provides a user-friendly interface to generate that JDBC code.. Freeware download of Lightweight Data Object 2.0.1, size 21.57 Kb.

MsSQL Diff 31.05.2010 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Tool for camparing two Ms SQL Server databases. Cross-platform, developed in QT 4.. Freeware download of MsSQL Diff 31.05.2010, size 29.38 Kb.

PHP Email Archiver rc.1.02 

Internet \ Mail

Archive email in a SQL database with a nice PHP front end, and full text search capabilities. Freeware download of PHP Email Archiver rc.1.02, size 14.65 Kb.

SQLgrey Postfix greylisting service 1.8.0 

Internet \ Mail

Postfix greylisting policy service with auto-white-listing written in Perl with SQL database as storage backend. Greylisting stops 50 to 90 % junk mails (spam and virus) before they reach your Postfix server (saves BW, user time and CPU time).. Freeware download of SQLgrey Postfix greylisting service 1.8.0, size 69.48 Kb.