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Portable SYS Informer 1.0.4094 RCPsoft 

This free software offers, in addition to information, the ability to control the information displayed. You can start/stop drivers and service, uninstall programs, control processes, set OEM computer information including logo/picture, share/unshare folders, delete startup programs, and modify user/company information.

The complete list. Free download of Portable SYS Informer 1.0.4094, size 4.10 Mb.


WFP Tools 1.0 Camtech 2000 

WFP Tools is the first and only program of it's type that allows the average user to replace or delete virus infected, corrupted and locked files with the original ones avoiding reformatting your computer and/or the cost of a technician. WFP Tools makes it easy for anyone to; Replace infected, corrupted or locked files Delete infected, corrupted or. Free download of WFP Tools 1.0, size 1.39 Mb.

Web Based File Sharing Software 4.6 GleamTech 

Easy & Secure Web-Based File Sharing Software for IT Administrators
Share files with your clients or staff on your web site. Enable your users to securely access, upload and organize documents from anywhere with only a web browser. Store your confidential files on your own server and have full control over them. Turn your web site into a. Free download of Web Based File Sharing Software 4.6, size 2.32 Mb.

Event Viewer for Pandora FMS 1.0 Artica ST 

The best solution to manage the events of your Pandora FMS has arrived!

Test the app with a demonstration server or configure it to manage your own Pandora FMS events on your iOS device like a pro.

Pandora FMS is a software monitoring solution for servers, networks, applications, websites and IT infraestructure in general.

Group, Contacts Manager - Contacts Master 4.3.5 C.E.O. 

?Contacts Master is powerful Contacts manager!
?Support Multi-group Contact Management. At the same time several groups of contacts can view and managing.


-Using native iPhone address book.

-3 type Search features(Name, Phone number, Other field).

-Create, Edit, Delete Groups.

PCFerret Pro / PCFerret Pro Portable PCFerret 

Award-Winning Windows Tools for finding hidden data on computers. PCFerret has been designed to find things on a PC which may be difficult to find, undesirable or intentionally hidden.

PCFerret is an ideal tool for parents, schools and businesses. PCFerret has been updated in order to offer extra report details, formats, tools, and. Free download of PCFerret Pro / PCFerret Pro Portable, size 11.51 Mb.

Event Log Viewer Pro 2.0 

Event Log Viewer Pro - manage your computer expertly.The key to a secure and healthy PC is being able to effectively monitor event logs.Use our pro-level software to:Quickly browse, find and report on problems, security warnings and all other events that are generated within Windows.Easily identify hardware and software faults.Generate full. Free download of Event Log Viewer Pro 2.0, size 1.98 Mb.

EventLog viewer 0.67 TZWorks LLC 

EventLog viewer is a handy event log explorer and parser. It is capable to determine whether the event log is of a newer or older OS version and adjust the parsing tools accordingly.

The application allows users to generate reports based on plugged in USB devices, credential changes and user log on.

. Free download of EventLog viewer 0.67, size 0 b.

Asa Log Viewer 1.0.1 AsaApplications Com LLC 

Asa Log Viewer is a custom utility used for reviewing current event entries. View events by error or non errors. Along with having a few filter options you can copy / paste results, save full results or single results to file for later reviewing, and more. By using the 'Errors Only' option for the logs, use Asa Log Viewer as a quick way to view. Freeware download of Asa Log Viewer 1.0.1, size 815.10 Kb.

My Bar-Bat Mitzvah Companion 3.0 Five Star Software, Inc. 

My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion is the most comprehensive and helpful software to help plan this special event.
Planning a bar/bat mitzvah has NEVER BEEN EASIER with My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Companion -- the easiest, most complete and user-friendly bar/bat mitzvah planning software that is available in the market today for Windows (tm) (all. Free download of My Bar-Bat Mitzvah Companion 3.0, size 5.86 Mb.

Auto Insurance America - My Happy Car 1.0.0 Auto Insurance America 

My Happy Car by Auto Insurance America allows you to manage your AIA insurance policy. With My Happy Car, you can:

View your Proof of Insurance card
Make your payment securely
Report an accident
Learn what to do in the event of an accident
See estimated Drive Less Pay Less savings
Find the closest. Freeware download of Auto Insurance America - My Happy Car 1.0.0, size 10.07 Mb.

My First Orchestra - Interactive book for children 1.0 Playtales, S.L. 

Attention, attention! Our event is about to begin! Learn about the different families of musical instruments with a lovely animal band.
Practice playing the drum, flute, and violin and create your own songs!

My First Orchestra is a great way to introduce your little one to the magic of music and instruments! Who knowsyou may find. Free download of My First Orchestra - Interactive book for children 1.0, size 27.26 Mb.

My Injury Advisor: Austin 1.1 Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. 

If you are ever in an accident, you will be ready with Vic Feazell's App.

My Injury Advisor App provides you with helpful resources and easy access to emergency tools that can help get you to safety in the event of an accident.

App Features:
- Emergency Accident Center
- One Touch Access to call the Police or to. Freeware download of My Injury Advisor: Austin 1.1, size 4.09 Mb.

My Law Firm 1.0 AirSplash, Inc. 

My Law Firm is a password protected document safe, media organizer, private browser and slideshow viewer in one exciting and highly functional product. It makes it easy to keep all your private files safe and secure from prying eyes. This makes it ideal for taking your notes, briefs, and client matters to court with you.

My Law Firm. Free download of My Law Firm 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

TextMeister 2.2 Technology Lighthouse 

TextMeister is a generic text log viewer with powerful log monitoring and event notification facilities. A single installation can harvest Text log data throughout your network without the need for multiple licences. TextMeister gathers information from virtually any text logs on your computer or any networked computer. Data from all logs is. Free download of TextMeister 2.2, size 3.08 Mb.

EventMeister 2.3.5 Technology Lighthouse 

EventMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze Windows Event Logs. It will alert you to security issues and other critical events throughout your network, facilitate central archiving of log data and assist with analysis and meeting audit requirements. As EventMeister is a centralized monitoring solution there is no need to. Free download of EventMeister 2.3.5, size 3.26 Mb.

DM Network Viewer 2.0 Norbain SD 

The DM Network Viewer is designed to work with Digital Sprite. It allows you to view live video images across the network. It enables system administrators to manage, view, sort and search multiple event log files simultaneously.

The Windows operating system and many 3rd party Windows Services and applications use the Windows Event. Freeware download of DM Network Viewer 2.0, size 3.85 Mb.

Legit Log Viewer Legit Log 

If you are still using utilities like the very basic Notepad to view log files, then you will find a log file viewer to be a vast improvement, providing everything that you need to work with log files of just about any type. Even in the unlikely event that you find a specific log file format is unsupported, you can easily add support for it by. Freeware download of Legit Log Viewer, size 1.89 Mb.

TOGL LIVE Multimedia Viewer Helasoft 

TOGL LIVE Multimedia Viewer provides you with an all-in-one, easy to use command center to access thousands of live tv & radio channels globally. Quickly view thousands of webcams worldwide with Live VU. Use travel tools to manage your travels, book airline and train itineraries direct from the providers and use other valuable travel tools.. Free download of TOGL LIVE Multimedia Viewer, size 47.35 Mb.

MSDViewer b.1.1.2 

MSDViewer (My Schematic Drawer and Viewer) is a schema editor using a simple text file as input. Requires tcl/tk (>8.4) and Iwidgets (>4). should work on every platform supported by tcl/tk. Output postscripts.. Freeware download of MSDViewer b.1.1.2, size 347.16 Kb.

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