Multiplex Projects In Vbnet Mac Software

MIDesigner 0.1 

Education \ Science

MIDesigner (MID Intelligent Designer) is a utility to design multiplex identifier (MID) primers for use in sequencing projects. Thus, it is similar in intent to Barcrawl.. Freeware download of MIDesigner 0.1, size 38.85 Kb.


ConceptDraw Project Mac 2 Computer Systems Odessa 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Use ConceptDraw Project to increase overall business performance through effective coordination of multiple projects planning in your organization. ConceptDraw Project will facilitate planning work and sharing resources among several development teams; marketing groups; sales teams; research projects and many more. It allows schedule as many. Free download of ConceptDraw Project Mac 2, size 9.87 Mb.

Assorted projects 1.0 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Assorted projects. General-purpose libraries for Python, C++, Scala, bash, and others. Meta-programming tools. System utilities. UI components. Web APIs. Configuration files. Benchmarks. Programming competition entries. And much more.. Freeware download of Assorted projects 1.0, size 38.96 Mb.

Maxious\' SF Projects 1.1 

Multimedia \ Video Players

Several small projects; A simple UDP chat program in visual basic, a full screen movie player, a tv guide program for Canberra, Australia. Freeware download of Maxious\' SF Projects 1.1, size 11.01 Kb.

i3SP Open Source Projects rc I3sp-build 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A collection of open source projects produced by i3SP Pty Ltd.i3sp-build: Jakarta Ant tasks for project and dependency management, JDEE integration.

i3SP Open Source Projects rc License - Artistic License. Freeware download of i3SP Open Source Projects rc, size 73.80 Kb.

Devil Rabbit Random Projects 2 Devilrabbit 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

This was originally for FreeBSD packages, but now its going to be for random coding projects.

Devil Rabbit Random Projects 2 License - BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License. Freeware download of Devil Rabbit Random Projects 2, size 93.35 Mb.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Professional Mac 4 Computer Systems Odessa 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

ConceptDraw MINDMAPBrainstorming, mind mapping and visual thinking ConceptDraw MINDMAP is your personal assistant when discussing ideas, making decisions and planning projects. It enables you to present information in a simple, visual way by building trees of ideas or Mind Maps. Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to organize brainstorming sessions, take. Free download of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Professional Mac 4, size 12.13 Mb.

RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac 4.16.0 Stand By Soft Ltd 

Business \ Project Management

RationalPlan Project Viewer by Stand By Soft is a free project scheduling software viewer, the perfect solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view your projects in detail. Although the project managers plan and control the projects from start to end and make all the necessary changes, there are some other people, the. Freeware download of RationalPlan Project Viewer for Mac 4.16.0, size 100.90 Mb.

RationalPlan Multi Project for Mac 4.15.0 Stand By Soft Ltd 

Business \ Project Management

RationalPlan Multi Project by Stand By Soft is a powerful project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload.

If you are working in the area of construction, engineering, services&consulting, business, software. Free download of RationalPlan Multi Project for Mac 4.15.0, size 99.12 Mb.

Cool Toolbar Icons 2010.1 Aha-soft 

Desktop \ Icons and Cursors

Cool Toolbar Icons is an extensive set of icons for modern applications. Bring your projects to life and give them that professional look using these colorful and well designed icons. With numerous icons in the package, there is something to suit all sorts of different applications. The icons are also available in a wide variety of sizes from. Free download of Cool Toolbar Icons 2010.1, size 1.98 Mb.

Fairmat Academic 1.2 Fermat Consulting SRL 


Fairmat is a derivative contracts and capital investments modelling tool. It permits you to build pricing models for many financial projects (or derivative contracts) using a graphical representation blended with a high level algebraic language. It is also possible to use it to evaluate projects and perform real options valuations. For example,. Freeware download of Fairmat Academic 1.2, size 8.00 Mb.

PMEarth MPMM Software 3.4 PMEarth 

Business \ Project Management

Download a complete methodology for managing projects. It helps you to deliver projects on time and under budget. It includes all of the templates, processes, charts and practical examples needed to manage projects.

By using it, you can initiate projects faster, plan projects more efficiently, monitor and control projects.

. Free download of PMEarth MPMM Software 3.4, size 18.39 Mb.

Strong Mp3 Player with Playlist - Totally Customizable XML Driven 1 Flash Components 

Web Development \ Flash Tools

Suitable for HTML or Flash projects where you want to add a mp3 player or just some background music, and you don't want a large mp3 player, but a yet robust one. FEATURES: XML driven content. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this video player. Everything can be set from a main .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain.. Free download of Strong Mp3 Player with Playlist - Totally Customizable XML Driven 1, size 102.40 Kb.

AS3 CrossFade Banner Rotator 1 FlashComponents 

Web Development \ Flash Tools

For importing in your Flash projects, you need to: 1. open sourceindex.fla 2. open the library 3. drag and drop the main movie and rotator components in your .fla 4. remember to also copy the classes razor and caurina in the folder your .fla is 5. done.. Free download of AS3 CrossFade Banner Rotator 1, size 102.40 Kb.

Mercurial for Mac 2.0 Mercurial 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Mercurial source control management
Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It offers you the power to efficiently handle projects of any size while using an intuitive interface. It is easy to use and hard to break, making it ideal for anyone working with versioned files.
Distributed architecture
. Freeware download of Mercurial for Mac 2.0, size 3.54 Mb.

Architecture Company CMS-PHPNuke Module 1.0 

Business \ Scheduling

Archiweb will provide a CMS for managing architecture information and drawings, and viewing projects for selling them. This is a very good CMS for real-estate companies or architicture and blendings companies. It is a ready to install PHPNuke module.. Freeware download of Architecture Company CMS-PHPNuke Module 1.0, size 11.26 Kb.

Beldin's Umbrella of Tools (BUOT) 0.02 

Development \ Database

This is a testbed for projects of personal interests, especially academic projects.. Freeware download of Beldin's Umbrella of Tools (BUOT) 0.02, size 9.34 Mb.

BlueJ Ant 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The BlueJ Ant extension gives the developer more control over the compilation of their projects from within the BlueJ IDE by using ant build files.. Freeware download of BlueJ Ant 1.0, size 2.57 Mb.

Build Count Tracker 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Build tracer is an application to keep track of build counts in your programming projects. No messy macros, no #defines, just add a pre-link step to this executable and it will keep track of how many times you build your projects.. Freeware download of Build Count Tracker 1.0, size 19.53 Kb.

BuildSys 0.3.1 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

BuildSys exists to help multi-platform projects keep all their various build files in sync. It uses a single '.build' file to generate autoconf/automake .ac/.am files, visual studio 6 .dsp/.dsw files, .vcproj/.sln files, Dev-C++ .dev files, etc.. Freeware download of BuildSys 0.3.1, size 446.40 Kb.