My Personal Memory Trainer

Preflop Odds Memory Trainer 1.0 BendaSoft 

Texas Hold'em Pre-Flop Memory Trainer (Practice Hand Groups). Improve your game by Mastering Preflop Basic Strategy. Hold'em players’ most common problem is inaccurately evaluating their pre-flop hands We have the solution! To help you memorize the hands’ values, we’ve developed effective and proven software that quickly and. Free download of Preflop Odds Memory Trainer 1.0, size 631.81 Kb.


PMM Personal Memory Manager 5.12 M2M Matter to Man bv 

Personal Memory Manager makes you spin-off from the top in 3D: manage your own knowledge and ideas in multiple perspectives. When you write a diary or weblog, study for an exam, work on a research paper, scenario or book, you can create or import your notes into PMM and map them out like sticky- or yellow notes on one or many whiteboards (one for. Free download of PMM Personal Memory Manager 5.12, size 8.86 Mb.

My Little Memory Game 1 

My Little Memory Game is a simple free memory game with 3 levels. For ages 4-10. . Freeware download of My Little Memory Game 1, size 1.07 Mb.

Personal English Trainer 1.0 Englishtraining 

Personal English trainer est conu pour permettre des personnes francophones de maintenir ou amliorer leur niveau en Anglais.

Personal English Trainer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Personal English Trainer 1.0, size 0 b.

CF Mobile - The Virtual Personal Fitness Trainer College Fitness, LLC 

CF Mobile is a state-of-the-art mobile video-based personal fitness trainer and tracking tool.

Experience the convenience of bringing your customized video based workout routine right into the gym.? You can now go to the gym, watch your workout videos, record your statistics and track your progress right from the palm of your hand.?

Himitsu-Bako Puzzle Box Memory Trainer 1.2 Dean Avanti 

Himitsu-Bako Puzzle Box Memory Trainer.
21st century, the brain age, stay ahead, or be consigned to extinction as the neanderthal was before you.

Because making smart moves makes smart minds. Improve concentration and memorization conditioning, the perfect brain trainer. The only memory upgrade you will ever need.

Brain. Free download of Himitsu-Bako Puzzle Box Memory Trainer 1.2, size 2.73 Mb.

My Cute Memory for iPad 1.1.1 Jaludo Group B.V. 

My cute Memory is a fun game that all kids will love! The game is about finding all pairs of adorable pets by flipping the cards. Look through the cards with pictures of cute animals, find the matching pairs, listen to the sweet sounds they make. My cute memory is not only engaging players but it also trains their memory and concentration. Freeware download of My Cute Memory for iPad 1.1.1, size 9.23 Mb.

SSuite Personal Briefcase 2.4.1 SSuite Office Software 

SSuite My Personal Briefcase is a management tool which helps you keep all important data in one single place. It supports all general files and documents e.g. RTF, DOC(X), XLS, CSV, BMP, JPG and GIF files.

You can drop the program files to any location on the hard disk and double-click the executable in order to run it. Aside from. Freeware download of SSuite Personal Briefcase 2.4.1, size 4.61 Mb.

My Agenda Jose Falcao 

My personal Agenda - This is an address and phone agenda, with phone list, birthday listing, search all, automatic phone dialing and several options. This is the one I use and always have used for my own addresses and phone book. It was first created in Aurora basic (anyone remember?) many years ago, and then re-made in C and some years later in. Freeware download of My Agenda, size 116.74 Kb.

ybyygu's personal programs 1.0 Ybyygu 

My personal utilities wrote for dealing with Science and Computational Chemistry Jobs.

ybyygu's personal programs 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ybyygu's personal programs 1.0, size 0 b.

MyFocus 1.11 Sylvain Deguire 

MyFocus is a personal brain trainer.

This application include 5 kinds of training that will help you to improve some of your skill.

What's that mean?

Lets start with Focus Training. Are you loosing your focus or concentration when listening to someone? This tools will let you score your loosing focus point but also. Free download of MyFocus 1.11, size 209.72 Kb.

My Free Success Mantra 2.0 

How can I use My personal Success App

Use the incredible power of repetition and empower your goals

My Personal Success Mantra Apps will support you to reach your goals

How shall I structure my Mantra ?

Be specific ! Do not overload ! Keep it simple !

Bad example : I'am a millionare in. Freeware download of My Free Success Mantra 2.0, size 1.47 Mb.

TypingMaster Pro (English) 6.21 

Acquire Professional Typing SkillsTypingMaster Pro for Windows is a personal typing trainer that helps you to acquire professional touch-typing skills.As a result you will type up to 4 times faster without errors and save dozens of valuable working hours every year.Comprehensive Study MaterialThe comprehensive study material covers both the basics. Free download of TypingMaster Pro (English) 6.21, size 0 b.

Sunstar 2.0 German IT Development Ltd. 

SunStar is a small memory trainer. After the start button was operated, the colourful tongues of the sun start to light up. First only one, then two, then three... .The player must remember the sequence himself and has to repeat these with the mouse. With increasing duration, the twinkle becomes faster and more complicated.. Free download of Sunstar 2.0, size 1.55 Mb.

Bert's Computing Suite 32 

My personal computing suite provides some programs I developed as a hobbyist and currently include a lambda calculus interpreter and a calculator which solves arithmetic expressions; both are written in C++.. Freeware download of Bert's Computing Suite 32, size 579.51 Kb.

Final Dream 2.0 

Final Dream is a FF Style 3D RPG Game based on my personal Phantasy Engine V3, featuring 7 levels, 5 monsters and 2 bosses and some huge bonuses for the addictive player(like an FF7 Style Summoned monster) May 2007 EDIT:The project is now VS2005 Compatib. Freeware download of Final Dream 2.0, size 5.61 Mb.

JAT's XEmacs setup files 1.2 

My personal XEmacs setup files - .emacs, .vm, .gnus, etc., plus small elisp packages not bundled withXEmacs and extra bits of elisp used in my setup, as well as a small collection of info files.. Freeware download of JAT's XEmacs setup files 1.2, size 1.66 Mb.

Korean Table 32 

Korean Table is a memory trainer using ancient Korean method based on showing the colored stones on the colored table for a moment and remembering its position and color.. Freeware download of Korean Table 32, size 493.54 Kb.

MyMplayerTools 1.0 

some of my personal tools for playing and converting video and audio files. It is based on mplayer. It runs both in windows and linux and possible others.. Freeware download of MyMplayerTools 1.0, size 35.38 Mb.

Toolkit-JEE 1.0 Toolkit-jee 

My personal JEE toolkit, based on Spring and other opensource projects

Toolkit-JEE 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Toolkit-JEE 1.0, size 0 b.