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Converting Text Files Between Operating Systems

How to transfer text files between Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Music Exchange

Selection of printed sheet music, music albums and music text books available.

Ralf Brown's Files

Nearly seven megabytes of text files containing Ralph Brown's interrupt list. Also some information on various libraries.

Wandering Whistler Music Archives

Sheet music, MIDI files, and mp3s for the tin whistle. Songs sorted by name and type.

Classical Music Symposium

Hundreds of classical music MIDI files and biographies of their composers. MP3/MIDI Music

A starting place for exploring MP3 and MIDI Music. Find files, and learn how to make your own music.

Visual MP3

Sells visual GUI software which can read text files and save the speech to MP3, MP2, WAV, Ogg Vorbies and VOX formats. Includes mouth motion animation.