My Picture

Pimp My Picture IDimager Systems Inc 

Pimp My Picture is a fun application designed to decorate images in a cool manner. You can personalize your photos with text, clipart, quotes and balloons.

Pimp My Picture bundles six hundred ready-to-use graphics that are organized in categories for quick access. You are able to scale and rotate them without losing quality.

. Free download of Pimp My Picture, size 0 b.


MPP Advanced 1.0 Anthony 

Exactly the same as My Picture Puzzle, but with more pieces.. Freeware download of MPP Advanced 1.0, size 1.32 Mb.

Recover My Photos 4.92 Recover My Files 

Recover my Photos, Recover my Pictures, Recover my Images and Recover Photos - with the photo recovery software.

How to recover my photos? How can I recover my pictures, images and graphics? How do I restore photos? How can I undelete photos, unerase photo files from camera, recover my photos from camera and recover my photos from. Free download of Recover My Photos 4.92, size 13.30 Mb.

My picture collection Gallery 0302 

This is an alpha stage project of a picture gallery with some features that I couldn't find in other projects. Mainly labels/tags used to filter and group the pictures in categories, and manipulation flexibility. Also: Keep It Simple!. Freeware download of My picture collection Gallery 0302, size 20.96 Kb.

Guess My Picture 1.3 Atom Sage, LLC 

A simple, but fun interactive game that combines word games with picture taking and can be played by all ages.
All pictures used in this game will eventually be submitted by the players.. Freeware download of Guess My Picture 1.3, size 8.07 Mb.

My Picture Puzzle 1.0 Anthony 

Create a customized puzzle with your very own favorite pictures. See how quickly you can put the pieces back in order.

Does not require installation. Simply download the file and run it.. Freeware download of My Picture Puzzle 1.0, size 786.43 Kb.

QuickIT .NET 1.0 Devolutions inc. 

QuickIT .NET is a small application used to simplify the navigation and organize your shortcuts, your folders and your favorites. Create, edit, remove shortcut file or assign an hot keys to get your application started quickly. Filter favorites, folders or process and find anything you want. Execute Google search, Wikipedia search or translate. Free download of QuickIT .NET 1.0, size 375.81 Kb.

Hitchery 1.3.1 Hitchery, Inc 

Travel the world and meet new people, all from the comfort of your own phone!

Hitchery is a community of inquisitive travelers helping each other explore the world. From your favorite easy chair, you can travel vicariously via your hitchers, virtual characters that roam the world on your behalf.

On the flip side, when you go. Freeware download of Hitchery 1.3.1, size 11.43 Mb.

My Addicting Picture Puzzle 1 

My Addicting Picture Puzzle is a simple picture puzzle game that allows you to scramble and solve your own pictures. . Freeware download of My Addicting Picture Puzzle 1, size 1.16 Mb.

My First Words Baby Picture dictionary 1.2 Teknowledge Software 

Has your toddler reached the age where its time to introduce new words? Every parents want their child to learn new words as they grow up. This app is a perfect way to teach them! My First Words Baby Picture Dictionary is an Audio Picture dictionary for toddlers and kids.

** Very simple and neat layout designed for toddlers eyes. Freeware download of My First Words Baby Picture dictionary 1.2, size 16.46 Mb.

My Fantasy Maker 5.0a Lecta Corp. 

My Fantasy Maker is a cool, easy-to-use program, designed to allow users to realistically insert their face (or someone else's face) into any picture. In a few seconds you can recreate millions of fun situations.. Free download of My Fantasy Maker 5.0a, size 9.07 Mb.

ABC My Alphabets 1.0 WILLHALL SIAU 

ABC My Alphabets offers an intuitive and innovative way for preschool kids to learn basic ABC.

Words and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Each alphabet comes with a picture and voice so kids can learn to spell and speak at the same time.. Freeware download of ABC My Alphabets 1.0, size 3.25 Mb.

Baby Camera - Oh! my baby 1.1 2Beakers Inc. 

If you have a baby now! "Oh my baby" you must have this!

When you see some talented parents decorated their babies pictures with Photoshop or illustrator, dont you want to do it as well?
Or you tried with picture editor app, and it didnt work?

Decorating your babys pictures is difficult? You already gave. Freeware download of Baby Camera - Oh! my baby 1.1, size 12.90 Mb.

Hairyfy My Face 1.0 Moxy Games 

Hairyfy My Face allows you to add hair to your picture. Add extra eyebrow hair, moustache, beard, or anywhere else you see fit! By the same people who created Pimplefy My Face! Hairy up and download now!

- Dozens of individual hair types
- Dozens of beards, sideburns, moustaches, eyebrows and best of all...unibrows!. Freeware download of Hairyfy My Face 1.0, size 33.24 Mb.

My ClockFrame er.1 Adolfo Gabriel Sado 

With "My clock frame" you can turn your ipad in that special place where you have your favorite "analog clock" and the picture of that special person, place or what you want.
You can choose the picture from your own library, no matter if it is portrait or landscape, with a simple click it will show just how it should be.

My DNA 1.8 H. Rock Liao 

"My DNA" for iPhone/iPod Touch uses your name, birthday & height to create personalized DNA icons. Your genetic barcode. Unique. Colorful. Very cool. Used as profile picture, eSignature, art display & wallpaper.

"its definitely different and pretty cool looking" - theiphoneappreview

Each persons DNA. Free download of My DNA 1.8, size 5.56 Mb.

My Dog Chamu-Chamu 1.0 

Free campaign!! Get it now!!

The story in this picture book'My Dog Chamu-Chamu' changes with each shuffle.
You can enjoy reading it many times especially because of the different versions.
The content is simple and flexible and easily understood by small children.
It is designed by OKN, a creator that has been involved. Freeware download of My Dog Chamu-Chamu 1.0, size 14.47 Mb.

My Family Album 1.10 iTech Interactive 

My Family Album

You may have heard about this highly anticipated app. The application dedicated to your family!

Looking for a simple, fun way to show others a picture of your family? Tired of hunting through hundreds photos saved to your iPhone or iPod Touch to find the one of your family? Then My Family is the app for you.. Freeware download of My Family Album 1.10, size 1.57 Mb.

My Fashion Closet 2.2 ModiFace 

Use My Fashion Closet to make picking outfits more fun, easy and organized! Start by taking a picture of all the clothes in your closet including tops, skirts, pants, dresses and shoes. My Fashion Closet then organizes your clothes such that you can easily scroll through all your clothes while mixing and matching different pieces of clothing to. Freeware download of My Fashion Closet 2.2, size 11.64 Mb.

My First Word App 2.0 Monzurul Ehsan 

My First Word App is for kids to learn how to spell simple words accompanied by a picture.

The word letter tiles are slightly disordered. The kid is asked to arrange the letter tiles such that the spelling is correct.

If the correct answer is obtained, positive reinforcement is provided by feedback through appropriate audio. Free download of My First Word App 2.0, size 2.94 Mb.